Review Arcadia I3D

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Developed by Saucapy, this 3D slot game stands out for an urban colorful environment that revolves around five central reels and a set of decidedly friendly symbols. The chances of winning with Arcadia I3D are multiple thanks to this game is based on a system of 243 winning combinations.

Surrealism of three dimensions

The urban context of Arcadia I3D evokes the atmosphere of a Japanese port to the center of which a large factory is reflected with five doors from which the reels of the game come out and the friendly symbols that define it. In fact, much of the surrealism offered by Arcadia I3D is based on the dialing contrast of its symbols ranging from a rubber duckling and a dairy cow to a ghost and a UFO with a Martian of an eye.

Multiple options to win

The atmosphere of Arcadia I3D is not only surreal but dynamic. In addition to the flying birds and vehicles that pass through the street, the dynamism of this game is evident every time a good combination is performed and the numbers and symbols end up suspended in the air.

Unlike traditional slots, in Arcadia I3D does not win doing whole lines. In fact, it is enough to place the same object three or more times in adjacent positions or use the wildcards accurately to add points.

In short, we can say that Arcadia I3D is a slot more than valid for those who wish to combine the realism of 3D with a more interesting and complex game system in terms of Victoria Possibiliades.