Baccarat Gold

Start earning with gambling, and the Baccarat Gold slot will help you get a real jackpot. Read our Baccarat Gold review guide. What the slot has to offer, what bonus levels and what makes it unique – read the article.

For those who already have experience of playing Baccarat, it is clear that this is a fairly simple entertainment. Baccarat Gold online from the world-famous developer of gaming software Microgaming will help diversify the process and make it even more exciting.


Casino became available to users in 2012. She immediately captivated users with her unique, high-quality graphics. But in fairness, it’s worth noting that amazing graphics are the strength of this development company.

After reviewing our Baccarat Gold review, everyone will find out the full information about the slot, the main principles and the rules. We also bring to your attention an overview of the most popular that are at the list of our recommendations.

RTP percentage and The Payouts

The Golden Baccarat Game has three main types of rates. Depending on the type of rate, there are respectively three types of payouts – Gambler, Banker, and Tie. For the first two rates, the payout coefficient is one to one. You also need to take into account an additional charge – five percent of the all winnings. If a gambler rates on a draw, he gets a payout with a coefficient of one to eight. Winning side bet brings the odds that can increase according to eleven to one.

The percentage of RTP in golden baccarat is quite high. It’s 98.94. It’s a great fact for the gambler. Rarely, slots propose you to observe such a high return. This is also an important factor why the machine is so popular among experienced gamblers.

Principles and Playing Rules

Baccarat is observed as a classic card game very popular among visitors to gaming establishments or casinos. Now we will describe the basic principles of the gameplay and Baccarat Gold rules.

It’s played using eight decks of cards. The players receive two unknown cards. Depending on the sum value of the cards, the gambler may take additional ones. The total sum of all received cards should be 9. To be sure whether other cards are needed or worth stopping, it’s necessary to familiarize the value of every card. The ace has a unit value. Cards from 2 to 9 correspond to their indicated value. Ten, jack, king, and queen are considered zero.

When all cards are dealt, their common value in your hand cannot exceed 9. Even if you have two big cards that exceed 9, ten are subtracted from the obtained sum. For example, after the distribution, it turned out to be eight and seven on hand. This means that the common sum of this layout is not 15, but 5. If 3 and 7 fell out, then the total amount is not 10, but 0.

Another feature of the gameplay, which was introduced by the developers of the slot, is the presence of additional functions. Now, gamblers have a unique opportunity to “rotate” or “squeeze” during the gambling session. These features are used in the live dealer game. Therefore, this type of virtual game has become closer to the original format.

Baccarat Gold casinos has everything you need for an interesting and high-quality gambling game. Simple rules and high payouts will help you not only have fun, but also get financial benefits from it.

Characteristics of Betting Process

Baccarat Gold strategy includes nine types of rates. They can be used in one round. The two most important rates are the player and the banker. Another standard rate (in addition to the previous two variants) is the Tie rate. In addition to these three standard rates, there are additional rates. These are mixed rates. As an example, a player rate pluses a tie, or a banker pluses a tie. They both also have paired rates.

To begin the gaming activity, you should familiarize the value of the chip. Various chips are located at the main game screen. The smallest chip has a value of five dollars. The price of chips can be increased. Starting at five dollars, it doubles every time. Thus, the amount reaches ten dollars, then twenty-five, fifty, hundreds, and the biggest price is two hundred dollars.

The most expensive rate that can be made in one round is five hundred dollars. You can bet up to $100 on side rates and draws.

It’s important to say that the total sum of money bet on one round cannot exceed five hundred dollars.

After the rating activity is completed and the required button is pressed, the game starts. Before the beginning, the cards’ deck is thoroughly mixed, for which the participants have the chance to observe. Excellent and high-quality animation accompanies this process and makes the game even more quality and realistic.

All participants receive two cards face down. If you wish, you can turn over the cards and calculate their total cost. If necessary, they can ask and take the addition of a card from the common pack.

The next time, the user can choose new chips with a different face designation. It’s possible to use the Rebet button, too. It triggers the same rate as in the previous round. The double Rebet button doubles the quantity of the rates that were in the previous game.

If you have a need to make any changes to the gameplay, the user should visit the parameters section. Various settings and changes are presented here, including a quick deal, automatic mode, setting the background image and sound effects.

Try Demo Version

  • The main goal of Baccarat Gold play is real money gaming. Gamblers place bets using chips, the nominal price of which ranges from ten to five hundred dollars. The developers of the gaming software provided an opportunity to try their hand at Baccarat Gold free. For this, a demo variant of the machine was created.
  • The demo variant is a real find, especially for new players. Creating an account and registration aren’t obligated for this option. You’ll perform actions in guest status.
  • The demo is an absolute copy of the authentic variant. The principal differences are that rates may be made not for real money, but for virtual coins. The gambler, as in the main version, makes a rate with coins and starts.
  • Free gaming method is a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with the machine, try your hand at the gambling. Thus, the user will see all nuances in practice, and also decide to like and whether this game is suitable. It’s a good opportunity to play without any risk of losing your own funds. However, you won’t be able to win money either.


The golden variant of this machine is qualitatively different from other types of the game. Here is presented not only a simple and understandable classical algorithm for the lovers of cards, but also a qualitative reproduction of the playing too.

Sound effects accompanying the process, amazing graphics, the presence of main, additional and side rates are the distinguishing features of the baccarat. Attracting the attention of gamblers, payout ratios and additional features of rotation and compression.

For starters, learning this game, a free demo version is offered. Without any risks, the user learns the principles and nuances, develops his own tactics and strategies.

Of course, golden baccarat is something that every client needs to try. True connoisseurs of gambling entertainment can enjoy the gambling and earn good winnings.

Other Similar Variations of Baccarat

There are lots of ways to explore baccarat. In addition, almost all the world’s largest game content developers present their own versions of baccarat. We recommend testing and getting to know Bakkara from NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Although the meaning of the game remains unchanged, each provider was able to bring something of its own, unique to it.

Try new types of games, expand your horizons, and choose the most suitable and favorite version of baccarat. The abundance of offers gives rise to healthy competition, which only benefits customers.