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Ghost Slide Tragamonedas online

Online casinos have become a fashion on the Internet. When you want to earn a little money, or simply distract your mind with a good dose of adrenaline, you go to the platforms that these services offer.

A giant of this new era of Online slot It is the company Merkur Provider. This company is responsible for the development of the best games for online casino, being its creations favorites around the world.

Inside all these popular games launched by Merkur Provider, one is one that stands out with strength, this is the Ghost Slide slot.

Ghost slide slot is a whole adventure. You will see from skeletons that help you win bets to haunted homes where mysterious drums resonate.

How to play the slot Ghost Slide

Ghost Slide games are very accessible and easy to play. The company Merkur Provider has made a game quite achievable for everyone and this has led him to be recognized as one of the best.

You just need a tablet, a desktop computer or just your cell phone. All versions are available for these devices and even 3D is offered.

All versions of this game have free slot, just like those that are with real money.

Features of the slot Ghost Slide

If you like the dark and random thing then play Ghost Slide is for you. It comes with a unique theme where paranormal things happen at every moment.

Ghost Slide slot brings you 5 channels and 10 gaming lines. In the Ghost Slide game you will have to hunt the rounds for free. You have possibilities to earn more than 10,000 credits of the game. Amazing!

Symbols and rules of the slot Ghost Slide

In the Ghost Slide casino games you will not know what boredom is because of all the adrenaline you will feel. Entering a haunted house where you will find the mysteries more demented that you have never imagined and besides that you will earn money. Something spectacular.

In the Ghost Slide game, you will find symbols such as candlesticks, books, a house, letter A, K and numbers 9 and 10. Portrait will act as “Wild” symbols, or combine symbols, as we call them in Australian.

50 rounds free

By making winning combinations in the Ghost Slide slot, you will not only get bonuses that multiply the profits, but you also have the possibility of winning free games. In the Ghost Slide game you will have the ability to reach up to 50 “Spins” for free.

Bonuses by symbols

The symbols that most pay when playing Ghost Slide are the house, the clock and the book. These multiply your profits 50 times, after them follow the candelabra that multiplies it by 30 and the rest of the symbols by 10.


As the subtitle says, you can do “Boost” to get more money in a short time. An option is playing a game modality of 50/50, where you will have to take a letter and guess the color. It’s a whole or nothing, in this modality you can earn up to 140 credits.

Start Ghost Slide Free Slot

GHOST SLIDE casino games have totally free ways. Yes, although you do not believe it, they are free and you can enter the times you want. You could start practicing and then entering the versions with real money.

You can place on the Internet “Ghost Slide slots” or also “Free Slot Machine Ghost Slide”, and even: “Start Ghost Slide Slides Free” and many companies will appear that offer this game.

If what you are looking for is entertainment, and you do not want to spend money, then Ghost Slide free slot is what you need. This game gives you many facilities because it has the Free Slots without Download They will give you the possibility to play it directly from the platform.

The Free casino games They are very exciting because you feel the adrenaline of chance, so you are not betting real money yet. It also has the Free slot without registering That will further streamline your arrival to the game, and if they are free slot Ghost Slide, better.

Merkur Providers is responsible for doing all these opportunities for all people can play it. So have money or are not given an unforgettable game opportunity. In fact, the option to play on a free slot machine Ghost Slide is for people to become familiar with and practicing.

Start for real money in the slot Ghost Slide

After what we have told you, do you plan to lose this adventure? Do not think more and enters the madness of the Ghost Slide game! A whole adventure awaits you, and, also, a lot of money.

The attractiveness of the Ghost Slide casino games are all the casino bonuses it offers. Undoubtedly, a very fun game and full of opportunities. Do not forget that while spending time, take out new updates and versions of this game. That is, new promotions and more profits for you.

Merkur Provider welcomes you to this adventure. We hope that this writing will serve you in your future games with the Ghost Slide game. Success and good games!, Of course, do not forget to take a practiced in a Free slot Ghost Slide before he even truly bet.