When talking about casinos it is virtually impossible that it does not come to our thought the roulette. A traditional game of betting houses that has been accompanying players for several centuries, who seek him trying to decipher his secrets and be able to obtain the greatest benefits of his tables.


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Being clear, Roulette is not considered very complex. However, it is recommended that, if you are novice, you know well what are the point characteristics of this game, before thinking about betting on websites where we have it available.

To make you feel comfortable and well informed, we have arranged for you a series of aspects that will help you be a knowledgeable expert on the subject, and power, after knowing all the secrets that involve this magnificent game, enter the ring of the Betting and earn good money, at the same time you have fun.


Roulette enjoys several peculiarities that make one of the favorite gambling in the casinos by the general public. Next, we will show you several of these singularities:

  • The order of numbers in roulette is not linear. This is done with all intentionality, so that the results maintain randomness, thus allowing a greater margin of chance and doing more intense waiting for results. It is a very well thought up disorder.
  • Roulette design is extremely simple. This is perhaps one of the most attractive attractions of this game. Most people do not like the complex. Now, although its sketch is characterized by simplicity, this does not take away the certain level of difficulty it has.
  • Of course, the more you play Roulette on our websites, more experience you will grab and you can enter promptly to the active portfolio of players that bet. But that yes: everything in his time.
  • The results obtained in the roulettes of our websions are not determined by colors, nor do they have marked patterns, but respond to a series of algorithms designed by expert programmers to emulate the randomness of the real game.
  • When you play on our Internet sites, you are truly playing roulette, the only thing that is missing are the physical components to achieve total reality.


There are two classical ways to play roulette: European, born in the seventeenth century, is not known exactly whether in Italy or in France; And the American, which is nothing more than a modified version to give a little more advantage to the house and make the game experience more and moved.

Next, each of these ways of playing roulette will be briefly described, so you can choose the way you best suite you when you are on our websites.


As we said in the previous section, this one saw light during the seventeenth century. Since then, his popularity has gone in a considerable rise. There is virtually no place of the terrestrial plane where the European Roulette is not played.

Basically it is a balance wheel consisting of 37 squares, contents of numbers ranging from 0 (zero) to 36 (thirty-six).

The number zero has the particularity of being the number that benefits the house, giving it a bit advantage because it is the digit that is mostly excluded from the various combinations of bets that can be made.

By tradition, and from its beginnings, European roulette is played using double tables, although at present there are gambling houses where they are carried out on individual tables. These are usually served by groups that can reach four croupiers.


For its part, American Roulette is nothing more than a variation of European (or French) roulette, and that name was coined because the modification that suffered in the United States.

The variation that was done is very simple, although not less representative: the double zero (00) was added to the wheel. This small alteration greatly expanded the monetary advantage of the casinos. It happened to have 37 numbers, to have 38: from “1” to “36”, a “0” and an “00”.

In addition to adding another number, there are other aspects to consider. The table used to play American roulette is a little more girl than the European, in addition, the options for making multiple bets are located on the side of the table.

Double zero, despite greatly benefiting the house, gives the possibility to be combined in bets with one (1), both (2), three (3) and zero (0), ie , the four adjacent initial numbers.


Whatever the type of roulette you choose on our websites in Australian, something we guarantee: you will have a great time and, of having trained enough, you can enter the bet on good amount of money.


Since you know the different types of roulette that exist, as well as those particularities that characterize this excellent fun, it is prudent that you are aware of Roulette’s rules, each of the aspects that govern this game.

Next, a series of parameters will be displayed to be taken into account to fully master this game, references, of course, to the different types of bets that can be done in conjunction with the profits that would be perceived if it is gained:

Simple or simple bet

It is the most used in the casinos. As it says it, the bet is carried out on a single number. By winning, the bettor receives the equivalent at 35 times what he bet.

Double bet or Split

It is the bet that is played simultaneously on two numbers. Who plays like this and wins, receives the equivalent at 17 times what he bet.

Triple bet or trio

In this bet the player places tabs on three numbers simultaneously. If any of the numbers for which he bet, he will win the equivalent of 11 times the money placed on these digits.

Bet at an angle or corner

It consists of betting by placing the chips right at the intersection where 4 numbers coincide. If one comes out of the digits where the money was located, it will be gained 8 times the bet.

Street bet or Street

It is a bet that is done transversely over three numbers. It consists of placing the (or the chips) just on the line that is located on the outside of a row corresponding to three numbers. If the player wins receives the equivalent to 11 times the bet.

Bet online or six

It consists of betting on six numbers simultaneously, placing the chips right on the outer line where the intersection of two rows of three numbers is given, or, as are also called: two “streets”. If the roulette stops at one of the numbers indicated, the player wins the equivalent of five times the bet.

Bet for dozens

To carry out this type of betting, the player must place the chips in one of the marked boxes: 12p, 12m or 12d. By winning the player duplicates his money, that is: he receives the equivalent two times to the bet.

What are 12P, 12M and 12D?
12PIt refers to the numbers from 1 to 12 on the table (the first twelve numbers).
12MIt refers to the numbers from 13 to 24 on the table (the medium numbers).
12DReferences to the numbers from 25 to 36 (exactly the last twelve table numbers).
Betting for two dozen

By doing so, regardless of the order (12m with 12p, or 12p with 12D, or 12D with 12m), and win, the player receives half of the bet.

Bet for “missing” or “passes”

It refers to the bet that is done just half the numbers on the mat. If you place your money in “missing”, you are indicating that you bet on the digits ranging from 1 to 18. If on the contrary you place your bet on “passes”, you are indicating that bets on the digits ranging from 19 to 19 36

Whatever your decision is between these two options, you will receive the equivalent to what you bet. That is: If you bet a euro, you will receive a euro of profit.

Bet on black or red, also called Black and Red

In this case, it is not committed to a certain number, but by a color. If the zero or double zero comes out (depending on the type of roulette that is playing) does not benefit from any particular color. The winner receives the equivalent of the bet.

Bet on par or odd, also called Odd or Even

The player chooses to bet solely for the numbers pairs or the odds. The zero number does not benefit any of the two elections. If the player wins he will receive the equivalent to the bet.


The fact that casino, physical or virtual roulette, is a game of chance, does not imply that there are no series of strategies to take advantage, leaving airy and winning a good money on it. The truth is that everyone wants their roulette tricks.

Every game has its tactics, and this does not escape from them. Next we will show you a series of strategies to win in this great entertainment:

The tactic of James Bond

He is called like this because he was devised by Fleming himself, yes, the writer of James Bond. The famous novelist asserted that his strategy was proof of any ruling. It is one of the roulette less well-known tricks, but certainly good interesting.

Of course, to do it, you must have good money. 200 euros at least. It consists of betting 140 euros in the “passes” (that is: to the numbers from 19 to 36), another 50 euros in the double street from 13 to 18, and the remaining 10 euros at zero.

The only way to lose is that the numbers come between 1 and 12, that is, a 25 percent of probabilities versus 75 percent.

If the ball in the roulette marks some digit from 19 to 36, you will have earned 80 euros. If, on the contrary, it falls between the numbers ranging from 13 to 18, you will earn 100 euros, and if the ball is worthy to fall right at zero, you will have earned 160 euros. It does not sound bad, huh?

The Martingala strategy

Martingala is considered one of the best-known roulette tactics, a classic.

It is simple to carry out, only pairs should be chosen, or odds; Or red or black, and go bending the bet if it is lost. According to statistics, at some point something should happen, it earn and recovers the lost.

The only thing that is required for this is to have a good amount of money. It is one of the roulette most recurrent tricks in the casinos, make yourself good silver and do not stop putting it into practice.

The Martingala Inverted Strategy

This tactic is practically the opposite of the previous one. If after betting, you win, then double the bet on the next round. If, on the contrary: when playing, you lose, then bet half in the next turn.

It is basically to take advantage of the streak you have at the moment. If you are good: Iras duplicating; If you are of bad: you will lose less at every opportunity. Do not stop trying on your game This wildcard when playing, is one of the best roulette strategies.

The Strategy of Alembert

This tactic takes his name for his inventor: Jean Le Rond Dàlembert, a French mathematician. It is nothing more than a form of martingala, but with the lower loss rate. That is, if you lose, instead of bending the bet, you increase a euro. And so on every opportunity.

This strategy for roulette is extremely recommended.

Tatics against Alembert

This strategy is a reverse to the proposal of d`achembert, that is: when it is gained, a euro is increased in the next bet, and when it is lost, a euro is reduced. It also takes advantage of the streak that is carried away, as in the reverse martingala.

It is one of the roulettes tricks that least exposes you to losses in casinos. Highly recommended if you are from those users who place playing online roulette in their search engines, and you hope to earn good money.


In everyday life there is a very true saying: “Practice makes the teacher”. Here we have just showed everything you should know to play online roulette, or in real-life casinos.

You have been provided part of the roulette more iconic strategies and other little known to get the best results after you enter the sites that throw your search “Start Roulette FREE”.

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