Review Cleopatra’s Treasure Slot

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  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 5

  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 15

  • Supplier: Betsoft
  • Minimum bet 0.02
  • Maximum bet 15

Despite just having 5 lines of play (very few for a normal tragamoences), ISOFT BET has managed to create a game that catches your attention. It has 3 rows and 5 drums, as well as with a design set in ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra’s Treasure Características

  • Automatic turns: This game has the option to pull from 5 to 50 automatic turns, allowing you to integrate advanced options to stop the game when an event happens like win or lose a certain amount. So you can have fun more without having to be stinging each time the game.
  • Dispersion symbol: The dispersion symbol is that of Queen Cleopatra. This scatter symbol activates the bonus round. And the dispersion symbol is very well decorated and is visually attractive.
  • Bonus round: When you get 3 or more dispersion symbols, the bonus round is activated. In this bonus round three Egyptian mummies will appear, there you will have to select one of those to be able to discover the secret it houses inside. If you manage to tie the right mummy you will receive a great prize.
  • Mobile version: The slot is designed to play through the browser, so you can play it from any mobile device and from any modern browser. So you will have hours and hours of fun from anywhere where you are.

How to play Cleopatra’s Treasure

The rules of the game are simple but it is worth highlighting them so that you understand them. You must select the currency value you want to use (this goes from € 0.02 and can reach up to € 2 for each game line), then you must choose the number of lines you want to bet and at the end you give it in “spin” Start the game.

If you want to bet the maximum amount possible on all the lines, you must click on the button that says “Bet Max” and then to SPIN. All prizes are paid from left to right and from right to left, which gives you greater chances of winning unlike traditional slots that only pay from left to right.

How to win

To win at Cleopatra’s Treasure you must have a minimal with two symbols of the same type in a game line. The lowest prize possible is 2 times your initial bet if you manage to get two symbols of a box with a GOD GOD on top of her or some earrings. The greatest possible payment at Cleopatra’s Treasure is the 5,000 coins in case you get to get 5 beetle symbols into a game lixture.

Conclusion of Cleopatra’s Treasure

This slot is different from others since it only has 5 gaming lines, it has a bonus round Uina that is simple but attractive.
Even though the game’s symbol is missing in the game and it is surprised to have more play lines, the truth is that its bonus round does justice to that and allows us to expand a little more the final slot experience.