Bingo is one of the most famous entertainments of casinos. This pastime has a certain similarity with the Keno and the lotus. The bingo has its origin in France and consists of marking or guessing the numbers that randomly come out in ball format of a machine.

Over the years, the famous game moved to other countries and suffered modifications. However, the different game modalities have many similarities. The most important aspect to highlight the bingo is the cardboard and the type of pattern should be followed to sing bingo, there is the trick of this game.


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Choosing a cardboard with an excellent combination of numbers can be the best strategy to win. There are bingos of 30, 60, 75 and 90 listed balls, but in all you have to mark the boxes established in the cardboard. What varies are the varied winning combinations that can occur.

In Bingo the rules are basically the same as in any physical bingo room. Although playing the casino bingo is extremely easy, it is necessary that the neophyte players know what are the rules of the bingo and what is the goal they should pursue to be able to win.


Whether in physicist or online, bingo has many followers, for this reason the virtual casinos are concerned about offering the best quality in software for bingo. This game in its digital format has many advantages, one of the components of the bingo online More beneficial for the player is the scoreboard.

In the auto marker mode, the computer does everything for you, helping you mark the boxes of the numbers that come out automatically. The table or platform of the game is quite simple and easy to handle. Learning well the rules of bingo The possibilities of players are infinite.

There are platforms that offer exclusive Bingo Live where only a certain amount of people can enter. However, there are also massive rooms where in a single game there may be more than 100 players.

The innovative thing is that online casino bingo tables offer the peculiarity of being able to communicate with other players in real time, through a special chat provided by the same distributors.

In Spain, Bingo has been transformed into something religious for the inhabitants. That is why on our website we have invested in having the best translations into Australian of this game, to make the experience for users more vivid, as well as in the X slot, either for real or fictitious money.

From the clientele that we have, the one who speaks in Australian is one of the most faithful. They prefer bingo to slots and are always attentive to our bonuses on each machine. On our website we offer up videos for the training and learning of bingo.


The rules of bingo are very easy and simple to understand, and they are not even many. One of the bingo strategies consists of, learn well its rules and all the game modalities. In its different variants you can change the final objective and the number of balls, but the bingo rules are the same.

In the bingo the main rules are that the numbers must be randomly removed until someone wins and that each player must have at least one cardboard. Next, we describe what the rules of the most popular bingo games are:


This is the most popular type of bingo and as its name indicates it is played with an amount of 90 balls. The cardboard of this game has 15 boxes of numbers, divided into 9 columns and 3 rows. To take the first prize in this modality, the player must fill out all the boxes of the cardboard.

Some casinos offer a second award to whoever completes at least one cardboard line.


This bingo modality was born in the United Kingdom and has become very popular among players in recent times. The Bingo 80 rules are similar to the previous one, in this game there are only 80 balls and cartons have a different structure.

The Bingo 80 card has 16 numbers, which are distributed in 4 rows and 4 columns alike. The rules of Bingo Games with 80 balls are the same as before, but to win there are other possibilities.

Apart from filling the entire cardboard, it is possible to get victory with a diagonal pattern and marking the boxes of two vertical lines.


Bingo 75 is the most adopted modality by American players, and perhaps it could be the most complicated by its multiple forms of winning. It contains a total of 75 balls listed and differs from others by the speed with which the game is developed.

The cardboard is originally distributed with 5 columns and 5 rows containing random numbers from 1 to 75. The objective of the game is to get a pattern within the same cardboard, this pattern can be numerical or alphabetical. Although, many games accept another type of patterns such as corner filling.

In the Bingo Rules 75, the alphabetical cattle system consists of filling the carton so that a figure of letter is obtained, as, for example: L, J or H. The same happens with the numerical, the goal is to complete the boxes and form a pattern that reminds a number.


Bingo 30 is one who is played with a total of 30 balls in the hype. It is the favorite of many online players for their quick modality. It is also known as the ” Speed Bingo ”. In the cardboard of this type of bingo the rules are containing 9 boxes that are divided into a 3 × 3 grid.

The rules of Bingo 30 indicate that to win the first prize in the classical way you have to fill in all the boxes of the cardboard. However, many online casinos have offered other ways to win as: diagonal line, horizontal line and column.


To enter the Web to play Bingo the rules of an online casino do not necessarily demand a deposit. The game ends when the maximum balls have already come out, after this will be offered the prizes and bonuses earned.

It is very important to know what are the ways to win, which number of players are in a room before entering, how much the cartons cost and what type of betting receives the online bingo server that is being used.


Buying cartons is an important issue among players. Each cardboard is sold separately, although many platforms can offer combos or promotions where you can buy several for a single price or 2 × 1. The number of cartons can, or not, be limited, that will depend on the server.


There is no specific number of players for online bingo halls. This can mean an advantage or not. The more players have a room, the bigger the prize to win. But, there will be less chance of winning.


The online bingo is a chest full of gold, in addition to the different bonuses offered by the platforms when entering, the profits are large considering that the bets are minimal. However, to get more you just have to play the number of plays that are equivalent to your bet.

The casino bingo offers special bonuses if you are a player who actively participates in the bingo chat and in the VIP rooms. Also, in many online bingo tournaments you earn by the number of marked squares, the more money more money.


Easy, EL Online bingo. It is extremely simple to understand and play. There are different modalities that allow you to feel comfortable both the Nato player, and the inexperienced. Maybe, what is most enjoyed with this online game And the only thing that makes a difference of physical bingo is the possibility of interacting with other players by chat.

Online bingo is more comfortable and cheap, there is the same dynamism and interaction between players and earn much more. You can always learn to play online bingo on the multiple servers that offer this game for free and then try real money.


  1. Mainly, enter your favorite online casino bingo platform and select the option of preference.
  2. Select the modality that you like the most or the type of game that suits you. You can choose between the classic 90 bingo, the 80, the one of 75 or the 30-ball rapid game mode. We have already explained it how to play and earn in each of them.
  3. Choose your cartons well and acquire them. There are many bingo strategies and superstitions with respect to bingo cartons. We recommend that you choose it at random and do not exaggerate in the amount.
  4. After this, the game will start, the listed balls will come randomly and the raffle starts. You can mark the numbers manually but, it is recommended to activate the automarkable car if the server provides it.
  5. The referee or croupier dictates the numbers while players must find matches in cartons.
  6. The bingo game ends when all the balls have come out, or when one of the players get filled the cardboard or make a specific pattern in the boxes.


These are some of the terms of the online bingo that the player must know to develop better in the game.


It is that online bingo that is played in real time, with real croupiers and other players.


In Australian is the equivalent of ” Bingo ” and means that a player has filled all his cardboard, therefore, he has won


It is the term in English that means ” large bets ”, used to refer to casinos, both physical and online that offer bingo where bets are exorbitant and the prize is greater.


Number generator system. This is the high reliability system used by producers from the different online bingo platforms to obtain numbers or in this case the balls, randomly.


This term is used to designate a certain space in the Bingo card that can be: geometric or alphabetical. This space is the area that must be filled to sing bingo.