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Hocus Pocus tragamonedas

Merkur has launched more than 100 products with its name in manufacturing. This distribution company for software for slots little by little has raised the steps in the entertainment industry demand, until it is possible where it is today. Merkur is one of the most recognized game providers.

Hocus Pocus is a Slot-type slot game and one of the most innovative, popular and claimed products of Merkur. It has a “flash” technology, which is the difference of other games designed by the same company. But, beyond the excellent quality in graphics, really what catches in Hocus Pocus is his theme.

The game atmosphere and atmosphere are those that make this slot somewhat special. For many people and potential users the theme of magic is favorite. The demand for products containing this type of inclination is in Auge and Merkur has designed this slot in order to supply it.

The Hocus Pocus casino games are literally magical, continue reading this article and you will find how to learn to be the best magician. Also, we will teach you the best spells for you to army from the big prize in Hocus Pocus.

How to play slot hocus pocus

You do not have to lock yourself in a castle, nor do you need years of practice to master the magic of Hocus Pocus game. Learning to play Hocus Pocus is very easy, although this is not an ordinary slot is not impossible either. When you play Hocus Pocus you will notice how simple it is to be a magician, especially if you are one with luck.

Hocus Pocus slot comes in a 5-roller format for 3 rows. The reels are positioned in the central part and cover a large part of the screen. Hocus Pocus offers extraordinary ways to win by means of 20 pay lines, fully adjustable.

Visually the game is very well distributed, the drums are framed in a golden box with sapphires in the corner. Below are the game buttons and the control panel, behind the drivers you can see a dark forest. Experience is complemented thanks to the well-achieved sound effects of this slot, it has more than 5 different sounds.

Characteristics of the slot hocus pocus

Undoubtedly, the hocus pocus slot game with the naked eye is not seen, nor does it look like what you’ve seen before. This is one Original slot And only in his style, not only for his design, but also for his multiple characteristics. If you have passed it to you playing only in traditional Slots, Hocus Pocus will change your world.

The Hocus Pocus slot RTP is 95.53%, a very good number for a slot of its kind. At the beginning of the game, a total of 1,000 credits is awarded, the minimum bet is 0.01 points while the maximum is 20. With totas the cash lines activated the minor committee would be 0.40 credits.

You will know that you won when the board lights up in an unconventional way, the line is also discovered by which the combination was made. The main and most notorious feature of when playing Hocus Pocus is that when the symbols immediately combine these disappear as by magic.

In the same way by disappearing the symbols that are up a box and if they combine you can get double gain. Another feature offered by the games of Hocus Pocus are free shots rounds. This is obtained by achieving a combination of three or more specific symbols, in this case it is the sorcerer’s hands.

Hocus Pocus casino games count like most Merkur games with a double bet option. It is possible to select after each winning combination a Gambler option. You can choose between the minigame of the cards or the ladder. If you have already tried this particularity in other products you will know that, you can earn double or lose everything there.

Symbols and rules of the slot hocus pocus

Everything, even magic has its own rules, Hocus Pocus is a game of slot that does not escape it. However, as in other products of the same genre this slot has very simple and basic rules.

To win it is necessary to atinit three or more equal symbols, the game starts when you press the “PLAY” button. To rotate the rollers a number of times automatically it is necessary to program the “Autoplay” button. In some of the upper corners you will find the buttons that lead to the pay table, instructions and sound setting.

Below you can notice the total number of credits and the amount of the bet. Likewise, there are the buttons to maximize or minimize the money you want to bet on each turn and the pay lines you want to use. With regard to the symbols, just like all the slots are full of magic.

The smaller symbols have geometric 3D figures such as: circles, triangles, squares and pyramids. These are accordance with the type of forms used in witchcraft. We can also observe referential symbols to magicians such as: Spells, hats, papyrus and a magician on the ball of it, who is also the symbol of greatest value.

In the Hocus Pocus game you will find a scatter symbol that has the shape of a purple crystal ball, combining three of them anywhere on the reels will activate the free spin option. Also as in most merkur products there is a wildcard symbol.

In the Hocus Pocus casino games the wildcard is a symbol where the hands of a magician are shown making spells. The wildcard symbol serves to have more possibilities to create winning combinations. You can replace any symbol of the drums except the scatter.

Start Hocus Pocus Free Slot

Forget about spending money on casinos, now it is possible to play free slot machines without losing money and without having to enroll on an unknown page. Now varied casinos online and reliable websites offer their slots as Free slot without registering.

Demonstration versions such as Hocus Pocus Slots do not need deposit to be played, just enter and have fun. No need to download any kind of software or program as a whole, they are Free Slots without downloading totally online.

The Free Slot Games Like the Hocus Pocus Free Slots have been proposed for those people who are dedicated to try slots and provide their opinions about these. They are also directed for those people who still do not know how to play, but they want to learn without having to lose their money.

If the latter is your case you can choose a special slot like the lucky slots hocus pocus to learn. If the safe dominates you can get to master any other. Free Slot Machine Hocus Pocus is available as Many other free casino games on our online platform.

Start for real money in the slot hocus pocus

Start in LA Free slot Hocus Pocus can be very fun and at the same time strategic. If you can play for free before playing for real money in a virtual casino then do it, we recommend it. It is shown that if you play first to try and learn about the game in a demo version, you will have more possibilities to earn later with a real bet.

Imagine that play free is your preparation as a magician apprentice, and after you feel a sorcery expert you can start playing for real money. Get part of an entire community that follows the hocus pocus slot game.

Let yourself be involved completely by the magic that contains the hocus pocus slot and you will see how the prizes appear quickly. Prepare your barite and armate with the best spells you know to roll the reels of the free tragamoned machine hocus pocus. Get the game house that best suits you and do not forget to claim All Casino Bonds.