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Tahiti Feeling

Merkur, the recreational game designer brand, presents on this occasion a product with a theme that will make you want to go on vacation to the beach. Tahiti Feeling is a Original slot that has a superior quality, with 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and of course, an excellent boat.

Continue reading this article and you will find out about everything that the Tahiti Feeling games bring for you, including its version of free slots without downloading.

How to play Tahiti Feeling slots

From the shore of the beach and to the bottom of the sea, the Tahiti Feeling slots breaks all the schemes of the products that Merkur usually launches. With a superior design, the 5 reels are arranged on an animated paradisiacal background.

Learning to play Tahiti Feeling is simpler than it seems, check it by entering the free slots without registering.

Yes, sometimes you will have to swim at the depths of the sea, but this will be bread eaten. A very nice and sexy locality in Bikini will take you to know the wonders of this Tahitian island. As if it were not enough, Tahiti Feeling offers 20 different ways to hit the fat, a large number of lines for a large slot.

Characteristics of Tahiti Feeling slots

There is a lot to say about Tahiti Feling game, but we will try to reduce it for you. Be clear that Tahiti Feeling slots is a current and very modern software, so you will see many particularities at the time of playing. The first, most notable and typical of Merkur products, is the double Gambler bet option.

The second feature, and probably many favorite when playing Tahiti Feeling, is the round of free turns. There are 15 opportunities to turn the reels free of charge and the best, with a double multiplier that will increase in each spin session. But there it does not end all, during this round, all the lines will also be active, regardless of whether you have paid them. Discover all these particularities in the Free casino games.

Symbols and rules of the Tahiti Feeling slots

Do not be scared with the defined animations and visual effects of this Free slot, Tahiti Feeling casino games are very easy to play. As in every slot, to win you have to gather 3 or more equal figures. The “Star” button is to rotate the drums, you can adjust the bet, pay lines to start and ready, that’s it. The rest will discover it by little.

Undoubtedly Merkur wore this time with the symbols, in the Tahiti Feeling game you will find traditional figures of cards such as: 10, J, Q, K and as. But, you will also see other more elaborate symbols that represent Tahiti as: Marine snails, Totems and multiple landscapes of the island.

The logo symbol of the slot acts as a wildcard and replaces all the symbols except that of the girl, which is the bonus symbol.

Start Tahiti Feeling Free Slots

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Start for real money in Tahiti Slots Feeling

We recommend that you try free slot games before starting playing Tahiti Feeling slots for real money. It floods your senses with the Tahiti Feeling game and in every twist travelers to the rich and deep Tahitian waters.

Of course, once you are an expert, do not hesitate to look for the best casino bonuses of the entire web to really feel the furor of this wonderful slot. And, of course, do not stop on the side of playing on a free slot machine thiti feeling to take experience.