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Tragamonedas Zeus God of Thunder Free Online

Again WMS, a leading company in programming Free casino gamesHe has marked a milestone, created Zeus God of Thunder slot. Greece and the fables of her, Animals of the Olympus and elements of the Peloponnese region are the main theme of this Zeus God of Thunder slot.

In this slot Zeus God of Thunder the divinity represents the Father of the Olympus community and is responsible for observing that all the things of the universe go well. In this Free slot You can see an interface full of somber clouds and thunder that make you play a chilling experience, but entertaining.

Zeus God of Thunder game also has vibrant colors that attract any person. Not only does your design make it one of the most popular slots, but it has special characteristics within its regulations that make no other web machine look like.

How to play Zeus God of Thunder Free Slot

The dynamics of Casino Games Zeus God of Thunder is extremely simple, as in most of these Free slot, In it, the SPIN button must be pressed and the game is undertaken. This slot has four rotating rows, one more than in the classic slots, which means a higher victory rate. It also has five drums, something that is usually common.

By playing Zeus God of Thunder, three roulettes at the top of the game revolve, which makes it look entertained and dynamic, as well as these can give you luxury bonuses.

The free slots Zeus God of Thunder has one of the highest gaming ranges, there are 30 of them. These lines can not be configured, that is, it becomes a total of them, which makes the gains increase in conjunction with the amounts of bet.


Zeus God of Thunder Free Tragamers Bonifa as each image worth. For example, letters of card decks from J to Ace are the least worth and give up to 50 coins, according to your bet. Ray, a crown and a vessel are the middle icons and grant up to 75 coins.

On the other hand, Zeus God of Thunder has more beneficial symbols, such as the lion and the eagle, which are capable of giving you 100 coins, if they appear five times in a game. The most beneficial common symbol turns out to be Zeus, and if you bet on the maximum and appears in all rows, it will make you win 250 coins.

Now, there are special symbols in Zeus God of Thunder game that make the games more dynamic. These symbols are called WILD and SCATTER, they are usually very common in all games of this type and each one has different and impressive bonuses.

The first symbol is Wild, in this case you can locate in the game interface as the Olympus temple and on it is written: “X2 Wild”. Zeus God of Thunder Slot allows this symbol to assume any of the others in cylinders 2, 3 and 4, also doubles the Envita made by winning a combination.

An attractive data of the Zeus God of Thunder casino games is that the SCATTER icon is represented by one called Background. In this case, that image, when it appears from 3 to 5 times, activates a special characteristic of the game, related to the roulettes that its interface has.

Special roulettes

The Free Slots without Download It has special roulettes, which, when leaving a given figure a number of times, are activated and given prizes. Also, Zeus God of Thunder Slots free gives the possibility to place an extra entertainment, which makes the bonuses of the wheels greater.

The Zeus God of Thunder games have three online roulette, which means that at least three images have been counted. The prizes that Zeus God of Thunder offers are up to 6 Wild icons, 10 free games, minor prize and mini or convert this roulette into a superior.

The Casino Games Zeus God of Thunder have the four-line roulette that gives up a jackpot and minor, 7 Wild icons, 15 free games or access the next wheel level. This level is 5 rows and the bonuses are the jackpot, mega and great prize, 12 wilds or 100 plates without paying.

Gain probabilities

Depending on the amount of bet you choose when playing Zeus God of Thunder, your profit will be affected. You are able to bet from the slightest amount, to the highest, which means you keep in control of all the prizes and bonuses you can get.

In the game created by WMS you have a wide range of small bets, that is: you will not have to risk many of your coins; Remember that this amount is multiplied by all pay lines. The minimum amount to bet is 0.01 euros and the largest is only 1 euro per line.

The percentage of return of profit, or RTP percentage (Return to Starter), is one that determines how likely a game is earned and that bets are fruitful. This figure tells you how close you will be to win, it can be a minor prize or the 3 million coins jackpot.

It is important to know if your chances of victory are truly considerable, all games of this type make you known this figure. Zeus God of Thunder Game is no exception to the rule and allows to ensure a bad percentage, nothing bad: 96.01%. This is when the extra bet is inactive and at the time it is activated, it increases by 0.04%.

Start Free Slot Zeus God of Thunder

You already know the rules and all the features of this free slot machine Zeus God of Thunder, this means that you can go to play a game online at the moment you want. WMS allowed this game to be used on any electronic device with access to the web, as well as it approves to play it vertically from a cell phone.

Zeus God of Thunder is a pretty innovative design, which makes it very popular in the universe of chance. A free without registering slot is extremely recommended for any lover of these games, whether benchmark or expert, because it is a safe recreation activity that serves to learn or simply as a means to improve skills.

Start slots Zeus God of Thunder for real money

They already have skills, you know the game and its functions, arrieve yourself to try the real money version of the Zeus God of Thunder slot. Many people fear when playing on online casinos, because they do not know their operation, this causes them to feel insecure and depriven prizes; The free version works to avoid this fear.

WMS assures you that when playing this way you will see that your capital is multiplied, experts do not hesitate to use these machines in a real way because they are able to obtain casino bonuses. Like them, you can reverse your money in a magnificent recreational activity that will keep you entertained for hours.