Review Legends of Greece Slot

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This is one of the three machines in the range of ‘legends of’ of Saucapy. Graph is the best of them, with very well designed symbols of Greek legends and horrors. For horrors I refer to the Jellyfish with a serpent head and not to the current situation in which the country is. It is a slot of 20 lines. Apart from the usual wildcles and special prizes the only remarkable feature is a free spin bonus game.

Many of the classic legends of the ancient Greeks are included in the design of this machine. These include the Horn of Abundance, Perseus, Phoenix, Pegasus and Minotaur. These are well contained in a full Greek old building with columns and a decorated ceiling. The slightly mystical background track is in line with the subject. This is easy for the ears, although the ‘Jingles’ is computer victories and other sound effects (for example, a ray of Zeus) are not as relaxing. The animations are not exaggerated, with an occasional flash of color or minor movements for each winning line.

To deal with this slot, its only interesting feature is that profits triple during the duration of the items. This can sometimes lead to some larger unexpected profits.

Configuration and game of legends of Greece

You can play up to 20 lines on this machine and choose a maximum of 5 coins per line, as well as the denomination of each currency. This means that you can rotate from only 20c for low limit players, or up to $ 25 for lovers of high-limit slots. The automatic turn is available, although you must bear in mind that Saucapy slots are slow to travel winning lines when using this feature.

Zeus is the wildcard symbol in this game. He does not replace the scatters, although he will make victories with any of the regular symbols. These regular symbols are directed (in prizes) by different animals. Perseus (the winged horse) has the largest prize, this is worth 6000 coins in a line of 5 and 600 coins by 4. There are, then, a breach to the mermaid, which is worth 1200 for 5 lines, the phoenix (800), the Minotaur (500) and the Hydra (400). After this the horn, the helmet, the mercury shoes, shield and amulet make up the small victories.

A warrior with a large sword is the special symbol (the scattered). This pays 100 times the amount of its total spin of 5 anywhere in the reels. You can also get 20X for 4, 5x for 3 and 2 times by only 2. These also win on any winning line. The other is the scattered of the Medusa, which grants 20 free spins for 5, 15 free spins for 4 and 10 free spins for 3, although it does not have an additional attached prize.

Legends of Greece, Round of turns

This is greatly the round of standard bonds for most Saucapy slots. Nothing really changes in the reels, although the countdown and profits are displayed above them. All prizes are subject to a 3x multiplier, which means that some large victories are possible (18000 for 5 winged horses or 300x their total scattered 5 spin). You can increase the number of turns while you play if you hit 3 or more Medusa symbols again.

Legends of Greece. Conclution

Another solid Saucapy slots that manages to stop just before being a great game. I would not think much to make this a solid recommendation. Perhaps an extra bonus game, or something interesting in the rollers as random wildcards or expanding symbols. For me this is simply another game that is in the category of “looks and is played very well, although there is not much to do.” In a positive note the 3x multiplier for free turns and work -Excellents graphics- save the day. One to take a look, although unlikely to become a long-term favorite for many players.