Our free slot games are searched and played by millions of users daily, people who want to improve their strategies at the Slot Machines and then dedicate huge amounts by betting. Is that this is about: we give you free training, and when you feel good, you go and you want a good money.

Free Slot Games

When the casinos were the delight of millions of people in each and every one of the continents of the world, and when it was no longer believed that they could offer better possibilities of distraction for their users, the slot machines appeared, also called by many: slot .

On our page you can find the best in free slot, with an incredible variety of topics, such as: Jocker Pro, Golden, Drive Fortune, Silver Lion, Dead Worl, Astro Cat, Spectra, Starbust … In short, all machines with The ones you played and with which you have dreamed of playing once!

Lucky Lady’s Charm
Lucky Lady’s Charm
Wolf Run
Wolf Run
Coyote Moon
Coyote Moon
Lucky Larry’s
Lucky Larry’s
Queen of the Nile
Queen of the Nile
Grand Monarch
Grand Monarch

We have the best graphics, the best artificial intelligence you can get, and best of all: you do not need to download any application, let alone register. Our plan is that you have fun, that you train while you know each and every one of the best free sweeps of all the great Spain.

History of the slots, our free slots without downloading or registering and much more …

Within the things that most annoy the users and players around the world, it is not having room on their devices to download the slot games and be able to have fun.

On our website that does not happen, all our games are playable directly without slowing down any equipment, and with the minimum demands.

All the fun of our Free slot machines It happens directly in our site, without you having to register. We do not deceive ourselves, perhaps one of the most annoying things when you want to play free slots in the virtual casinos is that you demand a record, with us you will enjoy that step and you will enjoy once.

Let’s talk a bit of the history of slot machines

The Industrial Revolution provided important advances to humanity, and brought with it a broad development on several branches of everyday work. The machines came to make work easier, in addition to providing man many other entertainment possibilities.

The slot machines, also called in Australian lands “Slots”, were an important part of those entertainment contributions for the populations. They made their appearance for the first time in San Francisco, in the State of California, in the USA UU, by the hand of Charles Fey, in the year 1887.

There are those who say that it was actually in 1895 when they were invented. These machines consisted of a very simple three-wheeled mechanism with five signs that were interspersed with each other, and by concretely coincidated three equal drawings, the player won the respective prizes.

The truth is that having spent more than 100 years of the invention of these great mechanisms, many have been the changes that have been raised around their operation, their systems, and wider it has been the way they have influenced the societies.

Who can now imagine the world without the slots?, Nobody!, Much less without free slot machines. To honor your passage by humanity and all the pleasant moments of fun we have given us in these 100 years, we offered you this small historical contribution.

Why do slots say?

This is, perhaps, the question that thousands of users of the slot machines outside of Spain have been done.

This denomination is because when the slot machines arrived at Australian lands, there were small coins of 5 cents called “girl bitch” and one of 10 cents at which he was called “fat bitch”. The truth is that those were the coins used to play with innovative devices.

For mere logic and linguistic association, and over time, the Spaniards were replacing the name of “slot machines” by the “slot machines”, and thus persists throughout the Australian territory until then.

Types of slot machines

We must bear in mind that there is not a single type of slot machines. In Spain, according to the laws imposed published in the BOE (“State Agency Official State Bulletin”), slot machines are specifically classified into three types:

Slot machines of the “a” type, or recreational

This type of slot machines are what the BOE cataloging equipment for the “mere hobby that does not give any remuneration”. We could say that when you play with our free slot machines, at that time and under those specifications, you are in use of a “A” machine.

And is that we, knowing that many look for just recreation, seek to give you the best fun and at no cost to all our customers with the most than 2000 free slot games that we have on our website.

slot machines type “b”, or scheduled award slots

This type of machines are those that allow users, in addition to having fun and spending pleasing moments, the possibility of obtaining an economic remuneration at the time of playing. To achieve win, of course, bet a sum of money. Everyone bet according to the preference of him and what he wants to win.

Keep in mind that the algorithms of these particular slot machines are programmed so that every a certain amount of time of a fat prize, or jackpot. That is, after they receive a considerable amount of credits, then they return to the clientele a large part of these.

That is why we say to the public: ARMENSE PATIENCE, this is a game to wait for scheduled machines to reach their stop. Now imagine: we have more than 2000 slot machines on our website, waiting for you, if you get right on what is about to give the prize, because you will be the lucky winner!

You just have to arm you value and luck and try machine after machine. Millions in prizes expect for your master play.

slot machines type “c”, or slot random

According to the BOE, this type of machines are those in which money is bet, but whose awards are not the product of a gradual wait for an accumulated prize, but you can earn small, medium or large amounts of money at any time and in any time and in Any order.

The online slot games type “C” are the most sought after by users on our website, due to the versatility they offer and because it should not necessarily expect a machine to reach its maximum for it to reward, but at any time you Surprise.

In addition to the aforementioned, the “chance” factor is conditioned by the amount of money that can be betted, therefore, if you are in luck in a “C” slot machine and you make a substantial bet, you can gain stunning quantities of money. Our website waits for you to achieve it.

Our page offers you more than 2000 free slot games without download

Just as you read: no hundred, two hundred, or three hundred … we have more of 2000 Free Slot Games For all our users! These virtual machines are plated by millions of people a day, with a colorful, rapidity and fun without equal, all thanks to our advanced servers and the team of programmers.

Our platform has a qualified staff of professionals who are responsible for it is active 24 hours a day, and attends, perfectly and without unforeseen, the millions of connected users. All those people prefer for our variety, the ease of fun and making money we offer.

Each free slot machine you find on our page is decorated in a thorough way, so that you know: With what special images you count?, What prizes do each of them do?, With which combinations can you win?, Betting limits, What are the best strategies?, Among other details.

The bonds of our free docks without download are crazy. Imagine that you get to one of our “B” virtual slot machines and you play with real money just when you are about to give the jackpot … you won the jackpot! Believers, that has happened to more than one of our users.

Yes, the prizes we offer, in the more than 2000 games of virtual slot machines, are huge. For those who have patience, fortune is awaiting them from home and in the best virtual casinos that all Spain can offer, ours.

What are the rules of our free online tragamon games?

Each of the two thousand free online slot games that we offer on our website has its own way of being played. While they are the usual patterns of betting, place the number of lines to play and give the button or lever, each has different awards, as well as varied animations.

We invite you to try for free each of our 2000 online slot machines, you read the minutous instructions and personalized rules of each, and choose the one that best suits you. You have all our platform for your enjoyment.

most of our online slot casino games are in australian!

As one, and as you read, we have invested a lot of money in programmers and translators to offer you and all our exclusive players in Spain the best and most adapted game experience in free online slot, and in their own language.

Why do we have to be playing in foreign languages? It is not fair that the best free slot game machines are in another language other than ours, but do not worry, on our website it is not like that.

Because all Spaniards want to play free slots in Australian without downloading and without registering, we invite you to enjoy the free online slot game that you like, in your own language, a nearest and feeling experience.

All, absolutely all our online slots are free

As if it were not enough to have more than 2000 online slot machines to try luck, we also give them the possibility that they all play them, the time they want and whenever they want, so totally free and without registering.

That can not be described other than: Service and passion for the entertainment of the clients. Our Slot Machine Games are for you.

Why is it better to play sweeping machines online for free before playing them for real money?

All true casino player who is respected knows that he can not walk by playing any game for the first time with real money, it is always recommended to play free first to train.

If you are one of those people who want to enter fully into the world of betting on slot machine games in our casinos, we recommend that you first become familiar with one of the more than 2000 options we have.

Yes, learning to play with a single machine guarantees that you will know how you behave, what are the winning combinations, what kind of lines are more playing, how much fictitious money is better to bet, at which time it is more feasible to win. Start for free guarantees learning to play with real money.

It seems a lie, but every factor mentioned above is key to start winning. Recognizing a single machine will take you to dominate it entirely. For that it is necessary that you play often to that free slot, days and nights if possible.

The practice will make you a teacher. As soon as you know everything concerning how you behave with each amount, with every amount of lines played, at every hour, because you will be ready to face the long-awaited slot machines with real money.

Sure, for that our platform offers you an unparalleled service, everything you need for you to become a champion. Do not stop taking a look at our games with 3D effects, our customers are stunned with the innovations of the platforms we offer.

Advantages to keep in mind when playing free slots online

Not be aware of the money

When you are a rookie, the most weighing at the time you reach an online casino is the possibility of losing real money. That sensation causes a tremendous stress in beginners; However, when you play free slot machines, you are quieter and relaxed.

Start for free, relax, forget about the daily inconveniences, create confidence with your machine, and whenever you are a veteran, because you go for the action of playing real money. Sure, you can also enjoy bonus slots that can help you.

Strategies development

Likewise, as you read, the human being is an individual who learns when repeating behaviors. If you face a simulator continuously, and the best: a free slot machine play simulator, as safely is that you soon see patterns and developing techniques.

Sure, of so much playing free slot game machines, one is visualizing everything related to said device. The intelligence is activated and one always gets the best way to get out being the winner. This is one of the most important advantages of playing free slots.

You have the best atmosphere to get your bonus slots

Indeed, one of the main advantages that played free online slot machines from our platforms, is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, even from the comfort of your home.

Let’s be honest: There are many people who are greatly uncomfortable the closeness of others, or cigar smoke, or noise at the time of playing. The atmosphere is crucial to make the perfect play at the right time.

Opting by a conditioned environment guarantees better and greater profits, as well as a deeper and deeper fun.

Most popular slot machines games, types and topics

If there is something that people like is to go to their casino online trusted and enjoy the shapes, designs, sounds and colors of their favorite games. There are slot games that have earned the heart of the people, who entertain them while betting, or that they are simply their best distractors.

Next, we will briefly describe the most popular online slot games, in types and topics, which have made history in the hearts of our players:

In terms of

Classic slot machines

The slot games that are really good, will never be completely fashionable.

Since Charles Fey gave him to invent the first slot machine at the end of 1800, this basic form has been maintained over time, winning a special sitial at the heart of many players.

Even today, in the twenty-first century, and more than a hundred years later, there are people who go to the real casinos only to play the original version of that game. And it is that the nostalgia that gives seeing his graphics, his colors, the sound of the rollers when turning, moving over time and reminds the good moments of life.

Free Australian Slot Machine Games

Just as the old does not go out of fashion, the new one has come to make havoc in the minds of many, but havoc ones of the good ones. The 3D slot machines They have caused a huge stir for their graphic, colorful and sound quality, pretending to a large part of the public.

If you have not tried the 3D online slots, you are on time on our platform. Come and try the best Games of Free Australian Slot Machinery.

In terms of topics

Fruit slots

Within the online slot games, this is one of the classics. Who has not played at some point in your ends to the casino a Fruit slot? This theme of slot machine online is the favorite of a large part of the slot machines.

How not to be? It is one of the first designs to have left, its simplicity and color make it magical.

Mystical and fairy issues

They are also the favorites of those who grew up playing dungeons and dragons, or reading and seeing the Lord of the Rings. Starting this type of online slot makes many move to those special places that only occur in memory, in the soul you play.

It is a theme of games of Australian slot machines very followed and dear by many.

Egyptian theme

In our opinion, apart from the classic fruit slots, this is one of the most popular themes as far as slot. Who is not intrigued and catches the mysticism of Egyptian lands and their culture? It is very strange that someone is alien to this topic, who does not feel attracted to the mysteries of this civilization.

As this topic leads the lists of free online slots more played on our page. Be part of our privileged players and approach the best platform Online casino games of Australia.


Yes, the Marvel Universe and all its magic has approached the world of slots, and people and fanatics are happy to have you on their machines. Certainly Marvel is a franchise that comes there comes a fury, and it is no less in the world of free online tragamon.

Be able to see all your superheroes interact on the screen, while playing for free or bet, it is simply spectacular. Not to mention the incredible special effects, animations, music and sound effects. All those aspects are added magistrally to generate, simply, a work of art.

Free slots, or “slot machines”, of the best developers in spain

Our website has the presence of online slot games of the best developers in Spain and the world, among them we can mention Merkur, Yggdrasil, Netent, Starttech, Microgaming, Novomatic and IGT.

All these companies are consecrated to the creation, reformation and programming of the best online slot games in the market. They are companies that have bet on a supportive development of the slots most requested by the Australian public.

Merkur, for his part, has been developing exceptional games for all continents for more than ten years. He recently opened his room in Spain. Yggdrasil, On the other hand, is one of the most privileged online casino games, also arrived in Spain this year. We have your games.

NetEnt It is also another of our brand new suppliers. A company over 20 years old in the world of casino game development and that on its online line has caused great impact on players. We are pleased to have your creations and adaptations on our platform

StartTech y Microgaming They are other tough of online slot games, between them amount to more than thirty years of work. They have also transferred their services to a large part of Europe, reaching, of course, to Australian ground and more specifically: on our website.

Novomatic e Igt They are not left behind in terms of experience programming online slot games. These great companies provide a quality service, with games that, together with those of the rest, are the favorites of the public that visit us.

Not only are creators of games of slot machines free without downloading, but the best in the world

On our website, the best online casino of all Spain, we have the happiness of having the best online slot game programmers in the world. We do not say it to say it, his trajectories speak for themselves. We have the best Free Tragamered Machine Games without Download.

Games that have developed these iconic companies in their different types and thematic have marked a milestone in the field of free online slots, coming to signify for users to be irreplaceable and cult companies for many.

We are pleased to offer our online casino players each of their creations, in a format totally free, something that years ago, for the expenses that involve the creation of these games, would have been totally impossible.

If you have not yet entered our platform to try the genius created by these great online games programming for virtual casinos, you are still in time to do so. Do not wait any longer and check, at no cost, everything here we talk about these famous games programming houses.


The most famous online casinos of spain and the last large casino bonuses

To get to consider which online casinos are the ones that have really caused an important repercussion in the Australian public in the last year, you have to listen to what the players say, you have to read your reviews.

The last year, as far as approaching online casino games is concerned, there has been a considerable increase in users, each attracted, of course, by its own interests.

888 casino

And fact that they do not demand deposit to play for free, coupled with the wide of their platform, it has generated a great acceptance of its players. Set aside you do not need to have a bonus code. The new players have great promotions that motivate them to remain connected.

It is a very dynamic and tempting alternative. They offer you, with the tank, a 100% bonus!

Casino pasino

For its facilities as far as ways of paying money are referred to (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, among others), as well as the fun and enjoyable of its platform, this online casino has known how to earn the Australian public. They offer you, with the tank, a 100% bonus!


This online casino is considered one of the hidden jewelry of the web to have a good time betting and winning good money in Spain.

The only fact that it gives you a bonus of € 30 and 30 free spins without having deposited nothing, it is something amazing and that it incites to visit it. Do not stop approaching them, if you enter your great platform you will not regret it.

These casinos, although there are many more on the list, are considered of the best at the time of giving as longing bonuses. Your sleeves are the best.

If you are bored at home and you want to make good use of that extra money you have, do not hesitate to go to our site or one of these. Our free online slots await for your presence so that you spend spectacular game moments.