Poker video strategies

The online poker video as we know it today, was introduced by the micrograming company in the 1990s of the last century. With the expansion of online casinos, online video poker has become popular, to such an extent that there are a number of web pages and blogs that are dedicated to dealing in depth themes such as:

  • The Rules of the Video Poker.
  • How to win in the video poker?
  • Poker video strategies.
  • Tricks to win in the video poker.
  • Peculiarities of the casino video poker.

Poker strategies

In Spain, above all, they have drowned a lot on these issues, so it is achieved very good material in Australian, and best of all: free of charge.

In the first versions of the Video Machines Poker Rules of payment were simple, it was paid from obtaining a pair. At present, large pots of money are accumulated in these machines, without limits, practically, which allows, with a hard luck hit, a user takes a considerable sum of money.

With this brief introduction to the world of Video poker online, surely you want to start betting. However, before starting on this adventure, we recommend that you choose the type of video poker that fits your game, since that decision is directly related to the video poker strategy to choose from.

Types of video poker online

At present you can play video poker online from anywhere, only with entering from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. That’s how simple is currently entered your favorite casino poker video.

To start experiencing new experiences playing for free or trying to make real money, and thus becoming a professional player, just click on a click. Already inside the platform you can use the tricks to win in the video poker that we will show you in this article.

  • But first, the first thing : You need to know the most popular online video poker types in online casinos. Yes, because as it was already mentioned before, doing this will give you an advantage to win in the video poker. Thus we have, then, that, according to the rules of the video poker, the most famous video poker types are:
  • Jotas or higher : It is the most widespread version of this game, and to win you must get a couple of barajas equal or superior to a pair of j.
  • All American : It is played practically equal to Jotas or older, with the difference that for a couple of jotas decks you earn a lot less.
  • Bonus poker o Double Bonus Poker : The video poker rules of this game are equal to that of Jacks or Better. The only thing is that in these versions, or modalities, poker (ie: 4 equal letters) generates extraordinary profits.
  • Tens or Better : In this game the player begins to receive profits from obtaining a couple of 10.

In these types of video poker the rules are the identical, their difference focuses on the theme of profits. Some versions pay more, but your game difficulty is greater. However, the remedy against that greater or lesser increase in difficulty compensates you by standardizing your game through very well planned video poker strategies.

Poker video strategies

As you have already been able to observe throughout this article, the important thing is to establish well thought-up poker video strategies. Yes, everything is the fruit of the experience, of what compiled through hours of Free practices of this game. However, Lee, good news! In this article we will give you the bases so you can regularly win in the video poker!

To prepare your Poker video strategies, it is necessary to know the value assigned to you Rules of the Poker video to the different and very varied compositions of winning cards. So we have, of greater deck to lesser deck, the following:

  • Royal flush : Naipes 10, J, Q, K, A of the same color, and represents the best hand.
  • Color ladder. : 5 Barajas of the same color in ascending order, such as heart cards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Poker : 4 Naipes of the same number or value. For example, four aces.
  • Full House : 3 equal cards (known as trio) 2 equal letters (known as pair). That is, the Full House is made up of a trio of Barajas and another couple of these.
  • Color : It is achieved with the combination of 5 letters of the same color.
  • Stairs : It is conformed with 5 letters in a row, regardless of its color, example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Trio : 3 cards of the same value, Example: 3 K.
  • Through : Conformed by 2 equal letters.

With the values of clear poker hands, we will show you how to organize your video poker strategies to constantly win. The method that we will show you will be effective, in proportion, of course, to your practices. First remember what is necessary to practice the game for free from home, entering Casinos Online, and later, within your possibilities, it is an important advance that you play for real money.

With these tips in your pocket you will surely equate luck with the game, giving yourself the advantage you know. Without more preamble, we enter another subject.

How to win in the video poker?

  • If in the first 5 cards you have real ladder, you win; And of course you do not waste any letter.
  • If you have a color ladder in the first 5 cards, do not discard any.
  • If you have poker, you can discard 1 letter.
  • If you have 4 cards for a color ladder at 1, you can discard a letter.
  • If you have full, do not discard any.
  • If you have color, do not discard any of the 5 cards.
  • With a trio in the first 5 Barajas, you can discard 2 cards.
  • If you achieved a colorless ladder, preserves the 5 letters.
  • If you instead have 4 letters for a color project, you waste a letter automatically.
  • If you have 2 pairs of peer, you waste a letter.
  • If you have a pair of jacks or greater, discard the other letters.
  • If you have 3 cards for a 1 color ladder project, 2 card boots.
  • If you have 4 baramas for a color project, boots 1.
  • If you have J, Q, K, A, of different pint, boots 1.
  • If you have a couple of 10, we both 3 cards.
  • Whenever you have a 4-card kept with which you can form a ladder, you will throw 1.
  • If for example you have 4,5,7,8, you will throw the fifth letter.
  • If you have for example K, 1, 2, 4, of the same pint, that is, color project, the fifth letter boots.
  • If you have for example, K and A, of different pint, discarding the A.
  • If you have 2 letters for color ladder, but you only have 10 and q, disposal 3 cards.

As you could have noticed, there are many strategies of the video poker that you must internalize.

Other advice

If you correctly apply what you have been shown here, you have many chances to win in the video poker.

Regarding the tricks of how to win in the video poker, you will discover them with constant practice, playing a lot in the online casino of your preference. Remember that dominating the rules of the video poker is very important.

All you have shown you open the possibility to discover new tricks to win in the video poker and get better and succulent profits.

Tricks to win in the video poker

In this article, the origins of this fascinating game have been reviewed, continuing with the types of video poker that you will get in online casinos and continue with the strategies of the video poker. Everything to train and that you can infer in the video poker the ideal tricks to win in the American way, which is nothing more than obtaining a great fortune.

Now, however, in the video poker the tricks are based on the correct application of video poker strategies, and in that sense we want to refer to some of them that will reinforce your safety when playing online, and they will make you Unbeat when you play.