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Magic Mirror tragamonedas

Merkur, the German company dedicated to the production of Slot games, He has arranged the market 150 of the best grooves in the world. Magic Mirror is undoubtedly one of its most acclaimed products by users, a slot made for those lovers of medieval times and magical worlds.

With the launch of Magic Mirror, the Merkur supplier became even more famous. This slots that own HTML5 type technology, became one of the favorites thanks to its theme and good graphics. This slot is ambient in a fancy tale, where the unicorns exist and there is a beautiful princess. The game atmosphere is quite nice and traditional.

By playing Magic Mirror you will notice that it is a classic type slot, but with extra ties that they have undoubtedly made it more attractive to the public. Casino Magic Mirror games have a higher quality than other similar products from the market and are very easy to learn to play.

Keep reading this article and we will tell you what are the best tricks and steps to learn to play at the Magic Mirror Slots.

How to play the Slot Magic Mirror

Entering the magic world of Magic Mirror is no arduous task, especially if you are lovers of these two topics. Magic Mirror game joins two very special things: slot and fantasy. Learning to play Magic Mirror is simple, since this is a typical slot that has some original touches.

Equal to others, Magic Mirror has a 5-reel distribution for 3 rows. These are occupying a large part of the board, are located throughout the center. The Games of Magic Mirror have 10 amazing pay lines, fully adjustable, which are read from left to right.

The Magic Mirror video game slot visually is very nice. Behind the reels there is a medieval landscape, with a small forest and a tower in the distance. Below are the game controls and the credits counting table. On one side there are some buttons that indicate payments for each symbol, instructions and some game configurations.

The music and sound effects are very well combined with the style of this slot. Magic Mirror is a game that catches anyone, it looks simple, but in its simplicity it is really the exciting and special of this slot.

Features of the Slot Magic Mirror

Features can distinguish one slot from another and make it special, but Magic Mirror’s games do not need to have so many details to get to stay in the hearts of the players. Magic Mirror is already an original slot due to the work of its design very well achieved and its quality software.

However, how many other slots when playing Magic Mirror will notice certain particular ones. Learning from them will give you advantages and more profits, a special data is that Magic Mirror game has an RTP of 95.94%. This may seem like a low number, but it is high compared to other slots.

The Casino Magic Mirror games do not have any progressive jackpot, but its jackpot is 10,000 credits. This is a good amount, considering that the maximum bet is 20 and the minimum of 0.01 credits.

With respect to the characteristics of Special bonuses and individuals in casino games Magic Mirror has a round of free turns, is activated with the combination of three scatter symbols. Also, just like many other Merkur software, it has Gambler options.

The Gambler option is an optional minigame that is available after each winning combination. You are also referred to as a double bet since you can multiply your profits with this option. You can choose between the cards or the ladder.

In the first the game consists of guessing the color of the next letter to come out, red or black. In the second it is about tying the light pointer on a staircase with multiple steps, each step is a value. Beware, the option “Gambler” can make you earn a lot. But, you can also make you lose all your money.

Symbols and rules of the Magic Mirror slots

On the rules of a slot there is not much to say, these are enough obvious and very easy to learn. Once you learn to play in a slot, you never forget, it’s like riding a bike. However, in this section we emphasized some of the basic rules before starting playing Magic Mirror.

The casino games Magic Mirror They have a conventional format, very similar to Merkur used in the vast majority of his titles. Of course, the only thing that changes is the symbols and the value of each of them, of which we will talk about later. The most important rule in Magic Mirror game is that to win it is necessary to combine three or more equal figures.

The game starts by clicking on the green “PLAY” button, there is also an option that automatically rotates the pumps a default number. To activate it, it is necessary to select the button below “Autoplay”, so that they stop rolling the reels there is a red “Stop” button.

At the top, a series of buttons are located, one of them will surely be that of the pay table. We recommend you a look to know how much each symbol is worth and how to obtain the winning combinations. Before you start playing you can adjust you bet on the buttons below that have some coins. Likewise, you can determine how many pay lines to use.

With respect to the symbols in Magic Mirror we can find the traditional figures of the cards. 10, j, Q and AS are the symbols of less denomination. Magic Mirror also has delighted symbols how: Unicorn, rings, old books and princesses. The latter grant the best values.

The special symbol is a blue mirror with a frame that has a lion. This acts as a joker and as well as SCATTER symbol. Three of these starts a round of 10 free spins.


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Choose a good game house, choose one that suits your budget and if you give you bonuses without much better deposit. Discover what is wonderful magical world has saved for you, follow the way until you get all the surprises and triumphs in Magic Mirror Slots.