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Elephant War online slot

The titles that MERKUR company chooses to set up its popular casino games always cause impact on fans of these forms of online entertainment. The 3D projection style of its screens has become a favorite section of the Slots’ fanaticada, and the development achieved with the Slot Elephant War is not left behind.

Elephant War game transports the player to a colorful utopia where battles of elephants and cosmos creatures are recreated, under a fantastic new vision of reality.

Elephant War is a very well-made adaptation, so much that he has managed to locate the top of favorites within the options offered by Merkur. The possibility of playing as a free without registering has been very tempting to the company’s followers.

How to play the slot Elephant War?

Elephant War Slots supposes rules very similar to the Classic casino slot, Just be attentive to the play lines and payment methods. The instructions of the Elephant War slots are perfectly versioned for the language in Australian.

By playing Elephant War, the paramount is to know the winning symbols in their drums and proceed to choose the size of the bets, as well as the number of winning lines. Then it will be enough to turn the action start indicator that will take you to win credits, and, if you are in luck, the succulent casino bonuses.

You have to remember that it is always possible to opt for options in free ways, selecting the Free Slots without Download. This particularity also allows the memory savings on the devices.

Features of the Slot Elephant War

The Slot Elephant War has an RTP of 96.94%, and also has a structured configuration in 5 × 3 lanes with 20 bet lines. Regardless of whether you use your version of Free slot Or the real money, both have the same configuration in your gameplay.

Elephant War Game offers a well-accomplished presentation on the screen that loves both experienced and rookies, providing a paused game without setbacks. In its free slot version you can corroborate what is explained here, although doing it without being sent is little safe.

Symbols and rules of the slot Elephant War

The Elephant War casino games allow betting on ranges ranging from 0.40 to a total of 40 chips for each play. Its characteristic symbols are elephants and other creatures that invite action in an exciting musical environment.

The Jocker is a shield that confers a total of 2,500 points. As for the rules that control adventure in Elephant War games, these are exactly the same for paying and free versions.

In the same way, there are no differences in terms of symbols and lines for actual bet options and the offer for Free casino games. Perhaps the difference between paying or does not lie in the dose of adrenaline, not associated, of course, to the free slot Elephant War.

Start Elephant War Free Tragamers

If you are one of those who simply want to hang out, surely your look will be pushed on the free slot machine Elephant War. We do not blame you for it, but when I try it, no doubt, you will want to go for more.

Many players feel comfortable when they practice first with options at no cost. Start Elephant War provides this possibility through an exciting battle between shields, elephants and rhinoceros, no need for real bets. You can access it in the Best online casinos.

Start for real money in the slot Elephant War

Going to action after trying the Elephant War Slots for free, it will raise the adrenaline and allow you to get rid of your portfolio. A scatter disguised as green elephant and another red hiding juicy bonuses await for you in the colorful screen of this magnificent Merkur Slot.

Bet real money and earn up to 15 plays with the red elephant or opens the Disk Shield mode with the green to get 5 shields with different prizes. All this awaits those who put their currencies to shoot in the virtual war of the Paquidermos.

With so many options to win, are you going to miss the play in a slot Elephant War?