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Summertime is an original product from the company’s online casino games company, MERKUR. This wonderful one. Slot With tropical theme you will awaken your summer feeling in just seconds. It’s vacation time, get ready to feel the good vibes that the Summertime game brings for you.

Continue reading to learn more about the Summertime casino games and all the surprises that bring with them.

How to play Summertime slots

Learning to play Summertime Slots is very easy and much more with its version of Free slot. Summertime game is a classic type slot composed of 3 drums in 3 rows superimposed on a Hawaiian sunset background. In this slot there are 5 different ways of obtaining a prize.

Yes, it may seem like 5 pay lines are not enough, but this game little by little rewards it with other features. In summertime games the minimum bet may be 0.5 and the maximum of 10 credits. Gain for playing or RTP of Summertime slots is 96%.

Features of Summertime Slot

The truth is that Merkur, in terms of graphic design and visual effects, did not give great battle with Summertime. However, its summer theme combined with the classic style can be seen in all its thickness. Even though it is a small slot offers a jackpot of 2,000 credits in a single roll.

In addition, being a product of Merkur’s own, this slot offers a Gambler option, typical of this company in its software. Also when playing Summertime you will notice that it has a roulette feature. In it you will have to serve you to the Rewind button to bend your profit. If you fall on the reset button you will be given a free shot, if you give the round the round on the STOP button. Learn how to play by entering free slots without downloading.

Summertime slot symbols and rules

The rules in Summertime slots are the common, the “spin” button is to rotate the drums and start the game. Below are the bet buttons and the profit board. With respect to the symbols we can find fruit figures such as: grapes, watermelons, oranges, lemons, plums, cherries and a green diamond that is the lowest value.

When playing Summertime the icons of the bell and the blue star are the highest value. There is also a wildcard symbol that replaces everyone else and has sun figure. Discover all the winning combinations without spending money with free slot games.

Start Summertime Free Slots

Summertime Free Slots You can get it on our platform without the need to make deposit. Do not worry, it’s a free slot without registering, so it will be easy to access them. You will not need to provide your data or place any credit card, just focus on playing.

The Free casino games, like the free Summertime slot machine, they are the option for you that you just start playing. Get it as Summertime Slots free online. Do not wait any longer and try free Summertime slots.

Start on a free Summertime slot machine, it will always be the best training, both for novices and for experienced players.

Start for real money in Summertime slot

Free games can definitely be instructive, but there is nothing better than playing for real money. Try your luck with Summertime slot and enjoy a good summer vibes.

Get a casino that offers you good bonuses without deposit and starts to charge all those hot summertime prizes. It’s time for you to take the dust to your swimsuit and you cololate sunscreen, because the Summertime Slots will make you feel like you live a real experience.