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Voodoo Shark Tragamonedas online

Merkur Provider is a company dedicated to the development of interfaces for casino recreational games, known for its superior quality and its originality. Voodoo Shark Slot is one of its star products, it is a slot machine Digital classic style video game with a theme a little out of the usual thing that has attracted the public.

In the Voodoo Shark game the Programmers of Merkur Provider had the wonderful and huge idea of uniting the kings of the sea, the sharks with the voodoo. Understanding as well, Voodoo SHARK slots with a slightly chilling aspect and very elaborate visual effects.

Next, we tell you about how to play Voodoo Shark and some tips to get the best profits.

How to play Voodoo Shark slot

Its elaborate design should not be deceived, at first glance it seems that this game is complicated, but the truth is that it is a common and current slot. It consists of a 3 × 3 board, with a total of five pay lines very well distributed and totally fixed. Behind a kind of swamp is observed and a fin of the terrible shark to the shree.

Use a HTML5 type game technology, which is not surprised by coming from Merkur Provider, since most of its products use it. With respect to the RTP, the casino games Voodoo Shark feature a percentage of 95.65%.

Features of Slots Voodoo Shark

In itself, thanks to its extravagant design and original theme, the Voodoo Shark game is a very unique software in its style. However, like all the slots, it does not escape from having some characteristic that provides commercial weight and makes it more attractive to the public.

To begin with, in this slot there is no progressive jackpot, but it has the peculiarity that it is possible to earn up to 1500 credits in a turn and much more. By playing Voodoo Shark you will notice that it is not a traditional slot, but despite not having great special characteristics it is distinguished from others.

Like most Merkur Provider products, Voodoo Shark Game has the “Gambler Double” option after each winning combination. But, it also has a function where a free kick is obscured after combining some of the symbols in all reel stalls, that is, get full screen.

Symbols and rules of the Slot Voodoo Shark

The only thing that has in common the Voodoo Shark game with other slot, are the rules. The game system when playing Voodoo Shark is the same as in any current groove. However, we remind you what some of them are.

The “spin” button is to rotate the drums, it is possible to adjust the bet in the +/- section and it is advisable to do so before starting. There is also the option of automatic rotation, a button that allows you to pull the lever a number of times established.

In the Voodoo Shark casino games you will notice that there is no special symbol, no comfort, or bonuses.

The icons that you will see are allusive to the issue of black magic and voodoo, we will find figures of voodoo black magic dolls, spells, jars with a mysterious brew, masks, a shipwreck, a cat and the respective protagonist shark.

Start Voodoo Shark Free Slots

Free slot machine Voodoo Shark is an opportunity that you can not miss. Voodoo Shark Games are a great unique entertainment in their style and very different from what we are accustomed, certainly you should try them. The best thing is that you can do it without paying anything in the free spelles Voodoo Shark.

Find the Voodoo Shark casino games as a free slot without registering in no casino, or fill out forms. Forget to have to download the asperable special programs, now you can Start free slots without download No type of software.

Free casino games and the Free slot They are equal let’s versions that the originals where you do not have to pay. With Voodoo Shark Slots free you can have fun and learn game tactics without taking out the portfolio.

Today Find the Voodoo Shark Slots for free in the best online casinos and web platforms.

Do not forget that with free slots Voodoo Shark does not only have fun, you are preparing to get credits to more non-power.

Start for real money in the voodoo SHARK slot

You can practice with free slot games Voodoo Shark if you are a rookie or do not feel prepared before starting to bet. When you have tried the game, and have more security, you will be more confident in playing for real money.

The Voodoo Shark slots are like the special product of Merkur Provider, you should try at least once in your life. If this from black magic and voodoo before you did not want you, now you will love it and much more with the prizes that this peculiar slot brings.

Do not lose more time and look for the best casino you find, one that gives you good bonuses without deposit so you can start playing Voodoo Shark. Nothing like a shark in the dark and deep waters until the greatest treasures.

Keep in mind whenever you play on a free tragamoned machine Voodoo Shark before betting, it is the best strategy.