Review Bucksy Malone Slot

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Maker: Saucify
Theme of the game: GangSters theme
Type of slot: Slots with bonus

How to win: The game has 40 lines, in which you will earn money for each winning combination you get.


Bucksy Malone has attractive features that will call you attention, such as:
● Bonus rounds: When 3 special symbols appear on the screen, you will be entitled to a bonus round. In it you can choose 3 of 6 barrels available, and each of them will give you a different amount of coins depending on your choice. There is a lot to win in this round, so your choice probably impacts in your final game.
● Free Tour: You can get free shots when you meet the crazy killer symbol. The amount of turns you get will be influenced by the multiplier with which you have at that time. You can win from 5 turns with a multiplier x2 up to 100 extra shots with a multiplier x5.
● Lines and Cost of the Game: You can play up to 40 lines, in addition to choosing the number of coins per each. 25 cents at 10 per line is the maximum that you can play, which translates into $ 100 dollars spent for each turn with the lines full at maximum value.
● Award Greater: The symbol of a subject with a green jacket has the largest payment. Giving 1200 coins by 5. Hence, the following symbols are decreasing in value.
● Automatic rotation: This slot has an automatic rotation option that allows you to play up to 100 turns at the same time.

Conclution: Bugsy Malone is a slot with Gangsters theme that will have fun. The bonus round of it is original and your free spin options will make you get fouls completely to the game.