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Multi Fruits Online Slots

In this type of programs we observed as Mercurs Provider uses something already seen previously in casinos. Multi Fruits Slots presents the traditional features of fruits used in Slots infinity.

This is how in multi-fruits games we will see the emblematic symbols such as apple or cherry, to name some of them, widely known by all regular players to casinos.

This software creative company for casinos, Mercurs Provider, has launched this online version of multi-fruits slots with a minimalist vision, a little retro, but without leaving the own charm already known by the players. Yes, Multi Fruits game has the common, without leaving the charm that always accompanies the colorful fruits of the Slots.

How to play Multi Fruits slots

When presenting the Multi Fruits casino games, the Mercurs Provider giant puts a slot machine with a slot machine with well-known rules by all. The controls of the machine are located at the bottom of the screen presented in the game.

The free multi-fruits Slots games present traditional drums, and where you should get three online symbols to be able to win. It is a 5-cylinder slot for 3 columns, a basic style is observed in the presentation of the graphics.

Multi Fruits Slots shows us the usual seven, the wildcard that in the seventies represented the symbol of luck, this is the badge that paid the most in the game. At the bottom of the machine, the different types of payment of the 10 lines with which you count are observed.

Features of multi Fruits slots

The company MercuS Provider searched for showing at the Casino Games Multi Fruits, the qualities of the usual fruit set of the seventies. In this slot the symbols with small flashes of light are presented that make them protrude from the basic images, in addition to being a tenuous 3D effect.

The Free slot machine Multi Fruits has maintained traditional payment values. The fruits that fewer pay are the cherries. Likewise, a green diamond may appear, for many it is like an apple that suffered a mutation.

By obtaining any prize, the “Rewin” bonus function will be activated, being able to play with a wheel of seven green sectors and a red sector. This option will pay the same amount obtained in the drums, as long as it stops in the green color, the red ends the bonus.

When playing multi fruits you will notice that unlike many does not have a wildcard.

Symbols and rules of Multi Fruits slots

Among the symbols of multi-fruits casino games are traditional cherries, lemons, plums, oranges and watermelons. These figures have a variable payment multiplier ranging from 20 to 5000 times the bet.

Likewise, Multi Fruits Slots presents varied bets, where the minimum value to play is 0.01 credits, and the maximum plays can reach 4 credits per line. That is, if you bet everything you reach 40 credits in the 10 lines of play.

Multi Fruits game for casinos has a long-term RTP that is 96.11%. It has, in addition, several guides buttons of great help. A clear example is that of the “Auto” function, which allows up to 100 turns to the drums automatically. All this without the need to press the turns button.

The soundtrack present when playing multi fruits is very simple and has the option of and deactivated automatically. It also presents another way of betting called “Risk Ladder”, which makes you up or down a ladder with each click on the score.

Start Multi Fruits Free Slots

These free multi-fruits slots lend themselves to play them online comfortably, like any of the Free casino games on the web.

If you are by chance you are one of that regular users to the traditional slots, play the Free Multi Fruits Slots will take you on a time machine to the past. Try the version of this Free Slots without Download, since you will not have to make any payment.

Through free slot games you can learn everything you need to become an expert. With this system you will have a possibility of not spending your money while you improve your way of playing in the multi FRUITS FREE Slots.

FREE Slot Machines Multi Fruits have a lot of regular users, because it reminds them of their visits to the casinos and the fun they gave them, only this time in the free way.

So encourage yourself to play in the Multi Fruits Free Slot Machine so you can feel the excitement of being present in a casino of previous times.

Start for real money in the Multi Fruits slots

If you are thinking about playing with real money, it is recommended that you practice with a Free Slots without Register so you can get the tools that allow you to get profits when playing with virtual casinos

We recommend that when you are ready to play, we invite you to look for any of the platforms of online casinos. These, when you start playing, offer you bonds without deposit so you can play on multi-fruits online slots for real money, without risking so much.

For everything said in the previous lines, and if you consider that you are a person with luck, it begins right now in the world of bets with multi-fruits game. Insurance, you may surely go to each of the Slot machines of online casinos, large profits.

So do not wait any longer and catch up in this exciting world, where your adrenaline will shoot at unsuspected levels when listening to the soundtrack of this slot. Never forget to practice on a Multi Fruits free tragamoned machine before betting real money.