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Wild Frog Tragamonedas online

The famous software provider for Casino Games Merkurs Provider He does not stop surprising us with his fantastic products. Specialist in Slot machines, This company unites the best of design with a higher quality than the market average. Merkur Provider offers for you some of the best options of industry slots.

Wild Frog, for example, is a Online slot machine With a classic style designed by Merkur Provider. Focused at a pond, this game tells the story of some very animated frogs. When you try the Wild Frog games you will notice that they are not common.

At first glance, you think that you have a childish look, but this video type slot is a very fun game that offers great prizes. When you play Wild Frog you will realize that it is easy to have a good time with such a simple product. Next we will show you some tips that will help you reach the maximum entertainment in the Wild Frog slot.

How to play the Wild Frog slot

Learn how to play Wild Frog Slots is a real walk, there is nothing out of the ordinary, since this is a very simple groove. With a flash type game technology the software has become one of the most popular. It consists of a design made up of five drums by three rows on a large and colorful board with lilies around.

The Wild Frog casino games bring with it five completely fixed payment lines, that is, they can not be adjusted. Although it seems a little low of winning possibilities, Wild Frog game has an RTP of 96.03%, a rather high percentage. The latter gives users great opportunities to win.

Features of the Wild Frog slot

A slot machine is distinguished by its characteristics, learning about them helping greatly to play well and during the game obtain prizes. Even though the particularities you will find in the Wild Frog casino games are quite simple, its interface is very versatile and original.

During the game you will find a unique and very fun feature that has a lot to do with frogs. If you run with the luck that a jumping frog will fall into the middle lane, this anger jump from one side to the other and up and down, converting all the symbols around in bonus frogs.

By playing Wild Frog you can also see that it has the common feature, but very special that Merkur Provider programmers usually place in their products. It is the double option Gamble, which can be activated after each combination earned and is similar to a minigame that will help you fold your profit.

Symbols and rules of the Wild Frog slots

Following the game the rules of the game is always the best option before any situation, in the Wild Frog game there are several of them that are really very easy to learn. There is no difficult about Wild Frog casino games, to start playing you have to press the “spin” button found at the top of the board.

Right next door is another button to activate the maximum bet option, when you have a hunch. Below and on the right are located the +/- betting controls on which you can raise or lower your bet on each turn. It should be noted that the Wild Frog Slot game also has a rotation and automatic start option.

In relation to the symbols, you will find traditional figures of the game of cards such as: 10, J, Q, K and AS, these are the lowest value. Those of a higher value have figures of: lilies, wells, crowns, crystal spheres and the particular green frog. This makes the bonus function and also of wildcard, replacing all other symbols.

Start Wild Frog Free Slots

You can enjoy this and many other fully free slots on multiple sites on the Internet. Start the Wild Frog Free Slots without Download Without downloading any kind of software or program. Enjoy an animated afternoon next to these jumping frogs in a Free casino games Like Wild Frog Slots.

Free slots, such as the Free Slot Machine Wild Frog, have been provided by the same companies providing as Merkur Provider in a demonstration version. In this, you will not have to pay entry in online casinos, nor will you have to fill out forms or registration, since they are Free slot without registering.

Free Slot Games will help you become an expert in the slot you want, including the Wild Frog FREE or any other. It is very easy to get them, just place in your personal search engine: “Wild Frog Slots free” and you will immediately have several options at your disposal.

Start for real money in the Wild Frog slot

If it’s your first time playing in digital grooves, you can start trying the free Wild Frog slots. Once you feel safer, we invite you to consider trying your luck in our casino. Get the best bonds without deposit and prizes from all the web.

Today begins an adventure in the company of these cute and green amphibians. We know that frogs can be a bit unusual in a slot game, but think that they are also the prizes when playing Wild Frog, unusual.

Do not worry, you will not have to kiss any toad or anything like that. In the Wild Frog slots you will have the wealth of a king in a couple of turns, with a bit of luck and without magic tricks. It is necessary to remember practicing in a Free Slot Machine Wild Frog, so guarantees then be able to win.