Review Cosmopolitan Slot

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Short description. This time, the British company Saucapy wanted to do something different. That is why he invented a “video slot” slots with multiple lines and a theme of club-oriented clubs.

How to win? This slot offers up to 15 pay lines and is quite simple to use. Like all Saucapy machines, it lets easily choose the number of lines to play, automatic game options or “auto spin” and the amount and denomination of coins. In total, it allows betting between 15 cents and 18.75 coins.

The idea is simple and consists of accumulating a minimum of 2 equal symbols in the same line. Depending on the type and quantity of the symbol in question, the payment will be greater or less.

For example, basic symbols such as shoes, lenses, portfolio, glasses and perfume are those that provide fewer coins but offer free multipliers. While the girls offer older payments and the disco ball is the one you want to see the most in all the game.


  • Girls: There are 4 different girls and each one offers different payments ranging from 15 to 1000 coins. Being a blue skirt that fewer pays and redhead the one that most pays.
  • Objects: They are lenses, a pair of shoes, a portfolio, a perfume and two glasses. They offer smaller payments to those of girls but give multipliers of free spins. Between these, the pair of glasses is the most paying symbol.
  • DJ: It works as the “Scatter Symbol”. Multiply all X3 earnings while it is at stake. In addition, depending on the amount that appears at stake, it will grant 5, 10 or 15 free spins.
  • Disco ball: It works like the “Wild Symbol” and is the symbol that best pays all over the game, as it can grant a total of 10000 coins.

Other features

  • Automatic game: Allows you to choose the amount of spins and stop it when you want.
  • Multiplier: The disc ball acts as a multiplier x2 of all profits. In turn, objects can grant a multiplier X3 of free spins and the DJ grants a multiplier x3 of profits.

Conclution. Cosmopolitan is a slot different than usual with a women-oriented theme. However, it is entertaining and varied, with fairly relaxed music and that has nothing to do with the excitement and adrenaline of the typical machines based on persecutions, robberies or careers. Undoubtedly, it’s worth trying it.