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Blazing Star tragamonedas

The company located in Germany, Merkur, is a company dedicated to the production of software for Online slot games. Blazing Star Slots is a video slot designed by Merkur that went out on the market and today is one of its most popular products.

Blazing Star slots, although it does not have 3D graphics, has a HTML5 type game technology, like most MERKUR software. The atmosphere when playing Blazing Star is quite nice, the theme is a slightly unusual mixture that unites the solar system in some way with fruits.

When playing Blazing Star you will realize that it is a current slot, but with a classic touch due to the touch of the fruit figures. This setting is very acclaimed by the public, for this and many more reasons Blazing Star Slogs is one of the preferred slots in digital casinos.

Continue reading this review and you will learn more about the casino games Blazing Star, how to play and some of your particularities.

How to play the slot Blazing Star

Even though this slot has a spatial setting to learn to play Blazing Star is nothing of another world. The Blazing Star Game format is particularly ordinary and is not more than a pattern that you probably already know. However, this slot has many original features.

Blazing Star game has 5 drums in 3 rows and even though there are only 5 pay lines and are not adjustable, this slot comes with many surprises. The game atmosphere is complemented thanks to the sound effects that make the experience interstellar something a little more real. You will recognize that you won when listening to the sound of an “ring”.

The board in general is very well distributed, the reels cover a large part of it. Back of the pumps, a close view of what has been the largest star of our solar system and the protagonist of this game, the sun. Below are the controls and the payments board.

Although Blazing Star seems to be a slot more than the pile, when you start playing it you will notice the features that make it something different.

Features of the Blazing Star slots

They are the characteristics that make a slot an original product, and learn about them will help you better in the game. The particularities found when playing Blazing Star are very simple, but even so make it an attractive option for those who appreciate a good software.

Initially we have to, Blazing Star games have an RTP of 96.31%. They do not have any progressive pot, but if you have a double bet and maximum bet option. Even in its simplicity, one of the most extraordinary particularities of the Blazing Stra Slots is that it is one of the few in which you can generate profits with a combination of only two symbols.

Merkur has made this slot a software so simple that does not even include special symbols, or wildcards or dispersers. They start with 5,000 credits, the maximum bet is 100 while the minimum is of only 0.10 points. Because of the latter, the prizes are not as exorbitant, not even by combining the symbols of greater value.

But, this brings us to the characteristic and main strategy in the casino games Blazing Star. The “Gambler” button also known to perform double bets will be your double-edged weapon in this game. When performing a winning combination you can choose between collecting your prize or playing a Gambler option.

The first option is that of the letters, in which you will enter a round of selection where you will have to choose random the color of the next letter to leave. The selection is between red and black, when choosing correctly, the prize you have obtained at the beginning will be folded.

The next Gambler is about a risk staircase, here everything is in the hands of chance. In this features you will have to press the “1: 1” button so that the staircase stops and reveals the value of the prize. Here you can get double the initial amount, you can get the same or anything, that is, 0.

Symbols and rules of the slot Blazing Star

The rules of a game are always important when playing, these help you get better during the game and also to win cleanly. It is very important to learn about them regardless of what the type of game is, for that reason the slots do not escape.

In Blazing Star game the rules are very similar to those of Other slots of the market and other software designed by Merkur. However, it is always good to know what the special rules of each product are. Like in other games in Blazing Star the “PLAY” button is to start rolling the drums.

The Blazing Star Games have a “Autoplay” button that allows you to automatically rotate the reels a default number. On the left is the control panel, where sound configuration buttons are observed, game instructions and payment tables of the symbols.

Below the bets are adjusted and the account of the credits obtained is carried out. With respect to the symbols in Blazing Star slots, among the lower value are observed: lemons, cherries, oranges and plums. It should be noted that the aspect of these fruits is in accordance with the space issue and possess very good graphics.

By playing Blazing Star the fruit symbols that give the most profits are the grapes and watermelons. But, it really is the sun the star symbol of this slot, being the highest value. Get a combination of 5 soles in the Blazing Star casino games can provide you with the fat prize of 100,000 credits.

Start Blazing Star Free Slots

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Free casino games such as Blazing Star Slots free are demo versions offered by the same suppliers. The free slot Blazing Star is available in Multiple online casinos and on several Internet sites. To access it you do not have to fill out forms or register since they are Free slot without registering.

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Start for real money in the slot Blazing Star

Testing the game on free slot machines turns out to be a strategic action. However, there is nothing better than playing in the slots like Blazing Star for real money. Try your luck and get the Best casino bonuses When betting a little money on the casino of your preference.

It is not necessary to have a very high budget, you can start mainly with a small sum and go enlarging it as you win. To feel safe before you can play free, and after you have taken confidence you can play for real money. And what better option to do it with Blazing Star?

Blazing Star is not a more attractive product in terms of wildcards and special symbols, but in terms of software it has excellent quality. This will not know until you play it, we invite you to try your luck today with this wonderful slot game.

Today begins an interstellar adventure full of prizes in the company of rich and juicy natural fruits. Of course, before betting, try to play on a free slot machine Blazing Star to train.