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Honey Bee online slot

The slots are the classic machine game that we can find inside any casino, but now, in addition, they are available on the web at online casinos. The Honey Bee games, manufactured by Merkur, you can find them on several web platforms.

You will love the fruit and colorful graphics that, entertaining you will win prizes as you go playing in these Free Slots Honey Bee. It is not at least, its creator is Merkur, one of the great consortia of the world of gambling online.

Next, we will explain more about Free Slot Honey Bee game, do not miss the opportunity to read about this Slot machine.

How to play the Honey Bee slots

The Honey Bee slots do not have any kind of complication in the dynamics of the game, so there is not much to be confused, unless you want to learn all the possible winning combinations from memory.

Honey Bee Slots has the 3 typical symbol rails, to win there are 5 fixed ways of combinations. Pressing the “SPIN” button, begins the departure of this slot that, if that were not enough, belongs to the sought-after free slot without registering. Yes, you can not only have fun, but you also play for free and you do not leave your data on the web.

Touch to enter a free slot machine Honey Bee, click on the “SPIN” button and stay waiting for several symbols to align and thus win a prize with the different combinations obtained.

Features of the Honey Bee slots

Merkur gave life to this game with a lot of care. Both in Honey Bee Slots for free, as in the pay version, you can see aesthetic elements of insects and fruits. This machine carries with it a fixed RTP of 95.73 percent, which provides extensive chance of winning.

The bets you can perform in Honey Bee slot from 0.05 to 10.00 credits. It is worth noting that when playing accounts with the possibility of obtaining bonuses without deposit. Surely this game promises to give you great rewards.

It should be noted that Honey Bee game is a Free Slots without Download, which makes it easy for you to play online without removing you storage space on your devices.

Symbols and rules of the Honey Bee slots

Honey Bee’s game pumps are loaded with the following symbols: lemons, oranges, cherries and plums, whose combination of the three, has the least score of 50.00; Watermelons and strawberries with a score of 70.00; bells with a score of 100.00; Stars of 200.00 points and, finally, the sunflowers, with 1000.00 points that also unlock the honey symbol.

There is also a bonus of five sunflowers, both the Honey Bee slots you pay and in your free casino games. These five flowers will attract a bee with a jar of honey that drives as a multiplier and gives you greater amount of free turns, these turns vary from 8 to 20, while multipliers vary between x2 and x4.

Start Honey Bee Free Traginers

Really this game of free slots by Merkur is an excellent option to practice and so be able to start little by little to invest in betting, without moving from your home. Adding to this that when playing Honey Bee is not necessary to register on the page to access the game, or deposit no prior amount, there is no reason not to prove it.

It can be found within the best online casinos, it is worth entering the world of Honey Bee free slot.

A Free slot machine Honey Bee is an inexhaustible source of honey for the training of the rookies.

Start for real money in the Honey Bee slot

Starting Honey Bee is extremely simple and you have numerous chances of winning, unlike other slot games, so bets it becomes a very small risk to run, especially if you are testing according to your possibilities.

Dare to play Honey Bee casino games like your first step, we already explain the basics to understand your role when playing and dominating the symbols and bonuses to the fullest. We wish you luck!