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Candy Bars tragamonedas

Who has not played a game of chance? Everyone once in our life we have decided to try luck and go to a casino. Nowadays, due to the Internet, thousands of platforms for online casinos have been created with all the games that commonly carries a normal betting house. One of the most outstanding and most popular games on the Internet are the Slot machines, or “slot”, as it is usually called in Australian.

There is a company especially dedicated to the development of slot games, this is the International Game Technology, or, for its acronym in English, “IGT”.
IGT is a company for more than 40 years in the market doing this type of game, and, to date, has created the best in the world, to the point of becoming the favorite company of the Casinos Online. One of its famous machines plays from this company is that of Candy Bars, becoming considered a classic slot in the world of online casinos.

How to play the Slot Candy Bars

In the Candy Bars slots you will enter you to an unlimited adventure. With the best setting you have of slot and a very comfortable gameplay for anyone.

The candy bars game will bring you multiple versions, from 3D effects to versions of Free slot. These free modalities can be used to practice or simply to entertain you and spend good times.

Can be added you can use these Free Slots without Download, which can be a great advantage to play it without having to download the game on the platforms.

Features of the Candy Bars slots

Get ready, because playing candy bars you will find yourself a world full of flavor and sweets wherever you go. Its interface is very worked as most IGT games and your trapping musicality will have a lot of fun.

Candy Bars Slots comes with 4 channels and 50 fully fixed lines. When you play Candy Bars you will take a good taste in your mouth after playing it. It has a very colorful setting and very striking symbols.

Symbols and rules of candy bars slot

This game is really very colorful and full of flavor. You will take you the surprise of finding multiple symbols to combine, as, for example: numbers, sweets of different colors and even mask gums. Great, right?
A very important feature of this game is its bonuses, then we will talk to you a little about them.

“Chewing Gum” bonus

When this symbol of “Chewing Gum” appears, you can replace any other symbol and multiply the value of the X2 combination. This is the symbol “WILD” or combiner symbol of Casino Candy Bars games.

Bono “Sweet Blackout”

Take advantage of all the sweets! If you can fill out with 16 symbols of equal candy in the lanes, you will be paid with the immense amount of 25,000 coins of the game, of course, this in case of red sweets. Then comes the promotion of blue sweets, these will give you an amount of 12,500 game coins, followed by the “Gumdrops”, which will give you 5000 coins. It should be noted that the main symbol combiner of the game is not part of this bonus. Those Y. Many other casino bonuses Surprise await you at Casino Games Candy Bars.

Start Slots Free Candy Bars

IGT not only focuses on bets with real money. It is also focused on the entertainment of people and that is why it has become so important. They implemented the Internet for free slots candy bars, giving the opportunity for everyone.

Out of the modalities you pay, candy bars game gives you free slot. You will not need to pay to play and it is easy to access. All that without counting the options to use the Free slot without registering.

You can easily place in your favorite search engine: “Candy Bars Slots for free” and you will find many platforms that offer completely free candy bars slots.
Las Candy Bars Free Slots are the best option for recreation and fun.

Start for real money in the candids candy bars

Definitely, Candy Bars game is an excellent slot. It has no comparison with others, since it is very original and hard worked by the IGT to create new versions. Start Candy Bars is the best choice in casino games you can choose from. When you want to forget everything and abstract you in a good game, do it with this slot. In case you do not have money to register, you can simply use the free slot machine candy bars to train and then play for real money on any platform.

Yes, Free casino games It is the best way to learn later to play for real money. Spectacular, right? Search, then, a free candy bars slot, train, and then see by everything to bet real money.

We hope that all the data we have given you today, have been good for you in your search for a fun game. Without a doubt, Candy Bars casino games are a good option for you to have fun.

Take the reins of this sweet adventure and have the opportunity to earn a lot of money with candy bars games! Yes, a free tragamoned machine candy bars waits for you in each virtual game house. Good luck!