The main attraction of this casino is that it puts at your disposal quantuous bonuses without traps or surprises. Do not let yourself be carried away by deceptive advertisements, here we fulfill what we promise. You can enjoy the infinite possibilities offered by gambling without the impediment to be money, so do not stop and start fun.

In addition, you will have the benefit of finding in one place all the most desired options by online machines worldwide. We have made sure that the casino bonuses set at your own hand to be the best pay for you to have an unparalleled virtual experience by as much time possible.

It does not matter if you are an amateur or an expert, the bonuses have been designed to adapt to any kind of person wishing to make profits at no cost. The only price you should pay is that of your enjoyment especially if you opt for casino bonds without deposit.

Objective of casino bonds

Bonuses to win without losing

The purpose of granting this type of bonus is that the player performs his bets without having to put his own money at risk. So you will have greater confidence when it comes to starting each game as you go into heat.

With the casino bonuses those days when you put your money on the table with a great stress ended. Now you can free yourself from the concerns thanks to this magnificent way of play because in case you lose you will take you to your house the well-being of having shaken you boredom without costing you a debt.

Another essence of these wildcards is that, at the time of starting a game, or after having participated in many attempts, it will be rewarded with a achievement of free attempts. Based on that, you will enjoy inexorable opportunities that you will not cost you anything.

If you know how to use the bonuses you can play several games without spending, so they end up being very useful because they give you the opportunity to go with 100% of profits.

Added to these incredible benefits, you can have your bonuses as best suits you. There is no type of restriction to use them in one way or another.

Those who prefer online gambling take the bonds as it allows them to lose fear of engaging with a specific modality. Now you can free rein to your impulses, with casino bonuses lose is to win.

Casino bonds initiate new players

It is normal that invading uncertainty when you are an inexperienced player, because you only have theoretical ideas about what online casinos should be. However, we give you the excellent news that you will lose those ancient distrusts. The best tools to eliminate that initial insecurity are the bonuses that we put here at a click.

You can learn from your mistakes with extreme tranquility just by accepting casino bonuses. We know how difficult it can be to study the plays while you know that part of the effort of your work is at stake. It is for this reason that we give you a way to concentrate on extracting the maximum benefit to your recreational time.

Even if you lose all the money we give you through the bonds you will not have any inconvenience. There are multiple alternatives to get bonuses when you have had a bad start of beginner.

Casino bonuses are made for all existing game modalities: roulette, poker, slots, among others. In this way you can try your luck without fear of saying goodbye to your money in those you do not know yet.

About bonuses and types of bonus

Welcome bonds.

As we had mentioned above, there is an immense amount of casino bonuses available. They are the most popular and it is because most of the online reputable casinos have this promotion.

These bonuses can belong to the bond mode without deposit or with a tank, depending on the casinos that we try. By their names, it can be easily deduced that welcome bonuses are granted at the time of registration. The object of this promotion is that the entry begins to play immediately regardless of whether the amount of money to be used is little or non-existent.

You can notify that online casinos offer a rank of percentage ranging between 10 to 500 percent. So, if you have a welcome bonus at 50 percent and deposit 20 euros, the casino will give you 10 euros. But the most desirable is a Match Bonus, these have the particularity of giving away the same amount deposited.

Bonuses without deposit

These are the most coveted bonuses because it is not mandatory to deposit money to enjoy the capital that the casino will grant you. The most usual thing is that you only have to register on the site so you can make use of the bonus. The only disadvantage with respect to deposit bonds is that they are usually paid in less quantity.

Unservoir bonds can be of great help if you accumulate. Although they pay little money, the sum of them can generate a bank of savings that you can go using depending on the dynamics of the game. Within this category, welcome bonuses, friendship and loyalty bonds usually appear.

Many casinos who promote their bonds without deposit do not pay at the time of registration. For this reason you must request them with customer service where bonus codes are generated. The procedure is simple, you only receive a bonus code, which you must enter the page to redeem it for virtual money.

Bonuses with deposit

It is imperative to know the operation of casino bonds with deposit because they are often very helpful. What you should know is that they are some bonuses that are granted as a credit. In case you fulfill all the requirements of these bonds, you will have the power to extract the money in real format with the profits you obtained.

Although it is a bonus that works with part of your money has a limit that must be respected. This means that you will not receive a greater amount if you make a deposit with more money from the one indicated on the top. The minimum quantity is around ten euros or the corresponding in other currencies. However, you can reach upper deposit sums if you make a frequent customer.

These are the most common bonuses. It is about making a payment to the server once you have registered. You enter the card data account and a premium is assigned to player agreement with the page directly. When the payment is made, the wildcard are assigned.

Free spin bonds

These are the bonds that give online slots so that you do not take off the game in a good time. It is called a free spin bonus because the promotion consists of giving free reels turns on a slot machine without having canceled an amount or chips to start playing.

It belongs to the slope of bonds without deposit, so you should not bother you to take cash out of pocket. To access one of them, just register in the online casinos of your preference. Automatically the system will charge the free turns to your account so that you use them when you want it.

Two very frequent forms coexist of getting these turns. One of them are the subscription bonuses, which give you a limited amount of free spins after making the record. The others enter into the ongoing promotions, these give tour all year round tours.

Recharge bonuses

It is one of the few cash bonuses offered by casino promotions. This is addressed to the players who have made a deposit but have lost all their money. So that they do not stop betting the casinos pay a bonus that helps them compensate for what they have wasted.

Now, it is true that recharge bonds are less than welcome bonuses, but it is also necessary to point out that, the former are offered on multiple occasions to the same client, functioning as a kind of micro credits in a play, so that They tend to be more profitable long-term.

Sometimes it is common to find that the recharge bonus is related to the first deposit, forming a stepped set of different bonds. In other cases, casinos pay more as larger or frequent deposits are made.

Retry bonuses

It connects directly with the previous edge. Some casinos offer real money and diversified game options for less expert players. The particularity of this option is that it is only activated when the player’s bankruptcy has arrived. As soon as the capital is over and there is no more money to bet, the page assigns certain unintended retries to rekindle experience.

They are given for almost all mobile format games. Betting requires this free bonus when you are on a bad run.

Loyalty bonds

These serve to reward those players who are faithful to the casino house. The incentive of loyalty bonds can not be transferred among customers. They are a reward that can only enjoy who has dedicated a long time betting time to the website.

They are also bonds without deposit, this means that it does not matter if you played for a considerable period of time, only your loyalty is required. Normally casinos use a classification of these rewards taking as reference the level of fidelity that each client has demonstrated, for example the scale: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

This kind of motivations encourage a relationship of trust between the player and the casino. In this sense, the client will improve his betting conditions without risking his money in the wrong hands. Loyalty bonds are one of the most relevant as they guarantee a healthy game designed to benefit the user.

Friendship Bonds or Refer-A-Friend

If you want to share the wonderful experience of chance with those you love the most, you have to claim your friendship bonus. These have been implemented in online casinos to increase the number of customers in a very pleasant way.

The best thing about this promotion is that you can play with your friends at the same time you make money without any effort. The only requirement is that you have many people willing to get into the play and earn money.

Your referral will be able to do the same operation with your friends, forming a chain of profits that will not stop, because for each registered person, you will have an extra code that you can save yourself in case luck fails you. This type of bond without deposit is the easiest to win so do not lose the opportunity to acquire it.

Bonos High Roller VIP

It could be affirmed that these bonuses are a type of loyalty bonus, but of greater category. Not only are those faithful clients better than those who have a high and constant bet range. These incentives are usually accompanied by a very broad profit cap for these users to continue their game rhythm.

Some casinos give this type of bonuses to great bettors but do not reach VIP status. These are usually less than those of High Roller but exceed the amount of any other promotion available on the page.

If you can get the High Roller range you will notice that, apart from receiving a good bonus, the release of money will be simpler because with just one click, payments will be processed quickly.

Reimbursement bonuses

If luck has not been on your side, the casino gives you an immediate solution with reimbursement bonuses. These casino promotions allow you to recover from the losses recorded in a certain period of time or in a specific game.

These are calculated on the basis of a percentage of the lost money of each client. In almost all online casinos, a figure is set taking into account 5 or up to 25 percent of the losses. The bonus is usually delivered in cash even though some can give it in the form of virtual credit and to extract it the user must meet certain conditions.

One of its characteristics to be highlighted is that it is not within the group of bonds without deposit, consequently, the percentage will also be determined in relation to the previous deposits.

How to get the bonds

Fundamental Principles for Bonus Offers

The terms of bonds without deposit vary according to the policies of each casino. The casino bonuses without deposit are the simplest to get because the casinos launch these promotions constantly as a significant date. You only have to click on the link and claim it through a promotional code that will come to your email, phone or that you can give you customer service.

If you want to acquire a bonus with deposit, you can always do it because they are constantly available. The normal thing is that, after making the transfer of funds, you send you a code that you must enter the page to start betting.

Just as it has been announced in each of the sections, it is well understood that each of these has particularities that must respect a very particular context to function. Do not withdraw all from one.


To obtain a VIP bonus or a loyalty bonus, you must meet the requirements to appear on the page as a privileged player. The criteria differ considerably at online casinos, therefore we advise you to remove all the possible information about this point by ing a customer service agent.

To receive a bonus of friendship the casino will ask you to refer to an acquaintance by providing your basic data and email. Once this is done your friend will thank you when a bonus code arrives with which he will be able to register, and after that, you will have virtual money charged to your account.

Recharge or refund bonuses are offered to those players who accumulate a certain loss margin. Casinos take as a reference a period of time to examine the activity of the user, if this has frequent losses he may enjoy that benefit. However, it is important to say that some online casinos calculate the losses from the number and quantity of bets targeted in the customer’s account. Being the form that would favor the user to a greater extent because he would not have to reach a general minimum amount.

As for the free spins and welcome are the bonds without deposit that you can claim in the easiest way. The slots will yield these casino promotions while you play and you will only have to accept them. The second you can win them at the time of registration or after making the first deposit, in case the company so suits it, you will send you an activation code.

How to use the bonds

The paramount that you should know is that the bonus codes are texts that combine letters, numbers, symbols, words or phrases deployed on the screen. These can be changed by different types of bonuses, either from the group of bond without deposit, with deposit, free spins or other modalities.

Knowing how to use the codes of these promotions will determine if they are helpful or not. Most novice players tend to lose bonuses because they have no experience. That is why we give you some tips for use so that you become a good gambler.

  • We recommend that when you choose the casino of your preference you register immediately. This advice is sustained that most bonus codes are usually available only for affiliates. In case there are some free use are not the best that can be achieved.
  • If the casino gives you a code with an amount that duplicates or triples your first deposit do not rush to make high bets. It preserves calm, think very well each play because you could lose everything. Remember that at that time your risk discernment is influenced by the excitement of winning without playing with your money.
  • The codes can be found simply after accepting it. Normally you ask for your email or telephone number, where something like this will come from: Codexxfree, which you must enter a window. In case you do not appear in the inbox, look at spam.
  • Even though some pages grant you casino bonus codes without deposit, do not expect everyone to have this feature. In fact, you must distrust a bit of those who offer you codes without having made a previous record or deposit.
  • Make sure you understand the code rules you want to apply. Remember that online casinos have different policies regarding the release of it. Some admit a small bet of five times the value of the bonus, but they can reach up to thirty or sixty times their worthy to be able to exchange it.
  • Examine very well the codes that come with welcome bonuses. Keep in mind that they are there to call your attention. When you are new you can run into a very high bonus, but the advisable thing is to deposit a smaller amount so you can take the promotion again in case you have lost everything.

Retirement of money and customer support

You can have a general rule that online casinos are well reputed have excellent customer service. In fact, it is one of the signs that the casino is reliable. You will have the option to call, talk with an agent through a chat or email during 24 hours a day.

Electronic wallets

Another advantage of online casinos is that you can access secure and varied payment methods. One of the most commonly used are wallets or virtual purses, including: Neteller, Paypal and Skrill.

Neteller: It is one of the wallets that lead the payment lists in the casinos under its ease to register and the security of encrypted data it offers. Your services can be used without a commission and even valid request a debit card if you do not want to manage your account online, even if they provide you with the alternative to download an application on your mobile where it will be easy to make your transactions.

PayPal: It is the most widely used platform for its unrivaled security system. Just as Neteller offers the free exchange of money without any additional cost and you can order a prepaid card. What if you should know is that the PayPal limit is lower, and if you exceed you are likely to block your account for a few days.

Skrill: It emerged in 2001 year in which it was popularly known as Moneybookers. Its mode of use is similar to those mentioned above and is currently its most powerful competition.

Mastercard and Visa: is the System of Payments of Financial Services mode through the best-known credit and debit card in the world. They are the most recognized for their broad acceptance on a global scale with the banking institutions of the world. They ensure absolute confidentiality in the user’s data and total money protected.

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