Review Safari Sam Slot

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  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 15

  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 5

  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.1
  • Maximum bet 250

Safari Sam, designed by Betsoft, is a very original slot, full of colors, wild animals and jungle sounds that will transport us to the heart of the African jungle. The game mechanics include original variations over the classic three-in-line, several condiments that improve the chances of winning prizes in the runs.

The character of Safari Sam and the wild friendly play the hiding places between roll and pulled to animate the game. This and other animations, as when you get some winning combination, make the game more entertaining.

Wild combinations

The game has 5 3-line rollers, being able to bet on 30 different payment lines. The maximum prize is up to 25,000 times the bet, with which you can earn up to $ 12,500. The minimum bet is $ 0.02, and the maximum is $ 75.

If three different wild animals are obtained in the first three rollers, a series of free strips begins. In addition, they are multipliers, which are combined with a winning line can take the prize to the top. There is also the classic scatter, a tree that if it comes out in at least three different places will add coins to the prize.

Another original feature is the “stack” or stacking: when three equal figures come out in the same roller, a small credit is obtained and the two figures of the lines above are raffled again.

Double or nothing!

One of the most exciting functions of Safari Sam is the “Double Up” or Double or None: After any roll in which a prize has been obtained, you can bet everything obtained at the volusage of a coin. To win, you can keep bending the bet until you reach the maximum prize or lose everything!

It also includes an extra mini-game that is activated with three SAM figures with binoculars.

Special features:

  • Extra mini-game: With three or more SAM figures watching the Bonus Round minigame is activated.
  • scatter: At least 3 figures of the tree grant award even if they are not on the same line.
  • Double or nothing: Possibility of betting double or nothing with any prize.
  • Mobile version: Safari SAM is compatible with any device that support Adobe Flash Starter.

Safari Sam is one of the most varied and entertaining games, besides being visually very attractive. Double or nothing adds emotion and fun.