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Presentation of Sci-Donia Games

A futuristic world scenario arrives before us in an adventure of two fantastic characters. Is a Free slot Fenomenal with a special format brought by Merkur. It has been designed in a body of 5 x 5, which is rare in the online casino industry. Sci-Donia Slots will surprise anyone.

Sci-Donia Free Slot has a 3D presentation with HD design. There are several symbols. There are the classic low-value letters, other intergalactic fauna, the two main characters and, of course, the WILD symbol that is represented with the word in question.

It promises dynamism on a board with too many boxes and many symbols. It is also one of the Free Internet Swallows With the largest number of game lines, you have 100. Sci-Donia Slots free promises to be a challenge for the biggest fanatics.

Rules and Characteristics of Sci-Donia Games

For all free casino games the hegemonic rule is that each of the symbols are connected parallel to add multipliers. The Free Slot Machine Sci-Donia has not conditioned with a sensational system of varied play lines so that the adventure lasts a long time in All free slots without download.

Merkur is famous for its multipliers of high economic value. Classic symbols do not add more than 4x with Sci-Donia games. However, no other options are expected. The animals add up a maximum of 12x, the 20x protagonists and the Wild would arrive at the online casinos until 1000 if they make 5 symbols come together.

Finally, the most basic compositions for Sci-Donia is based on the next information:

  • Type of game: Progressive Slot 3D video
  • Drums: 5.
  • Fixed lines: 5
  • Game lines: 100
  • Minimum bet: 0.01
  • Maximum bet: 40

Start at no cost with Free Slot Sci-Donia

Among the most bully of free slots that Merkur has manufactured. Just, one of the favorite casino bonuses for bettors is the 3 x 3 bonus, where the letters that make the “bonus” sign to give up to 5 free turns.

There is more to play Sci-Donia. Each time you play the free bonus, Sci-Donia casino games make gain values increase and take more real money. Heroes cost other 2x multipliers on the medium line and animals will give you 1x multipliers for SCI-Donia slots.

If you feel that you still need for free slots without registering, do not wait any longer. Sci-Donia slots discuss different past passes that you are accumulating with correct results or even with the introduction of our server in Australian.

Earn real money with sci-donia games

Do not miss a coin in your pocket with the free Merkur slots. It will make SCI-DONIA play a model of online entertainment that does not have any comparison.

Sci-Donia propitiates a management that promotes honest and real game supplied by the licenses of Start Safe and the different European regulations. Free coin slots without registering are on the agenda.