Review Mermaid Serenade Slot

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Short description: Mermaid Serenade is a simple slot created by Saucapy, its theme is under water, so its symbols are all related to marine life. It is special for those who barely start in this world of bets.

How to win: To win at Mermaid Serenade you must have at least two pearl symbols, which will give you 15 times your initial bet. The maximum amount to win (without wildcard) is 400 times the initial amount when getting 3 symbols of 3 fish together.


  • Automatic turns: In this game you can have from 1 to 1,000 automatic turns, which you must select them manually. Although predetermined options come to do 10, 25, 50 or 100 turns.
  • Multiplier: When you get a joker, this pays twice the original amount earned. And if you get a winning combination with two wildcards and another symbol, it will give 4 times your original prize.
  • Wildcard: The wildcard in this game is the symbol of the siren, it will replace any other symbol to obtain the highest award as possible. When 3 of them appear on a line they give you spectacular prizes. Such awards range from 1,000 currencies (when initially betting 5 coins) on the game line number 1, up to 10,000 coins if you get the 3 sirens on line 5 of the game.
  • Rails, rows and play lines: Mermaid Serene has only 3 rows, 3 lanes and a maximum of 5 gaming lines. You can bet from one to five coins, with a value from 0.01 to 1 dollar each. The three horizontal lines are the first 3 gaming lines, followed by the diagonal from the upper left corner to the bottom of the right, and the fifth game line is the opposite diagonal.

Conclution: In conclusion, this slot breaks the traditional mold by only having 2 rows and 3 lanes, however, that does not make it something boring or unattractive. It stands out that, despite being a slot, it does not seem as such, since it seems that the symbols roam on the screen until it is placed in one place. It has a good environmentally visual and sound atmosphere.