The Rules of Keno – How to play Keno?

The Keno was created in China thousands of years ago and is as fascinating his story that helped a dynasty of Chinese emperors to build and maintain his army. Its popularity as a lottery game has lasted to this day; Of course, the format has evolved, but its roots remain intact.


The Rules of Keno

The game of Keno online is one of the simplest casino recreational activities to play and win. The Keno Basage, in its most traditional version, consists of the draw of 80 numbers, of which the player can choose a maximum of 20 numbers that will point to a digital ticket.

The wonderful thing about this game is that already to hit a single number, and according to the Rules of Keno, you start winning. This game is very similar to the typical bingo that is played in Spain, both in the mechanics of the extraction of the winning numbers as in the emotion that generates in the fans who enjoy it.

In the Keno you have the advantage that, even being a novice, you want real money from the first success. This allows you to multiply your income exponentially, up to 10,000 or more, depending on the online casino keno where the bet is performed.

It should be noted that this is an eminently random game, but with 20 odds about 80 to win. Another thing is that in the keno the rules are extremely easy to learn and depend on the house of games in which you enter.

Components of online keno

In order to play keno online You need to choose the online casino of your preference. We recommend those game houses where the casino keno deliver bonuses for playing, and subscriptions to free lessons of Keno strategies. Once the casino has been chosen, set a Keno strategy to choose the combinations of winning numbers.

Taking into account that Spain agglomerates a considerable number of Keno players, there are excellent manuals in the network that are worth consulting. These texts deal with the strategies of Keno and also about the Rules of Keno, all in order to become a game professional.

Said the above, enter the online casino, you make the purchase of the paper ballot or ticket, choose the combinations of numbers of your preference and proceed to press the draw button.

You must remember that, in the Keno, you are against the casino, for which, to maximize your possibilities, keep a balance in the choice of the numbers stationed. In the Keno the rules vary according to the casino, as well, the number of boxes to choose, both in the minimum and at maximum.

Once you press the Start button, a series of listed balls will come from the left side of the left side, and in your respective columns and rows, and in case of coinciding with the numbers chosen in said electronic ballot, the system will indicate that that number It has been awarded awarded.

Immediately, if you have won, the amount of money accredited will be reflected in the respective indicator and you will have to start the choice of a new combination of numbers. If you had already done previously the choice through a combined ticket, it will not be necessary to do it again.

This sequence is repeated a maximum of 5 times in case you have acquired a group ticket or Keno Combo. Do not forget to always check the game rules in each casino.

In summary, to play Keno online you just require access to your favorite online casino from your smartphone or your computer, register, pay gift bonuses or a number of money, and you will be ready to live the new experiences that this electrillo offers you Y Popular game.

And remember: After the game you can withdraw your profits without problem.

Rules of online keno

While the Rules of Keno remain the same, whether you play online or in a duly established casino, in recent years, certain innovations have arisen as far as standards are concerned, according to the ticket from which it is available.

These small changes in the Keno rules have been given as a result of the emergence of so many online casinos around the world, and although they do not represent representative turns in the way of playing this addictive pastime, it is good to have them clear. Below are briefly explained each of these modalities:

Direct ballot

It is the normal modality, where the 80 numbers consist. In this you can choose between 2 to 20 numbers. The maximum will depend on each casino, and the raffle will be done with 20 numbers obtained at random.

Divided ballot

It is equal to the direct ballot, only that in this you can play 2 or more Keno games, depending on the game rules that imposes the respective casino.

The idea in this type of ticket is dividing, the numbers chosen in groups, which implies that each group will participate independently of the other.

Combined ballots

This ticket, also called KENO groups, functions as the divided ballots, in the sense that you can form groups with the combinations of numbers of your preference, differentiating both only that the groups can be used to perform additional bets.

Boletos King

These tickets are practically equal to the divided ballots, with the peculiarity that a single “King number” has to be chosen in each of the groups. In case of leaving that number “King” the profits will be much greater.

Throughout its history, the Casino keno has gone through multiple transformations, but its essence has remained intact. That is, it is not a board game, so it does not require croupier. You can play for free or pay. It is currently very popular to play it online with real-time bets and immediate video results.

And as it has been affirming, the KENO game online It has no complication, therefore, the Keno rules do not have a complex either. In that sense the rules of the keno are:

  • Acquire in the online casino of your preference the 80-numbers Keno ticket.
  • Subscribe at least the minimum number required by the Rules of the Keno game imposed by banking as for that topic.
  • Regularly the choice is between 4 and 20 numbers, but it depends on the casino keno where you decide to bet.

You also have the possibility to play Keno in X slot machines As you are known in Spain. However, it is not the same feeling as playing Keno from the online casino from the comfort of your home or office.

As you have seen, in the keno the rules depend on the betting house where you enter. Choose the one that best refills.

How to play Keno Online?

Once you register in one of the Keno halls of the casino, you will observe a gradered ballot with 80 numbers away from which you will have the option of choosing the combination of digits you like.

A maximum of 20 digits and a minimum of 1 is what can be selected, according to the Keno rules of the online casino in which it is played. There are casino rooms allow you to play a maximum of 15 digits. All the development of the game rotate around how many numbers you chose to bet.

The next step, according to the Keno rules is that, once you choose the numbers, you must proceed to bet. Betting does not exceed $ 10. Already having made the bets come to choose the number of rounds in which you will participate, these never exceed 5 opportunities. Once again it will depend on the Keno rules of the casino in which you enter.

In the Keno, the risk is rewarded, the greater number of numbers subscribed in the ballot, the greater the irrigation of losing, but to hit, the reward will be large. Although if you advent you to play many boxes, in that same proportion you will decrease your chances of completing the ticket.

For an optimal strategy in the casino keno, the first thing you should keep in mind is that the best chance of success are linked to the number of numbers you choose, so you have to be very clear about this variable at the time of betting. Of the rest, the keno is an eminently chance game.

In that same sense, there are many who think it is counterproductive to choose and bet on numbers followed by the little chance that they are drawn, but it is a myth since the possibilities are the same for both scenarios.

In the Keno the rules regarding shielding the safety of players and their equity, they establish the use of a software called Random Number Generator, created to protect the results of the raffles.

Glossary of Casino Keno terms

Here are some Terms of Current Use in the Argot of the Casino Keno, so you can use it as a mini glossary of the game: