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  • Types: 3D slots Video slots
  • Supplier: StartTech
  • Characteristics: 5 Tambores Scatter Símbolo Wild Símbolo
  • Tambores (reels) 5
  • Lines (Paylines) 50
  • Minimum bet 0.01
  • Maximum bet 0.08

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  • Types: Video slots
  • Supplier: StartTech
  • Characteristics: 5 Tambores Scatter Símbolo Wild Símbolo
  • Tambores (reels) 5
  • Minimum bet 0.5
  • Maximum bet 10

Slots Game of the OCA Free Online

The people of Starttech do not lose opportunity to dazzle with their Free slot machines. In this case we are talking about the slot game of the OCA, inspired by the classic board game, as its name indicates it. This free slot game of oca will make you remember those funny nights in front of the board.

How to play the console Game of the OCA

Starttech marked a milestone, his team developed aluccly these casino games Game of the OCA and framed it in the Free Slot format without downloading. Programmers worried about creating a free slot game with simple rules attached to the most classic machines and a great RTP, 95.08%.

To win in this game of the game, it is only necessary to bring together a total of three equal icons throughout the so many lines that generate payments, 20 in total. You also have the option to win through the wildcards created especially for the game console of the OCA slot.

In these Game Games of the OCA (Free Slot Console without Registering) you will get you have three different bonuses, all related to your original board. An oca represents the first two Wild. The Third Wildcard in Game of the OCA Slots free is the scatter, two dice that give you a game.

On the other hand, in the basic symbology you will see when playing a game console of the OCA you will find six earnings multipliers: four of the common Barajas (with less dividends, J and Q, follow him and a), then the labyrinth and the jail.

The last three symbols increase in profit each, according to the scale you can review on the “Game Table” that the Slot Game of the OCA has. Do you want high profits?, Because the bridge is the indicated one, the inn is lowered and closes with the well of desires how much valuable.

Start free Game of the OCA

This free slot game of the OCA scaled web rungs and is achieved in any online casinos. Its unique and fun theme makes playing something unparalleled OCA game.

Also, by being able to play for free all the hours you want to learn from your most outstanding rachas all the secrets and how to have their bonds without deposit.

Start the game of oca for real money

To which you need real dividends with little risk, betting on playing game of oca represents a significant opportunity. Clear, practice in Free Slot Games It is, first, ideally, for that reason Starttech allowed that possibility.

This sensational program is now immortalized and will revive each time you want in your favorite web casino, in the physical location you are.