Review Royal Banquet Slot

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The Middle Ages was never as fun as with this game designed by Saucapy. Its funny graphics remember a real banquet, with animations when a line is completed, and set with a nice baroque music. The mechanics of the game is simple, and has up to 20 pay lines.

Fun in court

The graphics are not too elaborate, but their caricature aspect compensates for fun what is lacking in details. Royal Banquet has 5 rollers with which up to 20 pay lines can be combined.

The drawings correspond to the different dishes of a real banquet, in addition to the characters that used to populate the kitchens of the medieval palaces: the king is the wild card, accompanied by the queen, the cook, a gentleman, the waitress and even a priest. Neither is the classic buffoon of the court.

The minimum bet is $ 0.01, being able to bet up to $ 50.00 in a single run to get succulent prizes.

Free Shots to Win

If the jester appears at least three times, in any order and place, will start the series of free runs (3 buffoons: 10 runs; 4 buffoons: 15 Shots; 5 buffoons: 20 Shots).

In addition, this slot offers an extra minigame Test The Broth (test the broth), which is triggered when at least 3 chickens appear in any order.

Special features:

  • wildcard: The King serves as a joker, replacing any symbol to complete a line of payments. The wildcard does not add the completed line prize.
  • Minigame: If the chicken is repeated at least three times in any order and place the Minigame Test The Broth is started to obtain additional prizes.
  • Free Shots: With at least 3 buffoons are obtained free runs (3 buffoons = 10 free rolls; 4 jesters = 15 free thrown over; 5 buffions = 20 free thrownicles).
  • Mobile version: You can play from any device or operating system that support Adobe Flash Starter.

In short, Royal Banquet is an exquisite video type slots that combines simplicity in its rules and a lot of pay lines to increase the chances of winning. The extra mini-game gives you variety, and the free rolls prolong the fun.