Alpha Squad Slot Free

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Short description: Alpha Squad is a slot developed by Saucapy, which offers you a design based on superheroes, both its sound and its symbols have to do with them.

How to win: In order to win in this slot you need to obtain at least 2 equal symbols of a certain type in a game line. The lowest possible payment is 1 time your bet if you get the symbol of a man similar to Hulk or who looks like Wonder Woman. The biggest payment available (without a joker) is that of a superhero, which gives you 2,000 times your bet if you get five of them.


● Automatic turns: You can bet from 1 to 1,000 automatic turns with manual selection. It also has default options to rotate from 10 to 100 rounds.
● Free Girings: When you get 3 or more dispersion symbols, free volumes are activated. With 3 symbols they give you 6 turns with multiplier x2, 4 symbols give you 12 turns with multiplier x2 and 5 dispersion symbols give you 24 free spins with a multiplier x4. In each turn, a symbol will be changed and will become a wild card to improve your winning opportunities. Thus, the maximum amount to win is 32,000 times your initial bet if you get 5 wildcards with a multiplier x4.
● Dispersion symbol: The dispersion symbol is the symbol of a superhero den, which activates the free spins. Also, when you get 2 of them you will be paid 3 times your initial bet, you can reach that payment at 150 times your bet if you get 5 of these symbols.
● wildcard: The wildcard symbol is one with wings, which replaces any other symbol (except dispersion) to help you win maś. You pay 75 times your bet if you get 3 of them and 8,000 times the initial amount if you get 5.
● Rails, rows and play lines: Alpha Squad has 3 rows, 5 lanes and 30 gaming lines.
● Mobile version: The game works from the search engine, so you can play it from your Android smartphones and iOS.

Conclusion: The design, although it is not too good, draws attention. As well as your gameplay for your free round functions.