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Merkur, always at the forefront, has renovated his Spacemen game and now offers Spacemen 2. Without separating from the classic machine and popular games of drums, now it offers you much more fun and excitement.

Slot Spacemen 2 is also in Australian, its commandos were translated perfectly so that they can play Spacemen 2 in their own language.

The online online casinos have this Merkur slot, a good reason for you not to leave Start this slot And all of this great game developer company.

How to play Spacemen 2 slot?

The Best casino games They have similar characteristics, they are played with the usual drums, combining symbols on the gaming lines to be able to win. Spacemen 2 game is as friendly as your predecessor, and you can play in free slot without downloading.

In addition, you can try Spacemen 2 game on any platform where you are unregistered, in order to check your operation. When doing this is not lost any property of the slot, it still has, even, the opportunity to play up to 20 lines to make combinations in their five drums.

Although it seems that the symbols have changed in their 3D design, being much more attractive, when playing it is checked that it is closely related to the previous one.

Features of Spacemen Slot 2

When Merkur redesigned the game to give the players the Spacemen 2, he configured a more exciting design for his symbols. And some of those symbols, being coupled in pairs, can give you some profit.

On the other hand, the symbol of the astronaut works as scatter and provides fifteen bonus games. And also, while the free games are made, in the Spacemen 2 slots, all normal symbols are also converted into scatters!

Another great quality of Spacemen 2 is that this game is part of the free slots without registering, in a few words, you can play it without so many complications and without leaving your user data.

In Spacemen 2 game, the first part provides only 5 gaming lines, but in the second one can choose between 1,10,15 or 20 to expand the chances of winning.

Symbols and rules of Slot Spacemen 2

The symbols of Spacemen 2 slot are very exciting and colorful. Among them we will find satellites, planets, spacecraft, astronauts and even galaxies. All of them are combined with numbers and letters along the 5 drums that own as all favorite games as long as they also persist in new machines.

And it is not necessary to learn new rules to play Spacemen 2, because their rules are traditional, betting a number of lines, spinning the drums and gathering three equal figures to obtain prize.

The rest will be discovered as playing, like the advantages and prizes that can be obtained with pairs, scatter and with the fabulous galaxy that is the best.

Symbols do not vary in Spacemen 2 Free Casino Games, preserve the features that you have paid versions.

Start Spacemen 2 Free Slots

In addition, there are the Free slot machines And the free SPACEME slots is available 2. You can play without making any investment, completely free and online.

In the Spacemen 2 Free Slots you can practice and learn. The most pleasant is that the Free Slot Machine Spacemen 2 is made for the benefit of the players.

You can also gain bonds without deposit, each time you play it in the machines for real money. Other more reasons for Start Spacemen 2! Try it without hesitation in the free slots.

Start for real money in Spacemen Slots 2

But, in addition to playing at Spacemen 2 Free Slots, there is also the possibility of playing with real money, in the casino games Spacemen 2, at any online casino.

The designer of Spacemen 2 games, Merkur, knows well the preferences of the players. That is why this developer provides the possibility of playing his free spelles for you to train and then, of course, the challenger and exciting version where we bet real money.

Do not miss the opportunity to try all the possibilities of this slot. Yes, remember to practice in a free slot machine 2, and thus turn a rubber about it.