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  • Supplier: Igt
  • Minimum bet 1
  • Maximum bet 100

Cats, the cat slot machine

Cats, cats and more cats. Cats is a slot machine dedicated to these tender animals that we like so much. However, in CATS slots these cats are wild and prize loads come. He shoots, gathers cats and wins, thus simple. If you like cats, then you must continue reading and play cats. The game seems to move us to a remote place in Africa, in a savannah. Wild cats appear camouflaged between the grass, from which they detect their prey. They like to stay in warm areas and where they can not be seen. Go unnoticed and, at nightfall, get out of hunting. Free Tragamented Cats was created and developed by IGT (International Game Technology), a leading company in Free casino games. This company is especially known for its slot games, which are usually available in the Best online casinos to play remote form. One of them is the cats game.

The theme of tragamon cats is blamed and the mechanics of the game is very simple, so players of any level can play it without problem. The cats that appear in Casino Cats games are not the typical household cats, but are much larger and fierce. Still, you do not have to have them fear. In fact, free cats cats can give you many joys. Dare to play with them!

How to play cats: Features, Rules and Symbols

Do not let yourself be taken by the appearances of these wild cats, because in Cats casino games you are going to have a lot of fun. We are, as we have previously indicated, with a theme gatuna, of wild animals that are found in the African savannah. These cats are the protagonists of CATS game, and this IGT slot machine has 5 rollers and 30 pay lines. The game shits quite fast, and just like others Free Slot Games It has Wild symbols, scatter symbols, spins and bonuses.

To play cats it is important that you know your symbols and its most basic rules. In the rollers, images of all kinds will appear, like the game logo, cat footprints, panther, tigers, lions, cheetahs . and also the symbols of some poker letters: A, J, Q and K. in the slot Cats, the logo works as a wildcard, and as always replaces all other symbols except to the dispersion symbol, which has the image of the cat’s leg. On the other hand, in the cats games you have divided symbols, that is, with simple cats (with a cat in the image) and with double cats (with two cats in the image). When you play Cats you can find simple cats and double cats at each reel, so you have more opportunities to win twice a prizes.

As for the free spins of the CATS slot machine, you can get a round of 5 free spins by getting 5 or more traces on the rollers 2, 3 and 4. Also, you also have simple fingerprints and double traces, so you can win more and more. A total of 6 footprints on rollers 2, 3 and 4 will give you 10 free spins, and so you can be up to get the top of 10,000 coins, a very tempting sum for a Free slot game As fun as Cats.

Cats game, online, free and without registration

IGT Slot Cats is a simple game to play with a very simple rules and very easy symbols to remember. Therefore, on our website we give you the opportunity to try cats game and start winning prizes today. You can get a one Casino bonus and spend it to play Free Slots cats or others Free slot machines without download. In fact, you can easily play free slot cats without the need to download any type of software or application. In addition, you can also play in creating a user account and without making any deposit. That is, you do not have to spend any money to entertain you. Free tragamon machine cats is one of the Free tragamon machines without registering We offer you on our website.

CATS slot with real money

The FREE tragamoned machine IGT CATS awaits you with many surprises. Her wild cats can look like the most adorable animals in the world, and is that Casino Cats games are so entertaining that the hours will be flying. Start from our website to cats slot and enjoy cats, footprints and other wild animals from African savannah. Get double symbols and take home the best prizes. Try playing with real money, why not? And arrieve at the fun CATS slot. We will wait for you!