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  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 1
  • Maximum bet 100

  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 5

Short description: 7th Heaven is a game developed by Betsoft that has a theme of a simple slot of any casino, although it offers very interesting bonuses.

How to win: In order to win at 7th Heaven you will need to obtain minimal symbol symbols of a certain type (bell and cherry) on a line. The minimum payment is 25 times the initial bet with two signs of bell or cherry, while the maximum payment (without a joker or bonus rounds) is 5,000 times your initial bet on the line if you get 5 symbols of a 7 red.


  • Bonus Round: In order to enter the bonus round you will need to obtain 3 gem symbols in lanes 1, 2 or 3 activate the bonus round, in which 7 free turns are given using the special symbols of gems. In this round there is a maximum prize of 7,500 times your initial bet if you have 5 blue gems. In addition to the prizes are greater or equal to normal rounds.
  • FREE GIRES: When you get a symbol of 4 sticks in lanes 3, 4 or 5 a roulette will appear in which it will give you 7 to 12 free turns. Each prize in the free round includes a bonus, which will be paid the same in your initial bet.
  • Scatter Símbolo (de dispersion): The scattering symbol is that of four sticks, which will allow you to introduce yourself to the rounds of free turns.
  • Wildcard: The wildcard is a symbol with a large W written on it, any wildcard in lanes 2, 3 or 4 complete and duplicates any combination of numbers 7. When you win a combination with numbers 7, then the wildcard icon will expand and It will cover all the lane to give you even more opportunities to earn more money.
  • Rails, rows and play lines: 7th Heaven has 3 rows, 5 lanes and only 18 lines of play available. You can play with coins from 0.02 to 0.5 by lines and bet from one to five coins in each line of play.


7th Heaven is a game that, although it does not have a very striking design, its bonus and wildcard round are really worth it, as they will allow you to earn more money easily.