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Aliens Net Entertainment slot machine now in X slot.

Aliens is one of the most popular sci-fi horror films this online slot is a continuation of the famous Ridley Scott film, from 1979, extraterrestrial, whose motto was “in space, no one can hear your screams” . The sequel was made in 1986, second film on which the formidable online sweeping machine is based on free. Graphically the slot game is a sight for sight.

The Slot game Aliens is really simple. There are fifteen pay lines in which you can make your bets, which are fixed through the five-reel structure. You will realize that the game controls are based on the movement detector of the movie, which gives you the feeling that you are actually in a spacecraft. This stage of the game is known as the search section, where you are looking for some Xenomorphs to fight, overcome the battle to the monsters will give you moral and real profits.

The sound effects are also quite incredible recreating the original music of the film, which provides an even more disturbing atmosphere for the players of this virtual slot. In the background you can hear the swirling winds that harass this ice-cream planet, immerse yourself in the hard environment from outside the world where the film takes place, Alien is the best online slot of all.

This free slot machine consists of different levels and free spins, bonuses in each of them. If you are a shy player try to start with small bets, which will give you advantage and security. When you win confidence you will be able to beat the aliens and earn juicy prizes.

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Short description: Aliens is developed by Netent, in partnership with 20th Century Fox, and is a slot with 3D graphics that is based on the Aliens film launched in 1986, its design is great as well as its sound atmosphere.

How to win: To win you will need minimal 3 equal symbols, the lowest prize is 5 times your bet if you get 3 equal symbols of a certain type, and the largest (in normal rounds) is 1,000 times your initial bet with 5 aliens with red background.


  • Automatic turns: You can play from 10 to 1,000 automatic turns in this slot, as well as having advanced options to determine when to stop the game.
  • Bonus Round: Aliens has a single game system. The first level is a normal slot, and when you reach the maximum of multipliers (10) then you pass at the second level. At the second level you start with level 1 multipliers and only apply with the symbols with which you obtained it. At that level each new turn activates a play line with 3 new symbols, from the minor symbol to that of the highest pay. After each turn your ammunition descends, and that you can restore it when you win a prize and in the bonus round agrees ammunition. Level 3 is activated when the level 2 is complete and in this your only goal is to destroy the queen. You can defeat her, giving grenades, which you will get when she wins.
  • Multiplier: Each time you win into a line, the symbols are added to the Alien activity measurement area and increase the multiplier by 1. This multiplier decreases when you do not win anything and increase when you want more rounds.
  • Wildcard: The wildcard symbol is a symbol that says WILD, these may appear on lanes 2 to 5 at level 1 and randomly at level 2. These wildcards replace any other symbol to help you win, except for multipliers at level 2 .
  • Rails, rows and play lines: This slot has 5 lanes, 3 rows and 15 gaming lines.
  • Mobile version: Aliens is available for playing on Android and iOS devices.

Conclution: Aliens is a game that you will love due to its very well-kept and realistic design as well as its levels that give you a new style of play to the slots.