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The game of dice has existed for millennia and even today, is one of the most popular board games of the casinos, both in Spain and the rest of the world the world. The most current dice game version, also known by the name of craps, uses a table with a rectangular green rug and combines the strategy and perspiration of players with a large multitude of betting.

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At first glance, the rug can be complicated to understand (you will see numbers and colors that will remind you of roulette), but learning the rules of the game of dice and practicing a lot (like everything in this life) you will be in front of a fun and addictive game in equal parts. In fact, in casinos and on the Internet, the game of dice is fundamental, so you can easily try the game of dice online and play the free dice game to become an expert of it.

Game of Dice: Description and Features

It is said that the dice carry with us, at least, about 5,000 years, and that were discovered in the ancient region of Mesopotamia. It is also said that they were made of cooked clay or pork bones, and that both in Greece and Rome the game of dice was very popular, since the bets were also fashionable at that time. The Greeks used it as a mere pastime among the highest classes, but the Romans, who are known precisely by their fondness of all kinds of entertainment (of any kind), used it without stopping. Even the emperors themselves played the game of dice, even though the laws prohibited their use on several occasions. In short, from here, the game of dice was extended throughout Europe. In fact, Alfonso X The Sage had a manual written on request in which various games were explained, such as an older version of the game of dice, chess, tables or alquerque. Therefore, the game of dice is part of the culture of humanity and that is why it is present in all the casinos of the world.

The craps, English word that is used in casinos to designate this game of chance, it is possibly the oldest game form that still exists. Apparently, this game of dice is nothing more than a simplification of another English game, the Hazard, which possibly goes back to the time of the crusades. The Hazard, passing the borders and crossing the puddle, would settle in New Orleans by the hand of the landowner Bernardo de Marigny, in a new newest version. However, in this version of the game of dice, players could perform dice game tricks using charged dice and betting against the person who pulled them. From here, the game was further developed thanks to John H. Winn, a manufacturer of dice that in 1865 introduced the feature of bet against and the so-called ‘bar of no pass’. This is the version of the dice game that remains so far.

What is the craps?

CRAPS is the game of dice that is present in casinos around the world and was originally known by the name of Crapaud, a French word that means ‘Sapo’. The origin of its name does peculiarly reference to the style that people adopted to play (squat), on a sidewalk or on the same soil. The game of dice became quite popular among young soldiers sent to World War II, who sometimes played (in their most street version) using a blanket as a surface. Because of this, and by making memory of those years, the dice became the most demanded game in the post-war Vegas.

The CRAPS is a various betting system in which two dice and the famous green mat are needed. The players release the random dice and make some kind of bet on the result they think they will get in the next shot or in that same round. There are several different betting options (here’s the greatest complication of the game), but nothing that can not be easily learned with practice.

In the game of casino dice is bet and played against the bench, although independently you can also play between friends (those known as street dice). In this most common use modality, there is usually no limit of participants in betting and players bet each other (and not against a banking). On the other hand, there is also only one pitcher, but this can be rotating between the players.

The rug or dice table

The game of dice is carried out on a long table with a green mat as a surface. Said tapete has a pretty peculiar design in which all varieties of bets that exist and can be marked. Next to the table are up to four casino employees who can participate in the game. The person who handles the banking is usually sitting (and is usually the only person who is) and is in charge of controlling the dealers, of providing the chips and maintaining, in general, the order at the table. On each side of the mat, two other employees are placed to collect bets and pay them to those players who have closer, while on the other side, the last employee also collects bets and pay, this time at the center of the table. This, in addition, reports the results that have been obtained in each roll and moves the dice through the mat with an elongated wooden stick.

The rules of the Game of Dice: Guide for beginners

The game of dice is not difficult to learn, but it requires knowing the different possible bets and the points that add each roll. This is achieved with a lot, a lot of practice, so the ideal is to start playing the free data game to understand what it consists and not to waste a lot of money on the road. On our website you can try the game of dice online in Australian before getting into a real casino or playing with real money.

In the dice game, before the launch, as a player you must make your bets by placing the chips on the table. For this, you must be familiar with the rug and with its different areas. In this part, the strategies of the game of dice and the small tricks that the most experienced players already know about the fingertime. The game of dice is resolved as follows:

  • In the first release (known as’ Come-Out Roll), you must obtain a very concrete result. You can make your bet for the so-called pass line or for the line of no pass, always before pulling.
  • The pass line consists of adding, with the dice, 7 or 11 points to continue playing. It is lost when taking 2, 3 or 12 (this is called a craps).
  • On the contrary, on the line of no pass, you have to take a 2 or 3 to win, and a 12 to tie.
  • If you take 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, you set the point and the dealer places a wove on your side of the table that indicates the point you have obtained in the roll.

The pitcher (from the English word Shooter) is the player in charge of throwing the dice, and always does it against the opposite wall of the table. This will have in his power the luck of others. However, at the beginning of another round, the dice are delivered to the next player. Obviously, in the type of game of dice online this is done figured. All players have the opportunity to make their bets.

Betting classes

The game of dice has different types of bets and in the casinos all of them are used. Even yes, if you play the game of dice online you will also find them. Some of the best known are:

  • Proposition bets : Basically, this type of dice game sets are single-shot, in which you must specify a number or various numbers in specific (for example, you win if you get a 3 in the roll, if you get a 7, etc. ). They can be done at any time of the game.
  • Field betting : Betting you want if in the next shot you get 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
  • Hop : These bets are as risky as the proposal bets, since you must select a given dice roll and this must get out of the next shot.
  • Buy/Lay : If bets by buy in the game of dice, you have to get a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or a 10 at some point in the game. If you get that amount before the shooter gets a 7, then you want and the casino pays you the equivalent amount of probabilities. If betting on Lay the game the procedure is the same, but in reverse.
  • Place Win/Place Lose : This type of bet is similar to the previous one, but the casino does not pay you for the odds. If you get a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 before 7, then you want. Place Lose works upside down.
  • Big 6/Big 8 : This bet is even simpler and is located at the edges of the mat. If you get a 6 (Big 6) or an 8 (BIG 8) before the launcher gets 7, then you win.

Tricks and strategy for the game of dice

The true strategy for the game of dice (and, said whether the most complicated) is practice. This will teach you to know well the bets you can make and know how to handle your luck. For this, you can start by free dice games on our website and thus go learning little by little. Starting the game of dice online is the best way to get started in the dice, from home and without real money. As for the tricks of the game of dice . it is best to know the total number of possible runs and analyze the odds. This is not so easy, but not as difficult as it sounds. You can determine how often a number comes out in the dice game (which uses two six-sided dice) and use the mere statistics to make your bets.

Strategy to play craps

In the craps, the game of casino dice par excellence, two six-sided dice are used, so the odds are finite and easy to calculate. For the main strategies for the game of dice, you just have to multiply the number of dice by two to know which ways that number can appear (and how many times). For example, to get the magic number, 7, you can take a 1 with a 6, a 2 with a 5 or a 3 and a 4. In total, you have three combinations, but you also have two dice, so, what you should To do is, simply, multiply the number of combinations by two (3 x 2). This gives you a result of 6/36 possible combinations. On the other hand, to remove an 11, you need to take out a 6 and a 5, solely, so the odds are minor. Everything is a matter of calculating!

Another of the most effective dice games for consisting is to make the bet on the well-known pass line, since this is the best way to go up and continue winning. It is also a good option to bet on the six and by the eight (knit numbers that do not win or lose). Even so, as we have already mentioned above, among all the game strategies of dice you can find, the most useful of all is starting it in the game of online dice and know the rules of the game and bets. Once learned, you can start in the game of free dice and find out if luck smiles at you.

Start the game of free dice or with real money

The game of dice is very fun, but it is also a somewhat random and lucky game. If you go to a casino, for more dice game tricks you know, you may be able to lose a lot of money, even knowing the rules. On our website you have an excellent game list you can find free dice game for you to practice online without having to use real money. We recommend, at least, try it, because very possibly you like it. Here, in spite of everything, not everything is random and luck, but the insight and strategy also appears on the table.

Once you already know the rules of the dice game, surely you feel the curiosity of playing with real money, so you can go to a casino or continue using our games and play the game of dice online. In fact, on our website we put it easier than ever thanks to the Internet. Now you can be calm at home and have fun for a while, either with real money or free. Also, you do not have to be perfect to start playing, just make you want and practice (as in everything). Without despair, in a short time you will see how improvements. You will look like bread eaten!