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It is very rare that a slot render tribute to a company, but without a doubt Saucapy has achieved this with this game that is all about Apple [. ]

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How to win

This slot has 3 reels and 5 pay lines. You can choose the number of lines you want to bet. Remember that the more you play, older your profits will be. In addition, you can also vary the value and quantity of the coins you bet.

To win you only must accumulate a minimum of two cherries in one of the winning lines. The other symbols will grant better profits depending on their type and the number of times it is repeated.


  • Cherry
  • It is the symbol that generates the lowest gain. If you accumulate 2 in a line you will get 25 coins, while 3 grant a total of 100 coins.
  • Cracker
  • There are three types of cookie: simple, double and triple. Each generates 200, 300 and 500 coins respectively when accumulating 3 in a payment line. If you accumulate 3 of any kind you will obtain only 50 coins.
  • Puppy
  • It works like Wild, replace any other symbol and is the one that is most paid. If you accumulate 3 puppies you will get a greater or lesser amount of coins depending on the row where they appear. In Row 5 you will get 7500 coins, in 4 you will have 2500, on 3 drops to 2000, on 2 reaches 1500 and at 1 only 1000. When obtaining 1 or 2 puppies, you will get multipliers of gain.

Other features


  • When getting 1 puppy during a victory, you will duplicate the profits, while 2 puppies will give you an X4 earnings multiplier.


The people of Saucapy have made a slot different than what is usually seen normally. The sound background is not an exciting racing music or a casino atmosphere. Nor does it have a theme associated with nightlife, banks, casinos or even the ancient world. However, it has good animations and a fast, fluid and uninterrupted game dynamics.

Cash Puppy is a very simple but entertaining and visually attractive slots. If you are from the users who like classic slots and puppies, it will guarantee a good time of fun.