Blackjack is a very popular English card game around the world, to enjoy and bet on casino tables, at home with friends or in its online version through computers and mobile devices. You can play with one or more barajas of 52 cards and the main objective of each player is counting in his hand with a value added from his letters that approaches as much as possible at 21, but without going on.

The numerical letters have the value they express, the ACE is worth one or eleven as the player requires and the figures are worth ten points. The best play is to achieve up 21 with only two cards, this would be counting in hand with a figure and an Ace whose value could be 11. Normally 4 to 7 players participate in a game.

If you are one of those you are looking for in Google “Blackjack the rules” to learn how to win at the casino blackjack, you have reached the right place. To know the rules of Blackjack online will allow you to address the issue in a more professional way. Throughout this article we will take you to know the best tricks and strategies for you to make a game teacher.




Classic or americano.: In the classic blackjack the players face a Dealer or Cupier. The game is started by distributing two cards per player and each one must decide whether to stand or request more letters to approach 21. The cupier takes two cards to himself, one is exposed and the other remains hidden.

European or English: Two decks are used. Two cards are distributed to each player and the cupier only takes from the deck a letter to himself and sample face up. It is only possible to bend if you have between 9 and 11 points in your hand.


Vegas Strip: This variety is played with four Barajas. The cupier distributes two cards face up for each participant and one face up a hidden for himself. If the discovered letter of the cupier is an AS, it offers an “insurance”, which is equivalent to half of the originally established bet. If when flipping the hidden letter turns out to be a figure and the cupier has a blackjack will take the insurance. If the cupier does not have a blackjack, the game continues. It is very popular in the Casinos de Las Vegas.

Australian 21: It is characterized because it is played with only 48 cards, since some are extracted from the deck to favor the house. This disadvantage is balanced with the possibility of obtaining a special bonus that triples the prize if a player gets the 21 with three sietes or a follow-up of 6, 7 and 8 of the same suit.

Single Deck: It is played with a single deck of 52 letters that go back to barajas after each round. The player has a higher percentage of winning than in the other varieties of casino blackjack as he is played with the complete deck.


In all the Casino Blackjack varieties, the main objective is to get to add 21, or a number as close as possible, with the letters that are taken in your hand before the cupier does it and in this way overcome it. There are a number of logical strategies that can be applied through the use of rapid mental statistical calculations.

Know the strategies of blackjack and blackjack rules will give you an important advantage when playing.

These skills are acquired with practice and concentration, it is vital to become familiar with the deck of 52 cards, which is made up of four sticks (two red and two black). Each stick is made up of numerical letters from two to ten, the figures and the AS.


The most important skill that a player must develop is to know when it should be “planted” (not asking for more cards) and I can ask for more. You should also know when to bend the bet, that is, put an additional bet on the initial taking into account the hand that you have and the assumption of what the cupier and the other participants can have.

Within the blackjack rules online, this is one of the most necessary and important.


The player can also “separate” his hand if he has two cards and the two are of the same numerical value, then you can request two additional letters (one for each play) and bet on the original bet. If the two new letters you asked are of a numeric value equal, he can re-separate the play and so on.

It is advisable to separate your hand when you have a couple of aces (in the case of European blackjack, you should not separate aces if the cupier has an ace discovered), as well if you have a couple of eights. It is not advisable to do so with figures or pairs of four nails.

In case of having a couple of six it should be separated if the letter face up of the cupier is from one three to six. In case of having a couple of sevens, do it if the cupier is discovered a letter that goes from two to seven. And the peers of nines must be separated if the card of the cupier is different from AS, ten, nine or six.

A good knowledge of online blackjack strategies knows how to use peers well.

Keep in mind that letters can be “weak” (if your numerical value is two to six) and “strong” (if your numerical value is more than seven). If the player is clear about the number of cards in the deck or decks with which they are playing, he will know his chances of getting blackjack or going on, as well as the possibilities of the cupier.


One hand is considered winning or strong if between the letters add up more than 17, in which case it would be very risky to ask for a new letter because the possibilities of happening would be very high. In the case of the cupier, it is forced to ask for a letter if the hand of it adds 16 or less and to be planted otherwise. The cupier represents the house and has fixed rules, which contrast with the free choice of the participants.

Hands can be “hard” (those that contain fixed value letters) or “soft”, that is, the hand that contains an AS, since this letter has a variable value (may be one or eleven according to the convenience of the move). For example if a player has an Ace and a four, he will add a soft five or fifteen according to the benefit of him. If he has a two and a three, he has a hard five.

It is advisable to double the bet whenever you have the sum of nine or more in one hand hard if the discovered letter of the cupier is weak, since it has a great chance of being closer than it of 21 and that advantage must be exploited.

In addition to knowing how to play weak hands, knowing how to take advantage of the strong makes you a good knowledge of Blackjack’s strategies. You must know how to play with both possibilities.


In case of soft hands that add thirteen, fourteen, fifteen or sixteen, it is advisable to bend if the discovered letter of the cupier is four, five or six. It should be folded with a second eighteen or eighteen if the card of the cupier is worth between three and six. To win in Blackjack, only good letters are needed, cunning is required.

It should also be folded if you have two cards whose value adds ten or eleven, since it is very possible that a ten is obtained by asking for a third letter. In a deck of 52 cards there are 16 figures that are worth ten (the exception to this is when the cupier has an ace).

When applying these basic strategies, the blackjack variety should be taken into account the rules that are playing, since the rules and the number of letters vary in each. Remember, it’s not just about knowing how to play blackjack when you have good cards, a good player plays with bad cards too. That’s what it’s about, to master the rules of blackjack well in any circumstance.


“Blackjack tricks” is one of the most searched options in the network by Internet users. It is not for less, it is a popular and well-known game, it currently has an incredible reach.

Not like others casino games, Other Games Rules, Blackjack combines chance with the mathematical skills of its players. More important than getting a lucky hand is to have a strategy of Game to blackjack. Established and apply certain tricks to combine the letters presented.

One of the most common blackjack rules used by veteran players is to count the letters, that is, to convert the groups of letters that can touch in one hand and be very attentive to the letters that have already come out. To apply this trick it is essential to know the letters that make up the mallet and the possible plays.

Among card counters, it is common to assign a value to each group of cards, regardless of its numerical value. For example, the figures letters are worth -1, those from seven to nine are worth 0 and those from 2 to 6 VALEN 1. This is done in order to faster the letters that are at stake.

The tricks are an important part of the blackjack rules.



The high or strong letters are always more coveted, since they are the ones that make players faster than the 21st. You have to consider that it is worth climbing the bet when the weak letters come out first because in the deck there are more chances of winning.

Another blackjack The rules is to use the table of basic strategies, a grid designed taking into account the odds, in which it is indicated when it is more convenient to bend, separate, stand or ask for more cards according to the hand and the Discovered letter from the cupier. Between the tricks to win in blackjack, this is one of the most used.


In the first row, the variety of possible values that have the letter face up of the cupier are indicated. The sum of the player’s hand is indicated in the first column. There is more to locate the scenario that touches playing crossing this data and the table will suggest the game decision with more advantages. This help is also known as “Table of Decisions”.

Another trick is not to accept the “insurance” in a casino when the cupier offers it, in case of getting an ace in your letter face up. It is not advisable to take it, since the bet is divided into half and only a minimum profit margin will be obtained in case of obtaining a blackjack or winning the cupier. Among the Blackjack tricks, this is widely used.

In some cases it is possible to withdraw or surrender if you have a very unfavorable hand. Winning on the casino blackjack will depend on your cunning and perseverance at the table.


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