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Wolf Moon slot

Los “slots”, o “Slot machines”As we usually call them in Australian, they are a casino game par excellence. Nowadays these games have become totally viral by the digital medium.

In case you still do not know, the slot machine is a game created with specific software. This software will give you a game and interface modality that will yield you totally randomized results.

The market for slots is very extensive, but there is a particular company that is leading the leadership in the development of this type of games. This is the company “Aristocrat”, they have long on the development of these games with great success, and take out new slot day by day.

Starting from the vision of creating totally digital casinos, Aristocrat has become the most important developer company of casino games. And apart from developing a lot of very successful games, he created one that has become the favorite of many. This is the Wolf Moon slots.

It is a very particular game and with a very interesting theme. You will go to a life with the wolves and you will take good surprises making bets with this game, due to its great bonuses.

How to play the slot Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon game is quite easy to play, especially because your game modality is simple and let it understand by anyone. This game is offered for desktop computers, cell phones and even smart tablets.

All with the opportunity to play it from your home or anywhere in the world you want. Wolf Moon game is presented in different versions of its updates. It is offered in real money modes and free slot.

Computer requirements or intelligent device do not have to be high caliber to enter. With a basic computer enough for the interface to run fluently and quickly.

Characteristics of the slot Wolf Moon

With a full moon atmosphere and gleaming clouds, Wolf Moon Slots offers you live the experience in a wolf’s life. As if you were on the Vancouver Islands, Wolf Moon Slots will immerse you in its magnificent landscapes and its great bets.

Its interesting visual and auditory interface will leave you completely captivated and once you start playing Wolf Moon, you will not want to leave it again.

The Wolf Moon casino games come with 6 channels and 4,096 ways to win. Yes, as you have read, 4,096. That’s why it’s one of the most Popular slot all over the internet.

Wolf Moon brings you excellent bonuses in a matter of free rounds, which will help you start with little money and create a true capital in your account.

The “Wild” symbol, or symbol “combiner” in this game, will be the full moon. This symbol will only appear on channels 3 and 4. This symbol can replace others to create winning combinations.

The full moon will replace all the other symbols, except that of the stars.

Symbols and rules of the Wolf slots

In the symbols the Wolf Moon casino games will be from Grizzli bears, polar bears, stars, wolves, full moons and a lot of interesting symbols that you will love.

Its theme, next to its symbols, will make you take your animal instinct and make the best bets you would never have imagined.

  • Bonus of the stars

In this bonus you will have to gather the stars. Getting from 3 to 6 stars, regardless of the channel where you appear, you will have a chance to win up to 40 free rounds.

While the bonus of the stars is activated, you can earn another bonus if you can combine more full moons. It is crazy that will fill your earnings pockets in an instant.

  • Escape from radioactive snowflakes

If you can take the radioactive snowflakes before you get the floor, your bets multiply 25 times.

  • Animal bonuses

The animals of this game bring you good promotions. By combining the elk, you will earn 250 credits, the twin wolves and the bears will give you 500 credits. And finally, adult wolves will give you 650 credits.

  • Maximum payment on credits

The maximum payment of this game is a total of 650 coins. This amount of credits can be obtained by removing 6 wolves into a game line.

  • Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses will be available in this game. It is a very common bonus of the Casinos Online And it will help you very much.

All these bonus are also found in the free modes of this game, so do not worry that there will be a complete simulation. The only difference in free versions is that you will not pay you real money.

Some suggestions to win

When you feel lucky and confident, place the bets to the fullest and you will see how you will win. But instead, if you take a bad streak it is advisable to decrease your bets considerably until you recover your money.

That way you will never be left without your capital and you will have more chances of getting the juice to this slot.

Practice and you will know more about the machine

It is also advisable to practice in free modalities before playing. While it is known that the results of the slots are random, you could get used to the way you work the software of this slot and discover the times you can win and in which you do not.

Start Wolf Moon Slots Free

The Wolf Moon casino games, apart from all the benefits with real money, also give you the possibility of entering your modalities without paying. Free slots of the Wolf Moon Game will serve you as a method of practice.

Here you will perfect the ways to make all your bets and you will improve your performance for when you decide to use the slots with real money. The Free Slot Wolf Moon is great to make you an ace of the game. A free slot machine Wolf Moon is waiting for you in every corner of the web.

On free casino games platforms are all free versions of this game. In most cases of Wolf Moon, it is presented in formats of Free Slots without Download, so it will be very easy to enter directly from the page.

If you want to find this fast game, place in search engines “Wolf Moon Slots for free” or “Free Tragamed Machine Wolf Moon” and all the information and websites you need to play Wolf Moon will appear. By the way, as nobody likes to go leaving data for the networks, what better to play this Free slot without registering.

Wolf Moon free slot is also a great way of entertainment, gives you adrenaline and passion for gambling.

Start for real money at the Wolf Moon slot

Aristocrat is committed to the creation of this game and obviously have created a giant between the slot machines. From the best promotions of Bonus to the best gaming lines that are offered at the Wolf Moon slot.

Every month this company is responsible for creating new slot machines and continue to improve the performance of which you already have. That is why every time you go to play Wolf Moon you will be doing it differently and better.

This game is recommended by all lovers and fans of slot machines. If they enjoy it, why do not you? 3D versions are very great, do not lose this opportunity. Start now and you can make money with your bets!

The steps of the pack are heard as resonant drums! Get ready to receive the Best casino bonuses Next to the wolves!

The experience of playing Wolf Moon will leave you a point and apart as to your perspective of the slots. The Games of Wolf Moon will leave you completely satisfied and wanting more.

No more to say, we wish you the best of luck and success in your next games of the Wolf Moon slots and that you can make a lot of money with them.