Review Stars and Stripes Slot

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How to win this slot has 3 reels and 5 pay lines. You can choose the number of lines you want to bet. Remember that while [. ]

Saucacy casino slots are the source of a pleasant and relaxing pastime. For those who like to play classic online slots, Saucapy game developer has a lot of incredible suggestions.

Stars and Stripes, the classic slot is one of those characterized by perfect graphics and the interesting design. The graphics of this are very different, accurate and clear. The name of the slot says that the theme of game offers with the USA. (Bars and stars is the name of the national flag of the United States). The colors used in the game are, respectively, white, blue and red – the colors of the flag. The soundtrack is standard, as in most Saucapy classic slots.

Type of slot

As for the characteristics of the game are standard, as well. Star Star of N is a three-drum slot with 3 pay lines. The denomination of the currency varies from 0.01 to 1. The maximum bet is 2 coins; The maximum number of coins to play is also 2. A player is free to use automatic turning and tap up to 100 games. Only the highest prize is paid on the central payment line.

Earnings conditions

There is only one winning line for this game – the middle of the reels. As usual in this type of slot, often the symbols do not even land on the winning line. Fortunately, when the disbursements do, they can be great.

You can choose the size of the coin, and play 1 or 2 coins per turn. There is no advantage of playing the second coin, the prizes are simply duplicate. In the casinos normally play only rose to $ 1 per currency, this seems at the bottom and I’m sure other casinos allow you to turn for much more.

The best regular symbol is the flag of the bars and stars; This pays 1600 coins by 3, on the basis of rotating for 2 coins. After this come the 7 for 200 coins, the bar of 3 for 100, bar of 2 of 50, an eagle 40, 1 bar of 20, any of the 2 symbols with an eagle of 10, 3 mixed bars for 6 and any 1 symbol with an eagle for 4 coins.

Other features

Many victories can be improved when you get an indicator that participate in the combination. This symbol is wild and only one of them as part of a victory duplicates the payment. For example 1 flag + 2 of the 3-bar duplicates the payment to 200 coins. If you get 2 flags + 1 symbol, then your prize quadrupled. For example, flags 2 + 1 of the 7 worth more than generous 800 coins.


While the babbling in the background became a little more annoying after a while, everything else of the slot is very authentic. The attention to detail in things like the reflection of the light of reels and sounds when the reels stop makes a big difference in overall quality. There is no prize for this game, although the potential of great payments is still there. The wildcard is added a bit of interest for the game, with possible quadruple triumphs in each turn.