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  • Types: Video slots
  • Supplier: NetEnt
  • Characteristics: 5 Tambores Scatter Símbolo Wild Símbolo
  • Tambores (reels) 5
  • Lines (Paylines) 15
  • Minimum bet 0.01
  • Maximum bet 0.5

  • Types: Video slots
  • Supplier: NetEnt
  • Characteristics: 5 Tambores Scatter Símbolo Wild Símbolo
  • Tambores (reels) 5
  • Lines (Paylines) 25
  • Minimum bet 0.01
  • Maximum bet 1

  • Supplier: NetEnt
  • Minimum bet 0.1
  • Maximum bet 5

Attraction is the slot machine par excellence to make riches online

Experienced players without hesitation are encouraged to play on casino sites with slots designed by Netent because of their free Slots range, which have some of the largest pay percentages that are online, and better graphic designs, more fun and Opportunities to win. In Slogs X you will find your opportunity to be a victor.

This free slot game is one of a series of new Netent spaces where you are required to play all the pay lines that are offered, and as such, ten pay lines are at stake at each turn. The minimum bet will be only 0.01. Jackpot – This is an online slot machine that has stacked wildcards and it is possible to get more than one journal prize by turn. The bonus symbols in this slot game are not really from the drums! They magically appear below or next to the reels when a new turn is established in the game. There are free spins bonuses, Wild that will provide you with prizes if you decide to start playing right now.

The free online slot games can be found at, we expressly advise you to play Attraction, as it says its name a video slot full of surprises that will fall in love from the first round. Invite your friends to share this free gaming adventure while gaining money having fun together.

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The simplicity and attraction of a free game without bonds. Environmental music, sublime graphics, adrenaline and fun all mixed in a single game of online slot, without having to move from your site, connect by your smartphone or your tablet and share winning at any time or place. Free online slots will become your passion now: in Start now!

Developed by Net Entertainment. or better known as Netent, the Tragamented ATTRACTION machine is dedicated to geeks And the lovers of the invention in general, in their rails rotate magnetic letters with a scientific background that only the most insightful can comprise, as well as advanced gadgets ranging from a super computer to a Geiger counter.

Start with real money and win up to 500 times your bet

With its five rails, Attraction offers us up to ten winning lines, as well as the minimum betting limit of € 0.1 allows the less privileged the possibility of participating, although the greatest possible bet that can be done is from € 100 which can make us win up € 50,000 in a single Spin If we run with the luck that the five gadgets of the portable satellite dish appear, but let’s be honest, the odds that happening is extremely low.

An atom had never had so much value!

If we focus on something with more chance, we find that Attraction slots offers us two types of symbol Wild, the classic of all the life and one they call “Sticky” (sticky) because it is the latter who gives us a free turn, although only appear in rails 2, 3 and 4 respectively, they are able to replace any figure And they always occupy the position of which makes us earn more money.

Causes hallucinating electrical reactions using the magnetic antenna

One of the most colorful effects is the magnetic antenna which runs randomly the sides of the box that contains the rails, when it appears in the same rail containing an atom of Wild will react causing it from becoming a Sticky Wild while a new rotated of the five rails occurs, best of all is that your winning opportunities are doubled in this second roll because you will now have two magnetic antennas ready to cause a reaction.

Always stay inside the Attraction Laboratory

You can play at all times thanks to the self-playing mode that the slot offers you, it establishes the number of rounds with which you will experience, whether 10, 25, 50, or 75; then the level where you want to execute the rolls and finally the value of the coins; clever! Artificial intelligence inside the laboratory will be responsible for spinning the rails for you and will notify you every time you cause an important reaction.

Start the application of the gadgets from your own gadget!

Finally, but no less important, you have to mention that you can take the attraction slots on your device with Android operating system or ISO technology; You will only need to have Flash Starter installed on your mobile device to play it, its lightweight and few size requirements guarantees optimum free performance and enough free space in your memory to continue carrying your day by day without annoying bugs.