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Keno is a game that resembles Bingo or Lotteries, both work with the principle that you will have a certain number of numbers with which to bet with the difference that you can choose those number and the prizes vary depending on the amount of Successful numbers. One of the many facts that Keno makes most interesting is about its origins, is a game of more thousand years from China, the game was devised by a Chinese emperor to get resources for the war, so much so was success The game that is rumored served to build the Great Chinese wall, be part of Chinese culture (children used it to learn pictograms) and several years after the whole world. This game lost in time and has evolved from being a game that was played with Chinese characters, to be replaced by numbers and to be able to play Keno online thanks to the digital age. This evolution entails that this game could be played in different ways.


The casino keno is very old, consists of the sale of tickets in the form of brochures. The advantage is that players allows to enjoy other casino activities because players have to wait for the raffle of numbers.

If you are from the impatient people, or of those who do not enjoy going to a casino and prefer to play without having to move from home or just want to play several Keno games followed by the emotion provided by the game. The online keno is yours, playing online you have the advantage of playing the game as many times as you want quickly and wherever, the only thing that is needed is Internet connection and a device that allows you to play. The online keno increases the number of times of games you can play on a day.

There is also the video keno, which is similar to the online keno but is played at the casino. The bets are smaller so that the players can play several games without ceasing.


In general, the rules are the same but variants of the game have been developed, which modify the way it receives its profits and are related to the type of ticket that acquired:

  • TICKECT direct: it is the basic ticket, the most common and the easiest to play. In a direct ticket, I only bet on a set of numbers. It is simply selected and chooses that numbers will mark. Then it is decided how much you want to bet and how many games you want to play with that set of numbers. When the numbers are drawn, you look how many agreed and claims the profits according to the payment scheme of the house.
  • Division Ticket: It is practically the same direct ticket, with the difference that you can play more games with that same ticket. In each game each division ticket has to have unique marked numbers. Any marked number is only valid for a game. You can not choose to choose. The only advantage of the Division Ticket is that you can use the same ticket for different games. But there is no difference for payments. Each bet is different from one another, and exactly the payment for each one.
  • Combination Tickets: Like the division ticket, in principle it is the same as the direct ticket with the difference that can be formed different groups of numbers in the same ticket to be able to make more bets on the same game.
  • King Tickets: It is one in which you have chosen to score a single number, I therefore be called Ticket King, since that number is usually called “king number”. It can be used by itself, or in combination with other groups or even with other kings numbers.



The keno is a simple game, as has been said before it is similar to the lottery or bingo, although there are some variations of the game, in synthesis are the same rules. The general rules consist of:

  • A raffle of 20 numbers of a well of 80 numbers (from 1 to 80) is performed.
  • The objective of this game is to guess the highest number of possible numbers performed on the raffle.
  • The player indicates how many numbers he wants to mark (it depends on the type of game that is played, generally play 4 to 10 numbers, the maximum amount is 20 numbers) before the draw.
  • The amount of money that you want to bet is indicated.
  • The bet will be made when delivering and paying the ticket.
  • After the raffle has been performed, the player will receive his profits depending on each successful number (called hits). The amount of profit will have a direct relationship with the number of numbers that are successful, the more hits more increases the gain because the chances of hitting them decrease.


In Keno, payments usually depend on the casino or site where you play, on the online casino list that we offer on our pages there are excellent payment schemes. Usually payments usually large amounts, this is because the house edge (house advantage) is usually considerably high. In fact, it is one of the games at the Casino with Major House Edge. In spite of everything, it is a very attractive game, it compensates for the fact that House Edge is a bit tall with great payments, making it one of the best games to bet.

It is important to know how much is the prudent amount of numbers to choose, for these you have to know the odds, the following table shows the probabilities of numbers:

Keno probabilities
0 of 20.1 at 843,380 (0.12%)
1 of 20.1 in 86,446 (1.16%)
2 of 20.1 in 20,115 (4.97%)
3 of 20.1 in 8,009 (12.49%)
4 of 20.1 at 4,877 (20.50%)
5 of 20.1 at 4,287 (23.32%)
6 of 20.1 at 5,258 (19.01%)
7 out of 20.1 in 8,826 (11.33%)
8 of 20.1 at 20,055 (4.98%)
9 of 20.1 at 61,420 (1.62%)
10 of 20.1 at 253,801 (0.39%)
11 of 20.1 at 1,423,822 (0.07%)
12 of 20.1 at 10,968,701 (0.009%)
13 of 20.1 at 118,084,920 (0,0008%)
14 of 20.1 at 1,821,881,628 (0.00005%)
15 of 20.1 at 41,751,453,986 (0.000002%)
16 of 20.1 at 1.496 × 109 (0.00000007%)
17 of 20.1 at 90.264 × 109
18 of 20.1 at 10,512 × 1012
19 of 20.1 at 294.609 × 1015
20 of 20.1 by 3.5 × 1018


  • This advice will not only serve to play Keno, but for any plays related to bets. Never spend money you need to pay debts, or expenses foreseen for the moment or a near future, always spend the money you about.
  • Start Keno Online provides us with more opportunities to win than in a face-to-face casino. Payment percentages in online casinos are many higher.
  • Our page allows you to play Keno free, without discharge and neither need to register. Take advantage! What better way to understand the game to play it, best of all without spending a penny of your money.
  • Not about think that numbers choose. There is no exact science that predicts what numbers are going to leave, if there is a number that your instinct tells you to play, play it. You can also try numbers with a meaning for you, your birth, the anniversary date of your relationship, the back of your favorite player.
  • Do not rush. When Keno Online is played, the rhythm is usually very fast, if you do not moderate, your funds will fall at the same speed. In physical casinos, you usually take your time to make draws, which leads to expect the game to end up being able to play another game. The most advisable thing to play Keno Online is play with patience.
  • Find good bonuses and offers for online casinos. Of all the tips this is the easiest to apply for you, we offer you the best sites to play Keno online, with the best bonuses and offers.
  • Do not perform great bets. In this game there is a lot of house edge, which translates into more possibilities to lose than to win. Use money strategically and with wisdom.


It must be said clearly, the keno is based on divination. The winning numbers of the keno are chosen completely at random. In short, there is no Keno strategies or Keno tricks that guarantee a resounding success when it comes to predicting that numbers will come out. But do not get discouraged, there are certain things that can be increased by the chances of Victoria. Without further preamble, these Keno tricks will increase your chances to win:

  • Find the best payment schemes: Keno online payment schemes vary depending on the software that uses the casino. In this way, you can know in advance what your profit would be and what amount is the best to bet according to your convenience. Fortunately for you, our page has a list of online casinos where you will get appealing cups to bet your money.
  • Choosing the number of appropriate numbers: Generally Keno games allow you to choose between 1 and 15 numbers. You can also find special games that allow you to choose more. The amount of numbers you choose do not affect the cost of your bet. The more numbers you choose more probabilities you have to be drawn, but that necessarily translates that you have better odds of winning because you need to hit more numbers before you can earn something. For example, if you choose 8 numbers, usually in the casinos you would not gain something at least 4 of those numbers have been drawn. In the end, it is based on choosing an adequate balance, choosing a minimum number of numbers that allow us a reasonable chance to hit some, but not such a great one that we have many to be able to get the payment. Regulatory players tend to choose between 4 and 8 numbers. If you choose less than 4, it would be translated into payment schemes that are not worthwhile, the payments would be relatively low and the house would have a very long advantage. If you choose more than 9 numbers, winning has such low possibilities that it is not worth trying, in extreme cases it is more likely that a ray matte than 15 chosen numbers hit the 15.
  • Choose lucky numbers: There is no exact science to predict the numbers in Keno, the more you can do the odds by us is to tell us the optimal number of numbers to choose, what better way to choose those numbers with numbers that have a value for U.S. I for example, I usually choose dates of big battles in history


Start free or with real money?, The best answer would be both. There is nothing better to be good at something practicing, playing Keno Free allows you to become familiar with the game for people who are starting, or simply enjoy the game for people with more experiences. The advantage of playing Keno online, is that we can practice before playing, this is not possible in physical casinos. When playing the free game, it is played with less emotion and allows you to regulate the levels of anxiety, the ideal would be to imagine that the money is real and play as if we were playing seriously. So the player can know what they are the mistakes of him, fix them and optimize his way of playing until he feels comfortable to play. The error committed by many Keno players, generally players of bet players, is not knowing how to control their emotions which leads to abrupt money losses due to putting on emotion over logic. Once you have practiced enough to understand the Keno rules, Keno strategies and tricks, then you can play without bankruptcy of a single blow, and you can try to play with real money and try luck in online casinos, the best of all are The bonds that are received in the first deposit. Our site provides you with a list of online casinos, with the most attractive and generous bonds you can find.