Review Pieces Of Eight Slot

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How to win

In this slot accounts with a maximum of 20 pay lines in a 3 × 5 reel distribution. In addition, the game allows you to bet 1 to 20 lines at a time by turn and from 0.01 to 10 coins per line. Therefore, you have a betting range of 0.01 coins up to a maximum of 200 per turn. But of course, remember that the more bets, the greater your profits will be.

The game has different symbols and each one gives different bonuses. For example, pistols and swords grant a multiplier X100, while skulls and skulls give X200. However, Wild is the best, since it offers a multiplier X10,000.


  • Keys
  • They can appear from 3 to 5 keys. They unlock the game mode “Lotín del Capitán”. You can use the keys to open the booty.
  • Compass
  • If you appear and point to an adjacent symbol in a played line, it will turn that symbol into a Wild, giving you immense profits.
  • Boats
  • They can appear between 3 or 5 at a time and always give a maximum of 250 free spins. 3 Boats Duplicate Your Bet, 4 Boats Multiply by 10 and 5 Boats Multiply by 100.
  • Wild
  • Multiply your X10,000 earnings and replace any other symbol, except the key and the boat.

Other features

  • Captain’s booty
  • You can use the keys that you accumulate to open the booty. If you do not like a booty, you can leave your prize and open another one. But be careful, the next booties may not be so good.
  • Free spins
  • You get when you accumulate boats and you can win up to a maximum of 250 free spins.


Any fan of slots and pirates can have fun with this online game. Your extra game modes, the topic of it, the different combinations you can achieve and the bonus they offer make this slot in a quite entertaining that will keep you busy for a few hours.