Review Lucky Leprechauns Slot

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Type of slot

The animations are small scale, although very effective. The foam forests that fall the goblin in it occur very effectively and the goblin regularly makes a small dance when he is included in a victory. While I do not consider myself a fan of traditional music, dancing, which is in a continuous loop at the bottom of this slot, made me move a little while playing this slot

Apart from the ‘Wilders’ at random, the only important function of this is a free spin bonus game. While there is not much difference between this and the main game, at least, the victories triple.

There are 40 winning lines in this slot, which can be selected. You can control both the size of the currency and the number of coins played for each line. The maximum is 25 cents, 10x coins per line and 40 lines, which gives a cost of rotation of $ 100. You can rotate at 40C place if you wish, and you can play automatically using the auto-rotation function. Strategy and volatility are important things to think about when selecting the amounts of bet.

Victoria conditions

The goblin with maniac face is the ‘wild’ of this slot, and also has the largest prize of all the symbols. He can win 8000 coins with 5 on a line, and 800 coins for only 4. This symbol replaces all regular symbols, although not the harp and rainbow. There is another nature, which is randomized by an elf runs through the top of the screen. This replaces the regular symbols, and in my experience it was given more than half of the time.

Of those regular symbols the golden pot is the best to pay for a long way, with 7000 of 5. Below comes the 4-sheet clover (1400), emerald ring (1000) and the horseshoe of luck (500). After the symbols of the game card, the AS until nine, compensate for the small victories that will keep their funds marking more.

Other features

Like almost all Saucapy slots, the game of free spins is generous, although it has no exceptional feature. All profits triple, while its spins are in progress; This makes the greatest victory 24,000 coins (for 5 wild goblins). The random ‘wilds’ do not appear during the game turns, although it can be triggered with 3 or more harps. Apart from an accountant at the top of the reels, this function is identical to that of the main game.

This is a decent game, although nothing particularly surprising occurs during the game.