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Dragon’s Treasure 2 Tragamonedas online

The Merkur Provider company continues to bet as a developer of interfaces for casino games, with magical contexts within its slot. Dragon’s Treasure 2 slot is one. Is slot machine Digital comes to replace the Dragon’s Treasure machine, but maintaining practically the same theme.

In the Dragon’s Treasure 2 you can see the well-known images of gentlemen and dragons. Merkur Provider has presented the same quality of striking images in the Dragon’s Treasure 2 slot, with a magical and period.

Continue reading, we’ll show you how to play Dragon’s Treasure 2 and the best ways to get profits.

How to play Dragon’s Treasure 2 Slots

That does not confuse your elaborate board, although it continues to maintain the same features of Dragon’s Treasure 2, this slot machine will allow you to obtain prizes easier.

It has a three-row board, 5 lanes, and a total of 5 pay lines with fixed balances. You can observe the background with dragons and gentlemen inviting you to play and try your luck.

This game technology is HTML5 type, it is characteristic of the slot machines of Merkur Provider. With respect to the RTP, the Dragon’s Treasure 2 casino games have a percentage of 96%.

The buttons and control panel are in front of the screen, facilitating your plays, this allows to have the feeling of holding a sword in hand to defeat the terrible dragon and stay with the treasure that gives you the prizes.

Characteristics of the Dragon’s Treasure 2 slot

As we have already said, the great design and original theme of Dragon’s Treasure 2 slots maintains the style of your predecessor, Dragon’s Treasure. However, as all the slots, it will always have a feature that will call the public’s attention, thus obtaining its profit in the commercial aspect.

This machine gives you the possibility that at the moment the dragon appears, you can play 10 totally free turns. In Dragon’s Treasure 2 game you must choose two symbols that will become your special badges during the bonus round. These will be distributed in the rollers and will reward you in any of the pay lines.

Like many of the Merkur Provider products, the Dragon’s Treasure 2 game has the option “Gambler Double”, after each winning combination. There you can bet and get until the double of the prize you got with the winning bet.

Symbols and rules of the Dragon’s Treasure 2 slots

The rules of the Dragon’s Treasure 2 game are equal to those of any other slot. The game system when playing Dragon’s Treasure 2 presents the same system as that of a Slot machine Common and current However, we will appoint you some of them so that you become familiar.

In the Games of Casino Dragon’s Treasure 2 you will notice that the wildcard represents the dragon. This can take the position of any other figure contributing a prize for the player. This slot machine allows a maximum bet by twist of 10 coins.

The emblems in the Games of Dragon’s Treasure 2 that are shown on the screen are those related to dragons and castles. We can find figures like the dragon, the gentleman, the king and the sword, which have different values when it comes to providing the award for your betting.

The maximum prize that the game will present you is 10,000 credits and will occur when 5 equal badges appear with the maximum bet of 10 coins.

Start Dragon’s Treasure 2 Free Slots

The Free Slot Machine Dragon’s Treasure 2 gives you the opportunity to experience in the world of slots. This is how Dragon’s Treasure 2 games will give you a different entertainment to the usual, but we recommend you try them.

The good thing is that you should not pay using free Dragon’s Treasure 2 slots.

Dragon’s Treasure 2 casino games can play them like a free slot without registering at any casino, without the need to fill out the annoying forms. Do not need to download any program because you can Start free slots without downloadIt is a relief, and allows your team to do not slow down.

The Free casino games And free slots are demonstrations, but they are equal to real ones. With Dragon’s Treasure 2 free slots you will have fun and you will learn the best way to play without putting your money at risk.

Find the Dragon’s Treasure 2 free slots in the main online casinos and web pages of your preference.

Use the Free Slots Dragon’s Treasure 2 and become the gentleman who ends with the dragons.

Start for real money in the dragon’s Treasure 2 slot

To start playing free slot games Dragon’s Treasure 2, it is not necessary for you to be an expert. When using this game you can go by acquiring experiences that will allow you to be a gentleman of the online bet. Yes, after your skills are to the fullest, you can bet and get real gains.

The Dragon’s Treasure 2 slot has shown that the second parts are good, that is why Mercuens Provider bet on this slot, providing an easier way to obtain prizes and bonuses to a large extent.

Use your free time and catch up on the online casino you prefer, and get better bonuses without deposit, with which you can play Dragon’s Treasure 2 and have a unique experience in the context of dragons and gentlemen.

Think and remember that when playing for real money, it is always important to practice without risking your money with a free tragamed machine Dragon’s Treasure 2.