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  • Types: Video slots
  • Supplier: Igt

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Presentation of the slot Wolf Rising

Talk to the adventure of the game of Wolf Rising. In this world you can enjoy a scenography set in a wild world. You will find images of the American Aboriginal world with allegorical symbols. The representation of the wolf in this game is decisive, since it consists of the special scatter piece. Among the free slots, this title leads.

It is a game offered by the internationally recognized IGT online casino company. Includes Los Classic casino bonuses of the company and many symbols that offer both wildcards and other advantages that increase and duplicate your profits. Wolf Rising is one of his favorite titles.

You will see different images of wolves that you will have to align in the corresponding game line patterns. The goal is to find these figures in the Wolf Rising slots to get bonuses and earn real money. The board is simple and you can make high bets.

Among other aspects that you can capture your attention, this title has been taken to portable consoles. Enjoy it by playing on mobile from anywhere. Free slot machines from Wolf Rising came to many devices.

Aventrate to a game with exotic spaces and attractive images. It has a particular structure that you can play it in Wolf Rising.

Rules and composition of Wolf Rising game

General description of the composition of the casino game Wolf Rising

It is a piece of traditional composition game, you have 100 selectable gaming lines. Accounts with 5 drums in the same way. Among the general descriptions of the Wolf Rising casino games we find:

  • Tipo de slot: video slot 3D;
  • Active play lines: from 10 to 100;
  • Topic: Animals and Aboriginal representations;
  • Lane configuration: 5;
  • Consecutive symbols: 8;
  • Symbols that can be played: 11;
  • Maximum multipliers: 2.

It is a game with a more modest layout than other game machines. Among the most common features of Wolf Rising slot is that the betting limit is 1000 coins, something slightly lower than other casinos.

As for the bonds, they are offered by the different images of wolves that appear as symbols. According to the pattern of the game, at least 2 of them should appear between the rails 2, 3 and 4 to be activated in the Wolf Rising slots. The option of Auto Spin has a limit of 50 movements. Each coin has a value of € 1. Each line can have a maximum of a coin.

Other features of Wolf Rising Games

The game repeats some traditional behaviors of other titles. WOLF RISING SLOTS Free includes 5 free introductory rolls that all players will enjoy. In the same way, if you know how to play well, you can reward you with a casino bonus up to 255 free movements. You can enjoy the Wolf Rising slots for free.

Among other important features we highlight the “Totem’s Logos” for the Free slot. These are the Stacked Wild. They work as follows: they behave replacing the bond symbols. 3 bonus symbols should appear in the center of the three rails to have a total to win at the 2x Wolf Rising for profits. Likewise, it gives you 5 additional attempts at no cost.

It is one of the most generous goods in terms of Free casino games. You will accumulate good bonuses while the game progresses. The scatters are decisive to get the free Wolf Rising Game. These are connected to the WILD symbols of wolves that also grant online casino bonuses.

Basically these are the determining aspects to stand out to play Wolf Rising. Do not forget to appreciate this sensational device. It is among the best online casinos.

Start free in Slots Wolf Rising

Throughout the game in the Wolf Rising slots you will accumulate different casino bonuses that will allow you to enjoy free content. How do they work exactly? Too easy. From the beginning you will have available slot machines for free Wolf Rising with 5 volumes without payment. They work as an introduction to real money bets.

As if that were not enough, the benefits continue to accumulate. Wolf Rising Free Slots is also complemented with the Scatters and Wild Symbols. They, when they coincide with the game line patterns and drums will give you giving away from 3 to 255 attempts without payment.

It is not necessary to download Wolf Rising, although you can certainly get it for your tablet or smartphone. There are Free Slots without Download In the browser of your computer.

If you still do not surprise you, there are also the options of Free slot without registering. Access the demo options that IGT has brought you. They are modalities emulated by different game machines on this server. Start Wolf Rising has become very popular as a result of its high influx of consumers. Start unpaid.

Earn real money with Wolf Rising game

That this type of franchise do not surprise you. Let yourself be carried away by all games that the sensational IGT company has arranged for all its customers in the world. Among a few payments, even dozens of free turns in the slots will offer you a hundred hours of fun.

The Casinos Online With real money gains are a question that does not happen. Its effectiveness is unquestionable. Wolf Rising casino games are characterized by offering the amounts of money sums that are rewarding a payment method. Therefore, if what you were looking for money and fun, that your option is.

IGT has been consecrated as an undisputed leader in this niche. Its promotions, bonuses, offers and profits are not overcome by almost no servings. Enjoy the best of the Free slot at home. Start Wolf Rising was never so fun. Do you encourage yourself to be part of the adventurer community who earn real money in interesting bets? He has a casino home and begins to accumulate coins.

We talk about the free slots Wolf Rising. Contact the juice to the free bonuses, enjoy the deposits, activate the automatic option and that the fun begins.