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General description of Under the Rainbow Slots

With the Slots Under the Rainbow we will enjoy the Irish folklore, and it is that Merkur celebrates Irish luck with itself of itself as 4-sheet clovers, gold pots, elf and many more related things. Under The Rainbow Games are simple but very entertaining besides having many Free slot, fulfilling what we expect from a slot developed by Merkur, the best online casinos possess in your Merkur Games catalog and of course casino games Under The Rainbow. It is important to note that with us you can find the Free casino games Of this excellent company so that they see that they are more facts than word the quality of their games.

How to play Under The Rainbow Slots?

The Under The Rainbow slots is one of 5 carts and pay lines which will give us the chance to win a prize of up to 4000 credits. When playing Under the Rainbow we will meet iconic symbols of Irish folklore, such as 4-leaf clovers, good fortune amulet necklaces with crankcase, green color glasses, a green emerald bow and a glossy pot. As the legend says it behind a rainbow there is always a gold pot, thanks to two special icons this premise will be fulfilled, the scatter symbol of rainbow and elf wildcard.

In the Under The Rainbow game, the elf character is a wildcard symbol that will replace the other symbols of the game when you find the chance to create a winning line. On the other hand, the rainbow dispersion symbol, will pay us victories when two or more appear in any position in the carts.

Apart from the dispersion symbol, the other icons will pay the profits when 2 or more appear assets in the pay lines in Under the Rainbow. The numbers of payment lines that are positions can be chosen by the player simply alternating the options shown in the control panel. These turns can be played with one, three, five, seven and up to ten pay lines following the following betting rates activated on each active line: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00 and 2.00 credits. Anyway with the free slot machine Under The Rainbow that is on our website you can see all this with greater calm and Other free slots.

The Dispersion symbol of Rainbow Colorado will reward Total bet profits of X20, X50, X100 and X500 when two or more appear on the carts regardless of the position on the payment line. Not only that, this icon will also reward you about 10 free spins when 3 or more appear. It also has two functions that allows us to bend our profits. The first is a game of letter in which we have to guess if the letter that comes out is red or black. And the other is one of a staircase with different prizes, in which with the cursor we will have to choose one side.

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Free Slots Under The Rainbow are on our website so you can enjoy this slot and have fun without spending money, with the great benefit of Start these free slots without download No program or play these free spelles without registering on our website or someone else.

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Under the Rainbow is an excellent slot for those who enjoy the Irish folklore, and is that after trying Under The Rainbow Free Slots you will have realized that this premise is true, and you will have the benefit that we offer you the best online casinos with Its best bonuses.