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  • Types: Video slots
  • Supplier: Microgaming
  • Characteristics: 5 Tambores
  • Tambores (reels) 5
  • Lines (Paylines) 20
  • Minimum bet 2
  • Maximum bet 10

  • Supplier: Microgaming
  • Minimum bet 1
  • Maximum bet 5000


  • Supplier: Microgaming
  • Minimum bet 1
  • Maximum bet 200

Tarzan slots online online

Television programs, cartoons and movies are often used as inspiration to create the Free slot machines, since in the casino this is an aspect that usually draws the attention of the players. Microgaming, the prestigious developer company of online gambling, uses this technique very much in its products, such is the case of Tarzan.

The Tarzan tragamon console is a software that has a different style, since it presents a history prior to the game; Its visual effects, sound and 3D reality make it a modern slot of a very high quality. His allusive theme to the well-known Mono Man, Tarzan, invites the player to enter into a jungle adventure with the beautiful Jane and her father.

How to play Tarzan?

Start Tarzan is as easy as playing any other free slots without downloading. However, we must bear in mind that the console Tarzan interactive game has certain characteristics that make it special and differentiate it from the rest. However, the interface and rules are very simple and similar to other microgaming slots.

Tarzan’s Game Consoles have a small intro quite entertaining at the beginning before starting the game. After him the board will appear, which consists of 5 drums grouped in 3 rows in which the respective symbols are rotated according to the theme of the Free slot Tarzan. These are: tropical fruits, exotic animals, the figures of Jane and her father of explorers and Tarzan’s.

However, the console Tarzan Free Slot also has some special symbols that during the game will help multiply the prizes, such as: the “Tarzan” logo and the “Bonus”. The first is the Wild symbol, and the second, apart from being the bonus, fulfills the scatter function.

By gathering 3 or more bonus symbols on the Tarzan slot device, a roulette will be opened that will determine the type of bonus to be granted, which can be: a mini-selection minigames with hippos, free shots or the full jackpot. As you will see, not just playing is easy, there are also many ways to win on the Casino Tarzan game platforms, that without counting that has 40 gaming lines and a 96.48% RTP.

Start free tarzan slot

Start Tarzan Slots free of charge is possible, because this slot designed by Microgaming is available as a free slot without registering. Most online gambling houses, or at least those that are in Australian, keep your catalog in demo mode, so that everyone can enjoy it for fun, as they do with the console Tarzan game.

While everything is about chance, it is better to try the game well, at least until you know how to handle the basics, before you start using real money. In our online casino you can find this free tragamon console Tarzan and many others.

Start for real money Tarzan

Once you have practiced enough at the Tarzan Slots for free it is good to start betting real money to get casino bonuses. Do you hear that sound? It is the howl distinctive of Tarzan in the jungle that is calling you; Let yourself be carried away and feel free to run through the jungle, like a wild, and to collect prizes in the process.

Free Slot Machine Tarzan is one of the best and more Popular Free Casino Games That currently exist in the market, especially for the great prizes it is granted. Starting in La Sragaples Tarzan is undoubtedly a very good decision.