We have all known the magic kingdom of slot machines at least once in life. Whether at the bar frequented by our family and friends, whether online or directly at the casino. Those cars who were on the corner of the bad bars, have now become the favorite pastime of millions of people who enter the universe of online games. Have fun with the best selection of free slot machines and acquire a unique experience.



The slot machines were born more than 100 years ago. More specifically, it was in 1895 when the first one became known. However, it was very old-fashioned and in 1907 German Charles Fey, who lived in San Francisco, made some improvements to the system and manufactured the first commercial slot machine. This was called “Liberty Bell”.

As of the ’60s and slot machines did not need an assistant to pay for the prizes and the lever was being dispensed, since electromechanical mechanisms began to be introduced. In the following years the first slot machines of videogames that used screens and processors instead of rollers and levers appeared.

However, later, free online slot machines have become very popular. These can be obtained on websites such as, which offers:

  • Customer support: There are channels through which the user help is offered by playing free slot machines, if they have complaints, suggestions or any comments that want to get to the staff that manages the page.
  • Design: They offer a variety of free slot machines with different themes and designs that attract different types of players.
  • Technologies: Our slot machines are fast, reliable, have the best systems and slot machine modes. We use the most recent technologies.
  • Safety: Our servers are safe and reliable. Our policy is to offer you the greatest comfort and safety to the user to feel protected and confident.


In the world of casinos there are different conditions to play, which vary depending on the casino and the type of slot that is being offered, but in general they can be divided into the following sectors:

  • With deposit: Some casinos will require you to make an initial deposit to play your free slot games, the minimum amount varies depending on the casino. This deposit is used to play free slots of free casinos and you can withdraw as soon as the payment is approved.
  • Free: In case you want to try a game before betting, there are casinos that offer free online slots, in which you give you virtual money with which you will bet. So you can see a simulation of the free free kick games and decide if you want to bet your money or not. These slots do not influence the accumulated bag account, since no money is not bet on them.
  • Without discharge: That kind of slot is having a boom is that of the unloading mode. With this type of slot you can play in your online browser without the need to download a program. Its greatest attractiveness is that you can play free slots from the computer or cell phone anywhere without having to be on a specific device.
  • With minimal bet: This type of slot requires you to play a minimum amount before you can claim the bonus. This is necessary because if you do not do many people, only they registered for the bonus and took out all the money immediately. In general, the minimum betrepment is indicated as a multiple bonus (example, 20x the bonus) or the bonus the reservoir (example, 20x bonus + deposit). These terms and conditions vary from casino to casino.


In the world of slots there are different types of free online slot, each with special features that are worth noting, these are some of them:

  • Classics: They are based on the classics that emerged in the first face-to-face casinos. They usually have 3 reels and quite a few lines of payment. They only allow selecting the lines, quantity and value of the coins and bet.
  • 3D slots: They have many more varieties, they offer up to 100 pay lines, a large number of symbols, extra game modes and good animations. 3D, for example, use more advanced software and offer the best animations and sounds, guaranteeing the best experience for the user.
  • Progressive slots: Progressive slots, or also known as accumulated prize, have a journal prize bag that is granted when a participant manages to meet the requirements to obtain it. This bag is increasing with each game and it is usually many times higher than the maximum prize that is granted in the slots. They are those in which the coins that users place in the machine are accumulating and go “feeding” the final prize or jackpot. The attractiveness of these slot machines is that the jackpot, when accumulating, can reach very high amounts. Therefore, the winner can take a considerable prize.
  • Fruit slots “Fruit Machine”: They are quite simple and look at the classics. However, they have more game modes and options, modes of bonus, bet, etc. Therefore, they need greater interaction by the user.
  • Penny Slots: The Penny Slots, or cents, are those slots that you can play Slots for free without having so much money. They allow you to bet fractions of coins in order to extend your free casino games and decrease the risk of a sudden loss of all your capital.
  • With bonus rounds: Some slots have bonus rounds that are activated when obtaining certain symbols. In these bonus rounds an extra minigame is activated that you will have to win to get the maximum prize.
  • Video slots: The difference of video slots with respect to traditional lies in its design. In the video is in 3D and has animations to make free slot more entertaining, while in traditional it is only 2D and usually without animations.


In we have free slot games for all tastes, so our diversity of bars available makes it sure you find one that you will like. Among some of our best free slots are:

  • Geisha: The Geisha Slots is developed by Aristocrat and has 20 gaming lines, as well as more than 15 years of history. It has two different major prizes, as well as free turns. You can bet from 2 to 750 coins with each turn you do.
  • Golden Goddess: Golden Goddess is an online slot manufactured by IGT, which has a 3D design. The probability of winning in this slot is very high, it has a bonus round that gives you 7 free spins and allows you to earn much more money. You can play slot for free up to 40 lines in a single turn.
  • Diamond Dogs: Diamond Dogs This is a video slot developed by Netent and that has the traditional 25 lines of play. In addition, it has bonus round, wildcard and dispersion symbol that will make your game more attractive.
  • Excalibur: In this slot developed by Nevent you will be at the time of King Arthur. You can receive up to 10,000 times your initial bet if you get to get 5 Symbols of Excalibur, in addition to having an accumulated prize that is really worth it.
  • cleopatra: A free slot created by IGT, in which it recalls the ancient Egypt with Cleopatra. It has 20 gaming lines, as well as with two special characters, the Cleopatra wildcard and the dispersion symbol of a sphinx. It also has multipliers and free turns.
  • Wild Wolf: Its theme is that of the wolves. It is for those who love this majestic animal. It is a simple 5-reel slot machine and 50 pay lines. It was developed by the IGT company and offers several entertaining game modes.
  • Kitty Glitter: Developed by IGT, this video slot machine has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. The theme is for cat lovers, with sand boxes, diamonds, special characters and game modes Bonus.
  • Noah’s Ark: set in the history of Noah’s ark, this IGT slot machine has symbols of animals distributed in 5 drums and up to 30 different payment lines. It has rounds and extra bonus modes that make it more entertaining.
  • Dolphin’s Pearl: Developed by NOVOLINE, this slot has 5 drums and a maximum of 9 lines. It has extra game modes and several bonus. Its theme is aquatic with symbols such as dolphins, crabs, meantarrayas, letters and numbers.
  • Lil’ Lady: Its theme is related to Ladybugs of Love (“Lady Bugs” in English). It was developed by IGT and has 40 pay lines spread over 5 drums or reels. It offers special features, bonus rounds, free slot games and more. Its symbols are ladybugs, other insects, letters and numbers.
  • Wolf Rising: Also of IGT, the video Wolf Rising slots is designed for lovers of nature and wolves. It has 5 drums and 8 rows, symbols of wolves, colors and numbers. It also offers fun modes like free rounds.
  • Double Diamond: It offers 5 drums and 3 characters lines. This slot machine is classic type and was developed by IGT. Its theme is diamond and luxury, although it has classic symbols such as cherry, bar and 7.


In most casinos you can make deposits from $ 100 dollars, although there are others who allow you to bet with amounts as low as $ 50 or $ 10, but it is usually recommended to bet more to get more advantage of the game.

The maximum bet varies but in some places is a few thousand dollars and others up to $ 10,000 for each deposit. To deposit money you will only need to have a registered account, but in most casinos you will need to verify your account (with telephone number and / or official identification) to be able to withdraw money.


Free Slot Game Suppliers with which you count are recognized all over the world for being the best in your bouquet, as well as being very safe. Here are some of them:

  • Microgaming: Microgaming is one of the most popular developers in the world of casinos. This because they have more than 300 video slots in their credit. Its slots are available in more than 120 online casinos.
  • NOVOMATIC: Novomatic is the largest developer on terrestrial betting games. They cover more than 70 countries, have more than 19,000 employees and some of their most popular Slogs free Games are Book of Ra, Dolphin’s Pearl, Sizzling Hot and Lucky Lady’s Charm.
  • Konami: The popular videogame brand also has a special section dedicated to slots. Konami was created in 1969, but it was not until time after they started designing and developing high quality slots. His slot division is very popular in the world of casinos.
  • PartyGaming: PartyGaming was founded in 1997 as a chain of betting games sites. It has several games sites like In 2011, it merged with Bwin to form Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment.
  • Start’n GO: PLAY’N GO is a company dedicated to developing quality online betting products. It operates independently since 2005 and has taken more than 50 unique free casino games in no less than 30 different languages. Many of their slot have been developed to be on mobile devices.
  • Saucify: Despite being a relatively new company, Saucapy has a wide variety of slots of all styles. Such slots can be played from your browser, so you will not have to download anything.
  • StartTech: It is a British company located on the island of Man. It has a variety of online betting games and offers regulatory services for them. They include online casino platforms, bingo, poker, sports betting, etc. The company has worked in that way since 1999.
  • Aristocrat: It is an Australian company that is dedicated to the design and creation of online gambling. They are thrown into innovation, creativity and the design of better and more fun games for users.
  • Ashgaming: Since 2000, Ash Gaming has been one of the leading British companies in the design, creation and start-up of online gambling. They also offer these slots on a wide variety of platforms.
  • Bally: This American company emerged in 1968 and is one of the leaders in the gaming market and online slot machines. Some of its most popular machines are from ZZ Top, NASCAR and the Friends Series.
  • Betsoft: It is one of the largest companies dedicated to random games and free classic and 3D slot machines, among other types of slot machines. It has worked since 2005 and has its headquarters in Malta.
  • Igt: The International Game Technology is an American company that was born in 1975. It is very famous for its excellent free sweeping machines like those of Star Wars, Sex and The City or The Amazing Race.


  • In Spain: They constitute one of the most popular gambling and can be played not only in bars and casinos but also on other public sites. Online slots are also legal for a couple of years ago.
  • In Mexico: Gambling are forbidden. However, slot machines are seen as a “raffle of numbers and symbols”, which is why they are legal throughout the territory.
  • In Venezuela: Casinos, games of chance, and free slot are forbidden. Therefore, there is no legal form of playing free slot machines in local or online.
  • In Argentina: The situation is confusing. The legality of gambling is analyzed by each province, not by the federal government. However, there are betting sites that work in a legal basis but many are investigated by Argentine justice.
  • In Chile: Slot machines can be played in casinos and bars with special licenses for this activity. However, you can also play themselves in other places without such licenses, but that are strongly supervised.
  • In colombia: They are legal on both authorized and local casinos or bars. They are strongly regulated and you can also bet on online slot.
  • In United States: Gambling are legal. However, they are regulated and the authorities ensure because the machines are not altered. The legalization of online slots and slot machines is under discussion since the owners of face-to-face casinos say they will destroy their businesses.


  • Choose a slot machine with a theme and a slot machine style that you like.
  • Choose the denomination of the coins. If you want you to surrender, bet the minor denomination, but remember that your profits will be less.
  • Try betting the maximum number of coins, so you will increase your chances of winning but you will consume your credit more quickly.
  • Take the most of the extra game modes. Use all free spins that give you, do not let them lose.
  • Do not be greedy and learn to retire on time. It is better that you win a decent booty in a bet on it completely for wanting to earn much more.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it may seem that you do not win anything but sometime you can be lucky and receive excellent profits.