All you need to know about European Roulette

A review of European Roulette will make you understand all the rules of the game. Only verified information and the best strategies. The opinion of experienced players is waiting for you in our article about European Roulette.

European Roulette casino is a unique place, especially for roulette connoisseurs. The European variant is beloved by many gamblers. This type of gambling entertainment is the most profitable for gamblers. The house’s advantage percentage is only 2.63. Only the wheel determines the winner. Black, red or maybe a green cell will drop this time? An intriguing and alluring game brings not only positive emotions, but also significant cash prizes.


The game goal is to predict a successful bet and earn money. The customer chooses and bets on one of the thirty-seven cells. The dealer turns the roulette wheel and the ball different ways. To win, the gaming ball must fall in a chosen cell. The cell in which the ball hits brings to batter a victory and good money.

The European Roulette online is absolutely the same game as the offline one. The main attributes are a wheel with cells. Cells have their own numbers – from one to thirty-six. All cells have their own color – red or black. However, there is a unique green cell. It is painted in green.

Offers and Bonuses – tools that help to have a victory

The entertainment house is interested in ensuring that customers are satisfied and want to return to the institution. The portal proposes a wide variety of free European Roulette bonuses that will make the gaming process even more profitable.

The RTP of European Roulette is 97.3%. It’s a very high percentage. The dealer’s advantage percentage is only 2.63, which is also a good indicator.

The main bonuses include:

  • Accrual up to 200 euros and 100 free spins;
  • 100% in addition to the first deposit amount and 50 free spins;
  • 100% on deposit and 100 mega turnovers;
  • 50 spins without a bet on the first deposit;
  • One hundred fifty free spins.

All this and more can be obtained by absolutely all clients of the portal.

There is a greeting bonus for new players. Absolutely everyone can get free spins. But free spins are used according to specific conditions. There are also daily promotions and offers, reload bonus, a no deposit bonus, loyalty bonuses and other rewards.

Playing procedure for this Roulette Type

It’s a very easy process. There is no need for any additional skills and abilities to play European Roulette. As in all other games like this one, luck, and intuition of the visitor are the principal things in roulette.

An online game is not much different from an offline casino version. European Roulette rules are the same here. The gambler chooses one of thirty-seven cells and puts on it his bet. After that, he presses the “Start” button. The game begins. After the round, the player must decide what to do next. If he decides to continue the process, he should press the “Rebet” button. To stop the process, he must select the button “Clear bet”.

To successfully play European roulette, you should familiarize yourself with the betting variants. There are internal and external types of bets. The purpose of inside bets is to use one number, or several nearby cells. External bets coverage of groups of numbers at once.

There are several varieties of internal bets:

  • Direct one. Gambler decides only one cell. The payout ratio in this case is 1:35.
  • Street rate. Three numbers in a row are involved here at once. The winning chance is one to eleven.
  • Split rate. It uses 2 adjacent cells. Such a bet is placed on the boundary line separating 2 numbers in any direction.
  • The line rates. It’s placed on six numbers at the same time. They put it on the border with neighboring numbers at the end of two rows.
  • Corner rate. It uses 4 neighboring numbers at once. It puts between these 4 numbers.

Outside bets also have got different options and varieties:

  • A Dozen rate. It’s placed on 1 of three possible number groups. The payout ratio is 1 to 2.
  • Column rate. There is a whole column of numbers involved here.
  • Rate on small (from one to eighteen) numbers, or on big (from nineteen to thirty-six) numbers.
  • Rate on paired or unpaired cells. The customer decides to choose either the “Paired” or “Unpaired” cell.
  • Rate on one of two colors. Here, you can decide between black or red cells.

The last mentioned rates have a European Roulette payout with odds of one to one.

Limits for Betting

Please note that each institution sets its own bet limits in individual procedure. To reasonably distribute the bankroll and have a chance to win at least some significant amount of money, there are limits on bets. The range of this knowledge can be very wide.

An unlimited number of people can bet in a modern online casino. This contributes to the development of profitable limits for every visitor. No more competing bets just to pick your seat at the gaming table. Therefore, your rate can range from twenty-five cents to fifty thousand dollars.

Each type of rate has its particular limits. So, for internal rates, the maximum sum can be much higher than for external one. The maximum bet on a color can reach $50,000. B on a single cell it can be $2,500. This is because of the payout ratio. Although the chances of getting a victory on one cell are minimal, in case of a win, the casino must pay out an amount of 36 times the original amount. Therefore, in case of reinsurance, gambling houses are allowed to make fairly small investments on such bets.

Pay table / Win Plan

Thanks to modern technology, European roulette is now available in online format. With the help of a computer, tablet or mobile phone, everybody can place rates and earn money. Many features and a nice interface will make the gameplay even more convenient and interesting.

But to make European Roulette bring not only pleasure, but also monetary rewards, there are a few European Roulette tips:

  • You should not put the entire deposit on one cell.
  • Don’t choose a direct rate. Without any doubts, the payout ratio of this rate is the highest. However, the risk of losing is just as high.
  • Choose simple rates. The frequent winning option is betting on color or paired and unpaired numbers of cells. The odds here are not too high, but the possibility of luck is fifty/fifty.
  • Do not build your own schemes. The peculiarity of roulette is unpredictability and randomness. It’s impossible to predict the cell where this time the ball will fall. And even if you understand some kind of pattern, it doesn’t mean that it won’t scatter to smithereens on the next rotation.

You can pick any European Roulette strategy that will maximize your winning chances. However, please note that nothing can guarantee a 100% successful result. Roulette is such a game where luck is the determining factor.

Concluded Thoughts

Online roulette is not only a pleasant and profitable pastime, but an opportunity to play without being tied to a specific place, too. Thanks to the mobile program, now even in a traffic jam you can start the roulette wheel and win a lot of money.

If you visit the best online casino European Roulette is obligatory presented in the gambling category. ER is suitable for both starters and experienced gambling connoisseurs. The simple rules and the profitable payout ratios are very attractive. A wide range of bonuses and incentives are the advantages of ER. It’s almost impossible to be left without a win here.


Are their bonuses in ER?

It depends on the conditions that each individual casino provides to its customers. But in general, ER users are provided with cash deposit bonuses and free spins.

Are there betting limits on ER?

Restrictions and limits are determined by each establishment. The smallest bet is 25 cents. The maximum bet depends on its specification and type. The amount of the maximum bet on the inside bet will be significantly larger than on the outside one.

What strategies to win are there?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact winning strategy to earn money at roulette. ER is a game where luck and intuition are the determining factor for victory. It’s impossible to predict the ball landing. But this is what makes ER so interesting and attractive.